Holy Crap What Is This????


Well, yeah. Alas, I no longer have my own domain, but that’s okay. I’ve been out of the blogging game for ages, I’ve been out of WoW for ages, and it was a happy part of my past, right?

Except I’ve been back for about two months now – in the game, not blogging, obvs – and you know what? I miss this. Not that I tend to have much to talk about, you know, but hey! I never did to begin with, either. ;)

So, what HAS Apple been doing? Moving to Oklahoma City, for one. Getting increasingly creakier for another. My girl and I got officially and legally married! Not that Oklahoma recognizes it, of course, but last year in NY we got hitched and it rocked.

In-game, I cleared out my alts. Like, down to about 7! I’m further up again, but it was nice to clear out the alts I was never going to go back to. On the down side, I think I deleted my priest who had my cloth heirloom helm, shoulders, and chest (and the staff) in her bags. Dammit.

Lisan is still 85. Mollie is just over the line to 88. And SUMMER, my hunter who was stuck in Outland for like a year and a half, is a couple of quest turn-ins away from 89! Go figure. My one panda (a monk, of course – her name is Roxy) just hit level 40, and I will be shrieking happily over panda monk levelling in a later post because man that shit is OP.

I started a new twitter account, and then summarily renamed it back to my oldold account, before it became @windandstardust. @AzerothApple is BAAAAAACK, yo!

Y’all know you missed me.



So, I originally got my ukulele last year when I was doing a songwriting challenge. Now, I’m shit at writing my own songs, but I don’t think I’m too bad at singing OTHER people’s songs. And I decided to fiddle around today (as I do sometimes) and record myself. This is done entirely with my own vocals and my ukulele. Yes, even the percussion.

Iko Iko!

…yeah, this is what I do when I’m not playing WoW. ^_^;;

ALSO! I will be moving soon to my VERY OWN WEBSITE! :D Which will be revealed, y’know, soon! So keep an eye out for that, once I get it all set up. ;)

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New Computer Soon? And other ramblings.

One can only hope. I get a certain amount of money from my uncle for Christmas and my birthday, every year. I’ve also found a laptop that I like, that should run pretty nice for WoW (as I’ve said before – I don’t need it to be 120fps in Dalaran or anything like that. An average 30fps is fine, higher is, of course, better, but whatevs) and isn’t TOO expensive. I’ve emailed my dad saying I found a good one, and that if he’ll spot me the money/buy it for me/whatever, he is welcome to have my holiday money – Christmas and my birthday in the spring. If we do that, he’d only be paying about $250, which is less than he’ll spend on my sister this Christmas, I can tell you right now. So we’ll see how that goes – cross your crossables for me.

Also, tonight I’m trying out raiding on my girlfriend’s laptop. If the damn patch downloader will get its arse in gear and finish up in the next three hours – I’m not holding my breath at this point, but I should be good to go as long as it’s MOSTLY done – so far, my trials have produced the following results: 30fps with no addons, about 20fps with the addons I use on one of my alts when she levels, which are definitely heavier than the ones I have for raiding. AND keep in mind, these were both tested early on in the “yellow” stage of the streaming player, which I’m assuming is going to drag my numbers down. I’m hoping that with all (or at least MOST) of the patching installed and only my raiding addons (Dominos, Grid, Clique, DBM, OmniCC, Quartz) and everything but WoW and Mumble shut down, I should be getting some pretty good frames tonight. Or, at least, pretty damn awesome by my normal standards (ie – anything over 10fps in a 25m).

Last night I rediscovered my hunter, Summer, as I finally got her out of Hellfire and into Zangarmarsh, while also levelling up her poor neglected hyena, Impisi. Yes, I know Summer’s name shows up as Sámhradh, but that’s just Irish for Summer, so work with me. Summer’s been around (and slowly levelling) for a good long while, though I don’t recall when I first rolled her. I remember her being stuck in the teens for a while, and then she spent a good chunk of time in the 30s, and then a HUGE amount of time in the 50’s, and she’s been stuck at just over 60 for a few months now. I respecced her just after 4.0 hit, but otherwise haven’t poked around on her at all. But last night, feeling aimless and lonely, I logged onto her and started levelling a bit. She dinged once, got a nice new bow, and I basically cannot WAIT to get her to Nagrand – she’s always felt more comfortable in places like Orgrimmar and the Barrens, she’ll like hanging out (and helping out) with the Mag’har, or however that’s spelt. I also plan to tame her a void stalker at some point, or possibly one of the white-ish wolves in Terrokar. :D And ONE DAY she will have that red wolf I keep meaning to get her…

