SM Graveyard, crappy tanks, and losing my groove

So I’ve hit that level range on Lizzy where the only instance that comes up in LFG is Scarlet Monastery Graveyard. On the one hand, it’s nice and short, easy to do a quick run-through before supper or in the half hour before my DnD group starts up (I play by chat). On the other hand, it doesn’t afford much in the way of loot. Worse still, it doesn’t afford much in the way of XP, which means I have to run it over and over and over and over again.

Thankfully, I think I’ve managed to get over the worst of the hump and will be getting some Library in there, too. Still hate it. Stupid Scarlet Monastery.

I’ve also got some truly awful tanks in SMG. I mean, I’ve had bad tanks before, but some of these gems… The guy who pulled the whole room of torturers at once and then LoS’d me after I asked him to wait a moment because I’d dropped temporarily to 1fps. Despite him, I actually managed to keep the rest of the group up while we hacked away at them – I died when there was one left at about 50% health, but everyone else lived, and the DPS shammy gave me a rez. The tank asked for one, too, and I told him to release his damn ghost and run. When he didn’t, the rest of us decided to clear up to the last boss, sit down, and wait until we were able to kick him. Amazingly, he actually never dropped group OR ran back. But given the distance, I don’t imagine he got much in the way of XP once we left the room behind, so I don’t really care. Plus he didn’t get his goodie bag, and the rest of us got to feel accomplished that a mage, a shaman, a hunter, and a holy paladin did a whole run by ourselves.

And then there was the lovely tank who put me on follow and did a grand total of NOTHING until he finally accidentally grabbed enough aggro to get killed (I didn’t heal him, since he wasn’t actually doing anything), at which point he declared that I was a crappy healer and dropped group. The rest of us had a nice lol about that.

My favourite had to be the warrior who queued as tank, and then within two seconds of getting aggro from even ONE MOB, his health would plummet. One mob dropped him immediately to about 80%, two would drop him to 60%… heaven forbid he get more than two mobs on him. Shockingly, I managed to keep him alive the whole time, but that was probably in part because he couldn’t keep aggro worth shit. Just… how do you even think you can tank when your health drops THAT dramatically in the first couple of hits?

Despite these shocking escapades, I haven’t been playing much since I got my account back up and running. I was in such a groove, as far as levelling and badge farming went, and then I couldn’t play for a couple of weeks and I’m having trouble getting back into it. This is horrifically frustrating for me, but I don’t know what I can do about it. I took a break the past few days to play Portal (since Steam is now available for Macs and Portal is being offered free until Monday), which was loads of fun, though I had rather horrific lag. Donna (my laptop – yes, I name my electronics) is very much not a gaming computer. She just doesn’t have the graphics quality or processing speed for it – WoW is about the most she can handle, and she doesn’t even handle that very well more often than not.

But I’ve destroyed GLaDOS (OR HAVE I??? *DRAMATIC MUSIC*), my DnD group got rescheduled to tomorrow, and I don’t have work in the morning, so maybe I’ll take tonight to try to find my mojo or my groove or whatever it is again. (incidentally, “How Apple Got Her Groove Back” just doesn’t sound right, and that makes me sad. …I have no life.)