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The New Adventures of Old Apple, Pt 2

So, clearly I fail at updating in a timely fashion, clearly. So! The state of the Apple, so far!


My shiny new computer is AMAZING! I can’t turn the graphics up TOO high without dropping down to 15ish fps, but that’s better even than on the old mac, so that’s good. I have the Good settings turned on, mostly, except for water effects and shadows, which I’m keeping at “low” and “fair”, respectively, and I get about 60fps most of the time. :) It’s very nice. So far, it seems like she’s going to work for me just fine.

Lisan (and the new zones)

Oh, my darling Paladin. Well, she hasn’t hit 85 yet, but she is 84. And, lo and behold, she’s actually acquired an offspec! Ret, of course, because I’d be shite at Prot. I’ve collected a little gear set that’s probably deeply shitty, but consists of plate stuff that has +str or +hit or other things when there wasn’t anything I could use for my Holy set. Her Holy set is also coming along – I managed to let go of her old boots finally, which I’d been holding on to for the minor speed increase. I’ve replaced most of her raiding gear, but not all of it – and her raiding set is going in the bank for posterity: “this is what I raided in back in the Wrath days”. ;) Once she hits 85, I’m going to go finish leveling her professions (I never did do that, oops) and Archaeology.

As far as the new zones go, I adored Vashj’ir and Hyjal – both had interesting storylines and quests that kept me interested, and I loved the look and feel of the zones. Then I went to Deepholm. And… eh. It’s not HORRIBLE, but it’s also not GREAT. It feels claustrophobic to me despite its expansiveness, and I honestly wasn’t having fun. So after I discovered Therazene (I think?) and getting my rep up to “Friendly” through the first quests, I said “fuck this noise” and hightailed it back to Stormwind. I did the quests with Anduin that lead up to Varian sending you to the Twilight Highlands, and then booked it over to Uldum. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to do much there yet, but I’m already enjoying it more than I was enjoying Deepholm.

Alts (and more Alts)

Okay, breakdown by name, race, and class, and how they’re doing:

Chromatic (Gnome Priest) has actually been race changed. She is now Charité the Worgen Priest. And level 40. I’m not sure the race change is going to stick, though. I keep looking at her and going “eh, I’ll play her later” when I used to be really excited to play her as a Gnome. So. We’ll see.

Josephîne (Worgen Druid) has been temporarily abandoned in the name of levelling Lis, mostly.

Summer (Belf Hunter) has not been played in ages. Poor Summer.

Geneviéve (Worgen Warrior) is level 12 and in Darkshore. I’m actually having fun playing her so far. A warrior.

Twîzzle (Goblin Priest/Mage) I can’t decide which I want her to be, yet. On one server (ThoBro) she’s a lv 5 priest, and on another (E’T) she’s a lv 1 mage. I’ve been mostly busy playing Lis, to be perfectly honest, so I’ll probably come back to her once Lis is good to go. That said, isn’t Twizzle the greatest name for a Goblin?

I love the Worgen starting zone/quests, and I like what I’ve seen so far of the Goblin zone/quests. They’re both quite fun in VERY different ways.

In conclusion…

Cataclysm: IT’S AWESOME!


Baby’s First Raid Continuation

So I’m a bit late putting this up, but Thursday night Apotheosis dove back into ICC25 to beat up some more baddies (and heal a pretty dragon).

We one-shot Blood Prince Council, which was a nice start (after the terror that was Heroic Marrowgar kicking off Tuesday’s raid), and then proceeded to spend the next… I’d guess about 2 hours bashing our heads against Lana’Thel. It was kind of frustrating, especially since there’d been talk of Heroic before, and if we were doing this horribly on regular… It was probably a bunch of little things, as well as some problems in passing off bites that may be a bug or may’ve just been bad luck. So it was decided that we’d leave off Lana’Thel for the night and give Dreamwalker another shot.

I’m not sure what the tactics of other guilds or groups are, but the way we were doing it was that when there was about 5mil health left to heal up, we stopped taking portals. I think. That SEEMED to be the way it worked, anyway. XD Last portal came, and… we kind of wiped. I’m honestly not sure how, but I know the tanks and DPS did, so that’s what mattered, I think. So we run in again…

And we down her. Up her? Er. WE BEAT THE ENCOUNTER, there. :D I wasn’t the best at getting those damned orbs, still having trouble with z-space, but it was better than the attempt on Tuesday.

On the whole, I actually had a lot of fun, despite the wiping. I even managed 3-4 fps! Shock, awe, etc. That plus the lack of UTTER PANIC that I had on Tuesday (hey, when the chest piece you know you want to drop does so your first time in, and you win the roll, that seems like a good omen. Mmmm, Rot-Resistant Breastplate…) meant that I could really try to maximise my healing as much as I could, and get more into the swing of what I was doing.