And while playing her, trying to rearrange her action bars with their new layout and new abilities, and trying to figure out what rotation would work best, I was reminded that I’m kind of a crappy hunter. I always was, honestly, but I got by. And normally I’d be trying to improve, but the thing is that I play Summer for FUN. I don’t generally queue up for dungeons with her (I hate DPS queue times), she’s not in a guild, I don’t plan to raid with her (though sometimes I’m tempted). My less-than-optimal huntering is hurting no one but me, and I don’t care, so why should I start focusing NOW on how to get the OMG BEST DPS? Anyway, that ramble aside, she’s very fun to play with. She makes me wish I knew more people who RP’d horde-side, because while I’d love to play her with, say, Fizzy Stouthammer, Summer is a Sin’dorei. She could never be anything else. It just wouldn’t work. So she’s alone (well, with her big brother, who’s kind of dead, so it’s this thing) and it makes me sad, sometimes. :(

But then, I’m also fail at remembering to log on to my RP characters, so, uh. >_>

Anyway, it was a fun evening. I had fun and got to spend some time with a long-neglected favourite of mine, and tonight I’ll be hopefully seeing a raid in more than 4fps for the first time EVER and I’m basically having a grand ol’ time. :) Still feeling a bit in-a-funk, but there are worse things to feel, so.

Now if only I had some SODA. T_T


Quick Bogglement

So, uh, thanks to Kurn linking to my blog and my last blog post, I got 230 views today.

Two. Hundred. Thirty.

To all the people who stopped by, thanks for coming! I hope you stick around. :) And if you’ve already decided to stick around, then welcome! It’s always nice to have new people reading my latest rambles.


This is kind of crazy, to me. Wow. 230 views. Thank you guys so much.


To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night)

Last night, I trolled RPers.

Yes, I realise I am an RPer, but I did it anyway. And I’m not saying I targeted someone and followed them around and harassed them – that’s griefing and I don’t do that. What I did was, with a friend, rolled a new character on a prominent RP server. Then, we both created the most ridiculous, horribly lore-breaking, god-moding-in-the-RSP character profiles we could come up with.

His was far better than mine. I’m still a newbie at this.

This was followed by placing ourselves near RPers and making it obvious we were available for RP, via flags and chatting confusedly about this strange place that we’d only just arrived in. Once we got some contact, we would be as ridiculous, over-the-top, OP, god-moding, and cliched-bad-RPer as possible without, y’know, basically screaming “WE ARE TROLLS” at the top of our lungs. If someone wanted to walk away, that was fine, we weren’t going to force people to RP with us or anything.

He’s used to doing this Horde-side on an RPPvP realm, so I took him to this realm and started off by dragging his newly Alliance ass to Goldshire. Which was, as Goldshire is wont to be, full of crazies.

“I… I don’t think I can troll them. I wouldn’t know where to begin!”

I laughed, and we ran back to Stormwind to begin in earnest. We settled into the Blue Recluse and waited. Eventually, a warrior (named, of all things, JIMBOB) asked if we wanted someplace to stay. We say yes, and follow, snickering and thinking he’s probably going to try to take advantage of our “nubile young bodies”, as we’d put it. Shockingly, he didn’t. He blamed us (two Draenei) for everything from bad crops to the Scourge, and possibly killing his gramma or something, and chained us to the wall so securely that there was hardly any supple nubile flesh to be seen.

We went “WTF?” but played along in all our dramatic, soap-opera-overdone glory. And then, when we wouldn’t answer, he INJECTED ME WITH SOMETHING, said “Welcome to the Scourge”, and signed off to bring in his DK. At this point, we’re dying, because all I can think is that I just got the Azerothian version of AIDS, and… just… WTF.

So the DK comes in, and we don’t really feel like keeping this up if he’s not going to try to ravage us or anything, so we “escape” and make a run for it.

Would you believe HE FOLLOWED US?

He didn’t just chase us out of the bowels of the Cathedral. He followed us all the way through to the Trade District, where we ran into a shop out of sight. HE FOUND US IN THERE. I was up in the rafters, Chris (my friend) hiding behind some boxes. We were emoting “[Apple] is invisible” “[Chris] is a box” and so forth. And we are DYING LAUGHING, because this guy is GOING with it, and saying how he’ll sniff us out, he can see the heat from our bodies, he can feel the power of our magic, etc, and we’re countering with things like “[Apple] is imbued with the ice-magic of the Netherstorm Sea and can suppress her body heat” and “[Chris] uses the power of the whispaura, which cannot be sensed by those without the Whisperthrone’s blessing” and other ridiculous lore-breaky BS things. Eventually it got boring, so we decided to just log out, but just before we did, this guy says something about being a hunter.

I say, “Funny, I thought you were a Death Knight!” and log out.

All in all, loads of fun. Overblown, horrific RP, but no one was being forced to interact with us, so I don’t feel guilty about it at all, and… just… DAMN that was fun. XD