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The New Adventures of Old Apple, Pt 2

So, clearly I fail at updating in a timely fashion, clearly. So! The state of the Apple, so far!


My shiny new computer is AMAZING! I can’t turn the graphics up TOO high without dropping down to 15ish fps, but that’s better even than on the old mac, so that’s good. I have the Good settings turned on, mostly, except for water effects and shadows, which I’m keeping at “low” and “fair”, respectively, and I get about 60fps most of the time. :) It’s very nice. So far, it seems like she’s going to work for me just fine.

Lisan (and the new zones)

Oh, my darling Paladin. Well, she hasn’t hit 85 yet, but she is 84. And, lo and behold, she’s actually acquired an offspec! Ret, of course, because I’d be shite at Prot. I’ve collected a little gear set that’s probably deeply shitty, but consists of plate stuff that has +str or +hit or other things when there wasn’t anything I could use for my Holy set. Her Holy set is also coming along – I managed to let go of her old boots finally, which I’d been holding on to for the minor speed increase. I’ve replaced most of her raiding gear, but not all of it – and her raiding set is going in the bank for posterity: “this is what I raided in back in the Wrath days”. ;) Once she hits 85, I’m going to go finish leveling her professions (I never did do that, oops) and Archaeology.

As far as the new zones go, I adored Vashj’ir and Hyjal – both had interesting storylines and quests that kept me interested, and I loved the look and feel of the zones. Then I went to Deepholm. And… eh. It’s not HORRIBLE, but it’s also not GREAT. It feels claustrophobic to me despite its expansiveness, and I honestly wasn’t having fun. So after I discovered Therazene (I think?) and getting my rep up to “Friendly” through the first quests, I said “fuck this noise” and hightailed it back to Stormwind. I did the quests with Anduin that lead up to Varian sending you to the Twilight Highlands, and then booked it over to Uldum. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to do much there yet, but I’m already enjoying it more than I was enjoying Deepholm.

Alts (and more Alts)

Okay, breakdown by name, race, and class, and how they’re doing:

Chromatic (Gnome Priest) has actually been race changed. She is now Charité the Worgen Priest. And level 40. I’m not sure the race change is going to stick, though. I keep looking at her and going “eh, I’ll play her later” when I used to be really excited to play her as a Gnome. So. We’ll see.

Josephîne (Worgen Druid) has been temporarily abandoned in the name of levelling Lis, mostly.

Summer (Belf Hunter) has not been played in ages. Poor Summer.

Geneviéve (Worgen Warrior) is level 12 and in Darkshore. I’m actually having fun playing her so far. A warrior.

Twîzzle (Goblin Priest/Mage) I can’t decide which I want her to be, yet. On one server (ThoBro) she’s a lv 5 priest, and on another (E’T) she’s a lv 1 mage. I’ve been mostly busy playing Lis, to be perfectly honest, so I’ll probably come back to her once Lis is good to go. That said, isn’t Twizzle the greatest name for a Goblin?

I love the Worgen starting zone/quests, and I like what I’ve seen so far of the Goblin zone/quests. They’re both quite fun in VERY different ways.

In conclusion…

Cataclysm: IT’S AWESOME!


On being a new 80. Again.

I’ve turned 80 before. Just once, on Aislinn, and it was an exciting experience, I suppose. Suddenly, it wasn’t about XP, it was about emblems, and running the same dungeons over and over again for said emblems. I was a DPS DK, so as long as I could do some damage and not die, I generally didn’t have any problems. I didn’t learn until I’d already gotten myself decked out in T9 with an EJ spec and rotation (granted, only partially gemmed and entirely un-enchanted) that I was barely putting out 2k DPS, if that. Still, I could hold my own to an extent in Heroics, and I used the new emblems coming in to buy Heirlooms. Mostly the cloth ones.

On Lisan, however, in the wee hours of this morning, it was an entirely different matter. It was thrilling. It was joyous. I was just full of elation over this, and eagerly ran to the bank to take off the cloth heirlooms and a couple pieces of quest gear and put on the “nothing special” (in her words, not mine) level 80 gear that Oreo had gifted to me before I transferred off Ysera. “Just something to get you started”, and I appreciated the gesture immensely, remembering the hodgepodge of gear Ais had been in when she dinged.