The problem I’m having now is trying to find a way to consistently get at least 6-7 fps in a 25m raid. Anyone who’s known me for a while knows I play on a MacBook, with… oh, I’m too lazy to look up the card, a crap graphics card, and only 2GB of RAM. Even with the graphics turned all the way down and all my addons turned off, my idea of OMG REALLY HIGH FRAMERATE WTF IS GOING ON is 18-20fps. My average tends to fall around anywhere from 8-12fps, depending on… I don’t even know, stuff around me in the game. My addons don’t noticeably slow my framerate or latency for the most part(which is part of why I use the ones I do and not others that are perhaps shinier and fancier /longing look at Titan Panel and the pretty swirlies on SexyMap, which DO screw my fps to hell). So now I’m working to maximise my fps and get the least memory-hogging/fps-screwing addons I can for the things I need (TidyPlates, alas, you will be gone for raids, and DXE is my next try for a boss mod, as I am told it’s a little lighter than DBM). Just need to squeeze out those 4-5 fps from what I was getting Tuesday. If I can’t…

Well, I just won’t be able to raid come Cata. Not as a healer, anyway, I’m not sure what the situation will be like for DPS (no way am I tanking ever, kthx), but probably not there either. It’s not even like a “guild policy” thing, it’s just that there is no way I’d be able to deal with things in even a Cata HEROIC with 2fps. I’ve tried a few things that have slightly increased my fps Dalaran (I was getting eight. It was insane. But then, it was also only 9 in the morning EST, so that was probably why, sigh), and I’ll be trying a few more things for the raid on Tuesday. But if I can’t

Well, I’m already doing research on what would be the least expensive Windows-running laptop with 4GB of RAM and a relatively good graphics card – I don’t need 200fps in Dalaran – I just would like to have at least 15-20 in a 25m raid. :( And if I can’t shake any of THAT… /shrug I guess I won’t be raiding in Cata. Which’ll be a WRENCH, let me tell you. I had so much fun Tuesday and Thursday, I want to keep doing it FOREVER. But if I can’t perform up to minimums, at least, I’m a drag on the guild’s progression, and like hell if I’ll do that. I will resign myself to Heroics and possibly 10m raids with alts or whatever. It won’t be what I desperately want, but… I dunno. I want and need Apotheosis to succeed more than I want and need to be OMG PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, though, of course, I DO.

It would give me time to level my damn professions, anyway. And level alts, which is fun. Silver linings, sliver linings. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

(BTW, if anyone has any tips regarding getting better performance out of one’s crappy MacBook, or where one would look for a middle-of-the-line gaming laptop for a reasonable price, or what one should look for in such a laptop, please drop a comment? I’m afraid most of the stuff I’ve looked up so far on graphics cards goes COMPLETELY over my head.)


My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps…

So… if you haven’t seen this, you SHOULD. The Cataclysm cinematic. HOLY. FUCKING. CRAP.

On the one hand, the ever-constant CG geek in me is going “OMG THAT IS SO AMAZING AND SEXY AND IS THAT NOT JUST BEAUTIFUL???” and the Tolkien geek in me is going “OMG THAT IS SO TOLKIENESQUE I’M IN LOVE”

On the other hand, Lisan is SEETHING. Guys. It had not really sunk in exactly what Deathwing would be doing to my world. And Lisan is a child of Stormwind… She’s going to be losing a lot of people she cares about in the Cataclysm.

Guys. Once the expansion hits? I GET TO HAVE MY GRUMPY PALLY BACK. There ain’t no way in hell she wouldn’t suck up and DEAL with the new healing, not with something like this going on. And it only JUST hit me.

While I’m going “D:!” at the destruction of so much of this world I love, most of me is busy squeeing, because, I DID NOT WANT TO LOSE MY GRUMPY PALADIN. And now, I DON’T HAVE TO.

Now excuse me, I have to go buy batteries for my mouse.

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…One is silver and the other gold.

Today marked a pretty big change in how I play and look at the game. No, it’s not the changes to Paladin healing, though there are quite a few, and they did spark this change. The change I’m speaking of is a much more important (and yet unimportant) one.

I race changed Lisan.

Now, I know I did it before. You remember the little-heralded change from gawky blonde human to curvy blonde dwarf, I’m sure, if you’ve hung out here much at all. But she was still Lisan, just with a bit of a… change of face. She was still the same grumpy Paladin she’d always been, and in the end, she felt even more herself.

But as I said yesterday, the New Paladin is not the same. It’s as if Lisan has become the out-of-date, behind-on-the-times veteran. They don’t need her anymore. The world has moved beyond her sort of healing. In a way, I think she deserves it – it’s been many years (for HER, from a story standpoint) since she began her training, and there’s been precious little peace for her in those years. But she’s not done yet. I know she’s not. I’m not ready to move past her. We’re supposed to have so many adventures.

Unfortunately, the world has declared her old news, and this newfangled thing just… doesn’t work for her. She doesn’t like it. She can’t get the hang of it. She doesn’t MIND that things have changed, but if she can’t get the hang of it… well, she won’t give up. But Stormwind always needs defenders, and it would be wonderful to see Sara again, even if she’s now shorter. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to find a gnome who knows how to put her back in her human form, not that she doesn’t like being a dwarf.

