So, I originally got my ukulele last year when I was doing a songwriting challenge. Now, I’m shit at writing my own songs, but I don’t think I’m too bad at singing OTHER people’s songs. And I decided to fiddle around today (as I do sometimes) and record myself. This is done entirely with my own vocals and my ukulele. Yes, even the percussion.

Iko Iko!

…yeah, this is what I do when I’m not playing WoW. ^_^;;

ALSO! I will be moving soon to my VERY OWN WEBSITE! :D Which will be revealed, y’know, soon! So keep an eye out for that, once I get it all set up. ;)

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Levelling in the new Azeroth

I really should be focusing on my Horde toons, as I’m going to end up levelling my Worgen druid through the Alliance quests, but I’ve found myself attached to levelling my little Gnome priest, Chromatic.

Now, Mattie started as my little gnome rogue on Feathermoon, that I rolled to attend an RP event that I ended up being unable to attend. She wasn’t your usual gnome, with the cute hairstyles and the brightly coloured hair – just that really short hairstyle in brown. But then when I was going to be rolling my Gnome priest, I thought “Well, I like Mattie. Maybe she got religion!” And thus you get Chromatic of Apotheosis.

Most of you who know me fairly well know I am a VERY slow leveller. So I’m very pleased that she dinged 23 tonight. I was going to level her shadow (because I never learn *coughRetpallies*), but a guildie said I should level Disc, so I’m trying it.

Holy. Crap. This is FUN! I didn’t know soloing as a healing-specced squishy could BE so fun! And granted it’s probably a lot the new way talents and stuff are designed, but DAYUM! And then the QUESTING! I left the Gnome/Dwarf area after I dinged 10 and went to Westfall, because I always had a soft spot for the Defias and I wanted to see what had been done to the place – my shammy can level through the Dwarven areas. And just… oh MAN! It’s so EPIC! Not to mention there seems to be a much better sense of cohesion in each zone, and they actually SEND YOU to the next zone so you don’t have to worry about where to go next, and it’s just… oh my GOD.

I haven’t done as much Hordeside, but the Troll starting area? Amazing. Broke me a little

Spoilers for Westfall, Redridge, and Echo Isles lay ahead – read at your own risk! Continue reading “Levelling in the new Azeroth”

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NaNoWriMo Update (and more!)

So I’m still alive, for those of you who don’t follow my nanoblog and/or twitter. :) Nano’s been kinda crazy – I’m getting a lot of work done, so much that I’ve doubled my goal for the month! I’m still behind, but I broke 24k words before I went to bed last night, and if I can keep up 4k words a day for the next week or so, I can drop down to 3.3k a day for the rest of the month! YAY! Unfortunately I am getting very little done on Lisan’s story when Mitsune isn’t kicking my ass about it, but I’m enjoying the crazypointless Doctor Who fic I’m writing. :) Pure fluff, just like this blog!

We started a new raid lockout last night – while I got my frames up to 4-5 at some points, it still wasn’t great, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do half as well as I did last Thursday. I know Judgements of the Pure kept dropping off, among other things. But I got a nice cloak to replace the blue one I had from Occulus, and we downed our first heroic (Lootship, yay!), and we got Heroic Rotface to 24% on the second try! But we only had a little time left and Kurn wanted to get Putricide down before we finished for the night, so we downed him on regular after that. Fun times. :)

In other news, I was featured as a guest star in the latest Fourth Wall comic! :D :D :D I love how Aymes draws me, so busty and cute! Third panel face is my favourite. If you want an accurate representation of me and Mistuke’s approach to word wars this month, it would be me beating his arse every time, but it’s a funnier comic this way. ;)

And, last but not least, I am crocheting a pair of fingerless gloves/wrist warmers for my girlfriend AJ. She is very pleased by this, as it’s getting cold and her joints get achy when she types too long in the cold.


Just a tiny thought to be remembered

So I know some of you know that I will, on occasion, sing on livestream.

Tonight I started singing just to do a little show for one of my soon-to-be-Guildies, Liberty, who you will probably hear oodles about once she starts playing again because she is SO awesome. And, because she is in Europe right now, it got late, and she had to go to bed. But instead of logging out, she put me on her speakers, curled up in bed, and just let my livestream play her to sleep.

I literally sang someone to sleep tonight. It feels kind of awesome. :)


Shared Topic: What’s In A Name?

Be sure to check out my guest post at Pugging Pally on Tuesday, October 12th!

So, I’m a bit late to the party, but Blog Azeroth’s shared topic last week was “What’s In A Name?”, asking about our characters’ names and how we chose them. I kinda like it, so I’m going to go through and give you the names of ALL the characters I have. Yes. All of them. Starting with the most played first, of course. ;) And I will give you a brief rundown of why they’re named what they’re named. (This is really long. I’m sorry. Feel free to skip it. XD)

Actually, I’m going to start with my very first level 80’s original name:

I created Aislinn very shortly after having discovered Slashdance’s awesome Redshift machinimas, in which the main female character was named Aislynn. Now, both my DK and the character pronounced their name “ICE-lin”, (and woe befall the guildies who inevitably called me “ACE-lin”)but the name is actually a variant of an Irish name, Aisling, which is pronounced “ASH-ling”, and means “dream” or “vision”. I had this whole story for her, how she had been a priestess of Elune (she was a Night Elf then) and so forth. And then I got bored, race changed her to a Gnome, and renamed her Apple, because… well, it’s ME. We’ll get to THAT later, though.