So after work today, I log in and nervously eye the “queue for a random Lich King heroic dungeon” screen. No, I decide, after waffling on Vent and gchat for a few minutes. I queue for the Headless Horseman. Get a ring upgrade and the cool (but sadly only 14-day-duration) broom. (Side note: That broom is instant cast. You can cast it WHILE YOU’RE FALLING. It’s awesome.) I queue up for a regular dungeon with Ose’s fury warrior, who was (at the time, she’s since dinged) still 79. And then, mostly at the encouragement of Kurn, my oh-so-lovely GL, I queued up for my very first Heroic, thinking I’d get UK or something of a similar difficulty. Maybe a bit higher, since I was out of some of my quest gear.

Loading screen pops up.

Forge. Of. Souls.

I boggle for a moment, and then panic, and then flail. I heal as best I can. I whisper the tank and warn him that I’ve never even set FOOT in a Heroic before (which is true, as a healer, and I don’t think my crappy DPSing counts in this case), and he says it’s all good and he’ll keep an eye on me. I do okay at first, only lose one DPS on the first boss, and get a nice neck drop off him, [Love’s Prisoner]. And then… the last boss. First round, we lasted about 20 seconds before I succumbed to the chaos and died, precipitating a wipe. Second time, we lasted about 30, maybe 45 seconds. It wasn’t enough. Another wipe, at which point the tank promptly dropped group, and the DPS followed suit, leaving me sad and alone (and dead) in the Forge of Souls, where I shouldn’t have been in the first place. This is, of course, when I turn on my fearless leader and jibe her a bit, to soothe my own wounded ego.

“‘You’ll do fine,’ she says. ‘Nothing to worry about,’ she says.” And, of course, because I wasn’t really mad, we all laughed and moved on to exploring the various different kinds of phone sex voices Kurn and O could use to read the flavour text of the [Apexis Crystal]. Yeah, it was a very special conversation. So I swear off Heroics for the evening, level my herbalism a little (and annoy every lowbie in Elwynn Forest with the constant spamming of “/y Speedyram, HO!” every time I mounted. Mmmm, macrolicious), help a very sweet and polite lowbie with a couple quests in Redridge, and do an encounter with my web-based DnD group. And then I’m sitting out in Storm Peaks, playing with my broom, and Kurn asks… well, something about my gear. She goes to take a look at my gear, and promptly tells me that a) I need a new Libram – which was true, I’d been using one I got at, like, lv 64 – and b) I need better gems in my belt because my belt deserves better than the dinky +12 int gems I had in it.

“Oh, really?” I ask, cluelessly. “Is it nice?”

Yeah. Apparently it is.

Kurn has never seen this drop. “Ah. This would be the reason for Forge of Souls,” I say. “Yeah, pretty much,” she replies. After which we got me my new libram and some nice +20 int gems, dragged Shadow into a group to tank, and ran a couple of random Heroics, which were the undead spider dungeons (I can’t remember the names) and much more along my current skill/gear level, and we only wiped once thanks to a fail!DK. :) So on the whole, a nice evening. Tomorrow, I clean and spend time OUT OF THE HOUSE OMG with the wifething. And I sleep tonight, sound in the knowledge that I’m… actually not too bad at what I do. Seriously, I always get nervous running with Kurn, because she has been a holy paladin longer than I’ve been PLAYING, but she’s always got either helpful (and not at all mean) critiques if I’m not doing something I should be (or doing something I shouldn’t be), or a lot of nice words. Seriously. Considering I still nurse a slight case of hero worship – because hey, who says you can’t hero worship your friends? – this means a lot to me. I love spending time with her – as part of a group or just one-on-one. Good times. We’ve both been saying it a lot lately, but I think I’m really gonna fit in nicely in Apotheosis, and that makes me happy.

And before I go… HOLY CRAP, OREO. SERIOUSLY? MY FREAKING GUILD LEADER WANTS MY BELT. I HAD NO IDEA. YOU ARE LIKE, THE GODDESS OF GODDESSES. SERIOUSLY. WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD TO ME? You are slightly to blame for my somewhat traumatic first Heroic incident, but that all PALES IN COMPARISON to the fact that you gave me a pretty rare ICC25 BoE drop as a “starter” that was “nothing special”.