That doesn’t mean she’s not heartbroken about it, though. And so am I. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to handle the loss of her, in the long run. It’s possible that practise back in Stormwind will help her a lot, and that before too long she’ll be able to find her way into this “healing of the future” or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Until then, however, I’ve decided to make the acquaintance of someone a little more familiar with this “healing of the future”, seeing as how it’s based very much on the teachings of her people.

Go on, say hello.

Now, then, don’t be shy. You’re not the shy type, and you know it.

This is just silly. Say hello to all the nice readers of the blog!

This is Sveta. She’s distinctly less grumpy that Lis, more prone to quiet sighs of exasperation than expletive-filled grumbling. She’s generally calm, though you couldn’t say she’s demure by any stretch, and she’s certainly already a veteran in her own right, in a long-term way that Lisan won’t reach for a decade or two.

Don’t let that baby face fool you – she’s seen her fair share of war. We’re getting on pretty well so far – she’s not Lisan, but she’s a dear, and I think we’ll manage pretty well, for now, at any rate. I’m still hoping for Lis to pull through, but since I’m still getting used to the new way of things, I need someone who’s not going to be as flummoxed and lost as I am.

(all this to say… I race changed Lis. And I cried when I put the changes through, I’ll admit it. But it just feels less… broken when I’m not trying to do it on Lis. I can’t explain it if you’re not a writer or RPer, I’m afraid – just don’t have the proper words. Just suffice to say that unless I can get Lis comfortable with the changes… it’ll be me and Sveta taking on Deathwing. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m still having fun being a Paladin! I’m just… not being LIS. Sadface, but I’ll soldier on. She would, after all.)


I promise I’m still here…

I’ve just gotten a bit distracted by a bunch of things:

-Lack of sleep
-Levelling Lisan (she’s 51 now!)
-Reading Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series
-Levelling Melusine. She’s my new Gnomish Warlock
-Really ridiculous crack-RP with a couple of friends.
-Less ridiculous RP with my D&D group

I’ve downloaded JumpCounter and it’s kind of crazy seeing my jumping patterns. Lisan hardly jumps at all, Ais jumps a moderate amount, Kass jumps a lot, and Melusine had over 100 jumps before she even hit lvl 5! I’ve decided that jumping as a Druid is addictive and jumping as a Gnome is the most bouncy fun you can have. And also compulsive. Is there anyone out there who seriously plays a gnome who doesn’t spam the spacebar? I find myself bouncing without realising it sometimes.

Kurn has gotten a beta key, for which I am insanely jealous, and has been having Cataclysmic Adventures ™. Very enlightening and a little amusing – if you don’t read her now, I suggest you start.

Also, newish blogger Lara over at Root and Branch has posted a Shakespearian retelling of your average Oculus PUG that is absolutely hilarious.

And now I scoot off, so as not to be late to work! I hate working the opening shift.


Loremaster and Aiming for 80

So I have two goals before Cataclysm hits. See, I know a lot of people are trying to finish off a bunch of achievements before the expansion – some because they might be gone or changed forever (Loremaster, The Explorer), and some… so they can say that they had it before Cata, I guess.

Because she’s my only level 80 character at the moment, Aislinn has been the one I’ve tried for most of my achieves on. I’m probably going to finish my “do all the old-world 5-mans” at some point on her, but that’s not really what I’m trying to do. What I’m trying to do is get her Loremaster. The problem, of course, being that she’s a Death Knight, and never actually did more than about 70 quests total in old world. She needs 1400. Plus finishing Outland and Northrend, which will be no small feat, either. On the way I’m hoping to also finish Master of Arms and Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich, as well as getting some work done on <a href=

However, all of that has been put on the backburner, because my favourite holy pally is planning on starting up her old raiding guild in Cata. And, as we were discussing on twitter yesterday, I would really be down with putting an app in. Which requires me to get Lisan to 85 (and Heroic gear) as quickly as possible once Cata hits. And the best way to do that is to get her levelled and geared in Wrath, pre-Cata. A bonus is I’m finally levelling her fishing while she’s waiting in the queue. Step 2: level herbalism. Step 3: ??? Step 4: PROFIT!

She’s sittin’ pretty halfway through 42 right now. I am fucking sick of Mauradon. I miss Uldaman. Seriously. I never thought I’d say that. She’s levelling entirely through healing instances (which sucks when the queues are 15+ minutes, even for healers), and most of her levelling is being done with a friend of mine who rolled and levelled a shadow priest specifically to run things with me. :) As he has his own guild and his own raids already, I doubt he’ll be following me to Kurn’s guild (provided I’ve got the stuff to get in *crosses fingers*), but that’s okay. :) For the time being, it’s just nice to have someone to complain with over vent when the tank’s being a dumbass. Also someone that I trust to pop a bubble on the tank if something happens and I can’t heal briefly. Like being LoS’d (happens all the time) or the tank ignoring that I declare my intentions to drink and pulling while I’m filling up my mana bar (also happens all the time).

I’m pretty excited about working on both my goals, to be honest. It’s kind of nice to be working towards things a bit more concrete than “oh, I’d like to reach 80 eventually, I guess…” which is my normal course of action.

And now I go to work obscenely early. Have a good day, my darlings!