Yes, her name has technically gained an extra N, even though I rarely use it when I’m writing about her. >_> Lis is my Paladin, which I hope any of you who’ve read this blog before know already. Originally, she’d been named Lizzy, which was okay when I rolled her as a ret pally on a whim, but when I decided to respec her and start healing, “Lizzy” just didn’t fit her very well anymore. But I didn’t really want to change it too much, because I was still very attached to the name for some reason. So I looked up a bunch of nicknames for “Elizabeth”, hoping to find one I liked. And, lo and behold, there was Lisan. I didn’t change it right away, but I kept it in my head, and when my tabletop group started up and I rolled a healing battle-cleric, it was obvious I’d have to take Lisan as her name. And so I did. It fit her to a T, really, and so I shelled out the money to get Lizzy a name change (much to the dismay of Lizbet, her former levelling partner). And then one thing led to another and she ended up a dwarf, but we don’t talk about that.

(More after the jump, because I won’t inflict this epic list on anyone who doesn’t give a crap.) Continue reading “Shared Topic: What’s In A Name?”

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Focus vs. OMGSHINY

No, this is not about the Cata changes to Hunters. Though I am pleased by that – it always felt silly to me that my hunter used mana. But whatever.

I have been slacking on my “levelling Lisan” pledge. The poor thing has only reached 56. Nor can I seem to concentrate on any of the OTHER various “lesser goals” that I’d decided to set for myself – Mellie has reached 20 and not budged since, I still suck at healing on Kili and haven’t levelled him further than what two randoms could do for him, Kass has been be-heirloomed and respecced balance, but I haven’t done more than a couple dungeon runs on her since. And Aislinn, who I swore I’d rep grind and do the Tournament dailies (and a few other dailies) on for money and who I’m trying to get tabards and mounts for (for, y’know, achievements)… Aislinn did enough randoms to buy the heirloom leather caster chest-and-shoulders and the heirloom staff, and has done nine dailies (combined three-day total) and no rep grinding.

So I go “okay, clearly I just need a break from them!” and I log onto Klarah or Kaeleigh (my two “gimmick” characters – that’s a whole other post that I should really write up), or Summer, Nait, Jae, Tai, Iestyn, Bei, any of my various RP characters that could stand to be levelled/played more. And then I feel guilty that I’m not doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing, and log off entirely.

To poke at the internet and do absolutely nothing productive in other areas of my life.


The problem with trying to focus on anything like this, for me, is that I am easily distracted by shiny things, and if I’m not running through randoms with a friend I can chat with, I can’t keep my attention and dedication going. It’s just a game, after all, so I don’t apply myself with quite the same dedication I’d give to things like… a career, or getting a degree. But I still feel, in the back of my head, like I should be able to. I managed it when I was levelling Ais to 80 – she made it from the starting zone to the level cap in a month and a half, and considering I’d been playing the game for about a year and a half at that point and never reached the level cap, that was a pretty big accomplishment.

I’m sure part of it is the fact that the people I spent so much time with levelling Ais (and getting Lis from 1 to 45) are… not really around, these days. Real life has gotten in the way, or they’ve gotten bored for the time being, and it all adds up to no Lizbet or Spooky to run things with when Andy’s busy.

The bright side of all this is Andy, my new friend that I sort of accidentally acquired through my guild. She was talking to Hano (who, as I’ve said, I’ve been friends with for nearly a decade) and he said something about me that prompted her to send me a whisper next time she saw me on. And as I’ve never actually gotten to connect with any of the girls we’ve had in the guild before, I was psyched! Since then, we’ve really bonded, and I log on almost every day even if I’m not planning to play, just so I can talk to her for a while. Her only fault is that she, like so many other WoW players, hates gnomes. She also thinks Boomkin are ugly. However, she plays with Mellie with a minimal of Gnome-punting talk, and has assured me that once Kass actually GETS Moonkin form, I will be the only pretty Boomkin in existence. We flirt a lot, if you couldn’t guess, and damn if I know if either of us are actually serious, but it’s loads of fun.

She is, truly, the best part about WoW for me right now.

So it all ends with my WoW experience being very spastic and frustrating, yet fun and relaxing. Cata cannot come too soon, imo, even if it WILL lead to me having even MORE characters to ADD on. Because really, like I’m not going to roll like, three Worgen, two Gnomes, a Tauren, and maybe another Troll.

All that said and out of my system, I am going to go log onto Lis and dedicate at least enough time for three dungeon runs. Even if I do get BRD every time. /cry


I promise I’m still here…

I’ve just gotten a bit distracted by a bunch of things:

-Lack of sleep
-Levelling Lisan (she’s 51 now!)
-Reading Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series
-Levelling Melusine. She’s my new Gnomish Warlock
-Really ridiculous crack-RP with a couple of friends.
-Less ridiculous RP with my D&D group

I’ve downloaded JumpCounter and it’s kind of crazy seeing my jumping patterns. Lisan hardly jumps at all, Ais jumps a moderate amount, Kass jumps a lot, and Melusine had over 100 jumps before she even hit lvl 5! I’ve decided that jumping as a Druid is addictive and jumping as a Gnome is the most bouncy fun you can have. And also compulsive. Is there anyone out there who seriously plays a gnome who doesn’t spam the spacebar? I find myself bouncing without realising it sometimes.

Kurn has gotten a beta key, for which I am insanely jealous, and has been having Cataclysmic Adventures ™. Very enlightening and a little amusing – if you don’t read her now, I suggest you start.

Also, newish blogger Lara over at Root and Branch has posted a Shakespearian retelling of your average Oculus PUG that is absolutely hilarious.

And now I scoot off, so as not to be late to work! I hate working the opening shift.