I do not deserve you, sweet cheeks. ♥


A bit more nostalgia

So while my last post was sufficient, I thought I’d give our newer readers a quick rundown of, y’know, the history with the cute dorf who dinged 80 in the wee hours of this morning.

On April 7th, 2010, I rolled a human Paladin and named her Lizzy. She was all set to be a ret pally like every single pally I’ve ever rolled (and never gotten past level 35) have been. A couple days later, she hit 15 and I decided to respec her into Holy and try my hand at healing dungeons.

I got bit by the healing bug.

I ran a bunch of them in my crappy dpsing quest gear, went up four levels, and was finally gifted my very first set of healing gear (a mishmash of leather and cloth) at level 19. The difference (aka – all that int) was palpable, and I officially fell in love.

At the suggestion of one of her then-guildies, I put her in cloth heirlooms (since I was poor, emblem-wise, and cloth would do me for my caster druid and the warlock I was planning to roll as well) and set out to heal. And heal we did. We discovered VuhDo and loved it, we played with FoL spamming, and when I really wanted to roll a “proper” healing spec, I looked up the only Holy Paladin I had any real knowledge of: Kurn. I copied her spec, read her posts, and tried valiantly to understand them. I didn’t, always. I changed her name to Lisan, since I liked that better.

We hated Maraudon. I began talking to Kurn on twitter, and actually leaving comments on her blog. She talked about maybe starting her old guild back up – I jokingly said I’d heal for her if she did. I went with a then-guildie and one of Oreo’s lowbies into Scholo so he could farm for his The Insane title, and we could get mad XP. I got the mage dungeon set helm, and had to cut Lis’ hair so it wouldn’t stick out the back of it. Kurn started really seriously talking about starting her guild up again, and I tentatively offered my healing services in a more serious way. She accepted. Outlands came, and somewhere in the grind of the Hellfire Peninsula dungeons, I race changed her on a whim – Lis ran afoul of some glitchy gnomish technology and ended up a Dwarf.

At some point in the mid-60s, after talking with Oreo, I went ahead and transferred Lis to Eldre’Thalas, where Apotheosis would be making its home. It was a pretty tiny little guild at the time, since most everyone was still in old guilds or on old servers. Kurn suggested a rotation to use for me to go out and actually kill stuff, and while it’s never been light on the mana, it’s let me do a lot more than just dungeons, for which I’m eternally grateful. Northrend came. I started running dungeons with guildies now and then, which was fun. I got my friend Megs to join Apotheosis, with more than a little glee. Levelling was slow but steady. I did the Wrathgate questline in Dragonblight, and little else, quest-wise.

4.0.1 hit. This is recent history. The new changes just didn’t mesh with Lis as a character (they still really don’t, but we’re getting used to that) and I decided to “retire” her and race change to a Draenei, the brief visitor to my gaming, Sveta. We began questing in Sholazar, and then Storm Peaks. The Cata cinematic came out, and I realised what Deathwing would be doing to Lis’ home. It got personal – she’d be back for the expansion, I realised in my glee.

And then, last night, just after I hit 79, I realised that I didn’t want to hit 80 with Sveta. She was sweet and dependable, but she wasn’t Lisan. So I abruptly logged off as a Draenei, impatiently waited 20 minutes, and then logged back in as a Dorf. I actually got a couple cheers from my guildies. XD And, sure that was $50 down the drain for about four days’ worth of being Sveta, but…

It reminded me how much I love Lis. And that’s worth it, to me. We’re 80 now – no longer wearing those “damn mage robes”, all in plate with int gems (courtesy of Oreo and Hano, respectively – and a pair of crappy plate shoulders from the AH). Our gear isn’t the best ever, but it’s GOOD, and we’re ready to dip our toes into Heroics tonight, methinks.

It’s been a crazy six months. There’ve been a lot of changes, in her looks, her playstyle, her goals, her guild. We’re going to be raiders. And damn if I’m not proud of us.



So I hit two of my own personal milestones today, and I’d like to talk about them. :)

1) Lisann (I had to add the extra “N” when she transferred) dinged 70, and
2) I became a member (not just a friend) in a raiding guild

In sight of the finish line

Almost exactly five months ago, I introduced my tiny reader base to my baby paladin, Lizzy. I talked about how I’d run LFD as holy on a whim, for the shorter queue time, and ended up really enjoying it. Since then, that baby paladin has been renamed Lisan, turned into a Dwarf, and (as of earlier tonight) moved to her new home on Eldre’Thalas. I’ve started learning more and more about my class (which… I admit to knowing very little past the basics on any other character I’ve played, though I do attempt to know at least that), and how to be the best healer. I’ve made an attempt to stay gemmed and glyphed, and it’s really been both the most fun and the most informative levelling I’ve ever had.

And speaking of that server transfer, that leads into the next point.

My place in the world (of Warcraft)

Tonight, I decided to transfer Lis to ET earlier than expected. I was originally planning to wait until 4.0 hit, to transfer for the new batch of levelling that would be needed when Cata hit, and until then I’d stick on Ysera, with my guild, and run heroics and maybe even convince them to take me on some alt runs so I could get some raid experience before I went over to to try my hand at being a real raider. But then tonight I was thinking: I have a little extra money, and I generally live paycheck to paycheck. It’s going to be hard enough making sure I’ve saved up for the xpack, and having enough for the transfer as well would be… difficult.

So I transferred her. I poked Kurn on twitter, she said she was just about to log in, and she tossed me an invite. And promoted me to “member”.

Now, in most guilds I know of, “Raider” is the dedicated raiding team, “Member”s are the who raid, but not as regularly, “Alt”s are (obviously) alts of the raiders and members, and “Friend” is the non-raiding population, usually just friends of the raiders and members. I’ve only been in one raiding guild in my WoW career, Hano’s guild on Ysera, and I’ve been a “Friend” that whole time. Due to how their ranks are set up, that makes me a “Member”, but I wasn’t someone they looked at and said “hey, we’re short DPS, we should invite Apple!”

And now I’m a Member. I’m a member who hopes desperately to be a Raider once we’ve all gotten up to 85 and started raiding in Cata. It’s… strangely one of the more exhilarating feelings I’ve ever had. Hitting 80 for the first time was… cool. Hitting 80 on Lis will be extremely exciting. My first 1-80 levelling. :D I mean, you have to level to 55 to roll a 55 DK, but… it’s not the same, when it’s a different character finishing off the grind. But even the idea of hitting level cap is not as exciting as the realisation that I’m… a real, proper member of a raiding guild. I’m not just a tag-along, hanger-on, standing on the sidelines. I mean, there’s nothing wrong, obviously, with being a non-raider in a raiding guild that allows them. But as someone who’s kind of… dreamed of raiding since I realised it existed? This is kind of a dream come true.

And getting to do my first real raid with the people of , who I’ve been chatting with in gchat and on the forums and on twitter? That’s makes this cake better than bakery. It makes it grandma’s amazing homemade buttercream-frosted 2-layer chocolate cake, okay? I love these people so much already, and I know from trusted sources (aka Kurn) that many of them are good players. I know they’re not going to call me a noob (at least, not maliciously) and that they’ll not hate me if I’m not perfect.

So basically… today was good, despite having to call out of work because I was sick. :) I love you guys, Apotheosis. And I love all you readers. (And I especially love those of you who read and are Apotheosis, mwahahah.)

I love days like this.


The home stretch!

I dinged 68 today, and ran my first Northrend dungeon. Granted, technically Oreo ran me through it, but Keleseth was still a bit of a challenge – I was healing and trying to break her ice blocks and not get killed. Surprisingly, I was not killed!

I’m really excited, though, because this means that I’m in the last leg of my levelling. Before I know it, Lis’ll be 80, and I’ll be farming heroics for badges and getting tier. I’m hoping to even heal a couple raids (no ICC, necessarily, but raids) with my current guild to get some practise. Hano totally wants to take me through Ulduar, uh-huh. >.>

It’s just kind of… epic, for me. I mean, sure, I have a couple other toons over 60. Apple is 80, Nait is 74, Summer is 61 or 62. But Summer has been slowly and painstakingly levelled over about a year and change, and DKs aren’t exactly hard to level to 80, since they start out in that last chunk of levels ANYWAY. So it’s really exhilarating to realise that…. I’m going to have finally levelled a character from 1-80. Sure, she had help from heirloom chest and shoulders, and sure I got a few levels here and there from my friends carrying her through instances, but…

I don’t know, it’s just a really exciting feeling. I’m going to have a freaking PARTY when I ding.

In other news, I’ve been chatting more and more with Lara, Vid, and the gang. They’re all so much fun, and I love them dearly. Good times, good times. ^^ Come chit-chat with us on twitter if you like! I’m @azerothapple.

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Focus vs. OMGSHINY

No, this is not about the Cata changes to Hunters. Though I am pleased by that – it always felt silly to me that my hunter used mana. But whatever.

I have been slacking on my “levelling Lisan” pledge. The poor thing has only reached 56. Nor can I seem to concentrate on any of the OTHER various “lesser goals” that I’d decided to set for myself – Mellie has reached 20 and not budged since, I still suck at healing on Kili and haven’t levelled him further than what two randoms could do for him, Kass has been be-heirloomed and respecced balance, but I haven’t done more than a couple dungeon runs on her since. And Aislinn, who I swore I’d rep grind and do the Tournament dailies (and a few other dailies) on for money and who I’m trying to get tabards and mounts for (for, y’know, achievements)… Aislinn did enough randoms to buy the heirloom leather caster chest-and-shoulders and the heirloom staff, and has done nine dailies (combined three-day total) and no rep grinding.

So I go “okay, clearly I just need a break from them!” and I log onto Klarah or Kaeleigh (my two “gimmick” characters – that’s a whole other post that I should really write up), or Summer, Nait, Jae, Tai, Iestyn, Bei, any of my various RP characters that could stand to be levelled/played more. And then I feel guilty that I’m not doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing, and log off entirely.

To poke at the internet and do absolutely nothing productive in other areas of my life.


The problem with trying to focus on anything like this, for me, is that I am easily distracted by shiny things, and if I’m not running through randoms with a friend I can chat with, I can’t keep my attention and dedication going. It’s just a game, after all, so I don’t apply myself with quite the same dedication I’d give to things like… a career, or getting a degree. But I still feel, in the back of my head, like I should be able to. I managed it when I was levelling Ais to 80 – she made it from the starting zone to the level cap in a month and a half, and considering I’d been playing the game for about a year and a half at that point and never reached the level cap, that was a pretty big accomplishment.

I’m sure part of it is the fact that the people I spent so much time with levelling Ais (and getting Lis from 1 to 45) are… not really around, these days. Real life has gotten in the way, or they’ve gotten bored for the time being, and it all adds up to no Lizbet or Spooky to run things with when Andy’s busy.

The bright side of all this is Andy, my new friend that I sort of accidentally acquired through my guild. She was talking to Hano (who, as I’ve said, I’ve been friends with for nearly a decade) and he said something about me that prompted her to send me a whisper next time she saw me on. And as I’ve never actually gotten to connect with any of the girls we’ve had in the guild before, I was psyched! Since then, we’ve really bonded, and I log on almost every day even if I’m not planning to play, just so I can talk to her for a while. Her only fault is that she, like so many other WoW players, hates gnomes. She also thinks Boomkin are ugly. However, she plays with Mellie with a minimal of Gnome-punting talk, and has assured me that once Kass actually GETS Moonkin form, I will be the only pretty Boomkin in existence. We flirt a lot, if you couldn’t guess, and damn if I know if either of us are actually serious, but it’s loads of fun.

She is, truly, the best part about WoW for me right now.

So it all ends with my WoW experience being very spastic and frustrating, yet fun and relaxing. Cata cannot come too soon, imo, even if it WILL lead to me having even MORE characters to ADD on. Because really, like I’m not going to roll like, three Worgen, two Gnomes, a Tauren, and maybe another Troll.

All that said and out of my system, I am going to go log onto Lis and dedicate at least enough time for three dungeon runs. Even if I do get BRD every time. /cry