The Tales of Lisan(n) Carpenter

There are two Lisan Carpenters in Azeroth.

One is old – she is an RPG heroine, the one who somehow is always in the middle of the story, the one killing the legendary big bads (well, some of the time).  She didn’t strike the killing blow on the Lich King, but she was helping keep the person that did alive.  She was face to face with Deathwing as the heroes of Azeroth brought him down.  She co-owns a bear farm in Dun Morogh with Fizzy Stouthammer, where she spends her time when she’s not chasing her draenei girlfriend Raisa all across creation, keeping her safe.

Lisan has never been properly RP’d, though I have written stories about her and she has a story and a history, because she never existed on an RP server.

Starcaller Lisan
Starcaller, Kingslayer, Savior of Azeroth

There is another Lisan Carpenter, who I’ll call Lisann because that’s how her name is spelled in-game, and she is very new.  She has much the same story as the original flavor, but somewhat different, because I finally, FINALLY am playing her again, after having transferred her to my active server, Emerald Dream.  And, since she’s now on an RP server, in an RP guild, with the intent of being RP’d, I had to change some things.

Starcaller by technicality only.

If you’re not particularly interested in how Lisan’s story has changed, or in my backstory for my character, feel free to move along, no hard feelings – I’m doing this post for myself as much as for any of my readers (tho I love you dearly).


Lisann Carpenter was born in Lordaeron’s Capital City, to an unmarried young woman who’d hooked up with a Gilnean soldier and decided she wasn’t ready to marry or be a mother.  Lis doesn’t know this about herself – all she knows is that she grew up in Capital City, in an orphanage.  It wasn’t an awful childhood by any stretch, though she didn’t have much – and when she was 15 or so she finally got taken on as a trainee, of sorts, by a Paladin of the Silver Hand, because she wanted to be a paladin very badly.

She never had a particularly noteworthy faith, mind you, though she obviously worshiped and believed in the Light.  It was more that the ideals and symbolism of being a paladin appealed to her.  She wanted to be a light in dark places, to protect those who needed it (something she’d done among the children at the orphanage for years already), and, frankly, to be a hero.

When she was finally deemed ready and underwent the ceremony that imbued her with the Light, it was a bit of a rushed and sadly un-celebrated affair, because the Scourge had recently emerged and they needed every paladin they could get, and she was put into action basically immediately.

The Third War was very hard on her.  She’d been idealistic and full of hope when it began – after the destruction of her homeland, the betrayal of her beloved prince, the death of everyone she cared about when Arthas took Capital City for the Scourge, and the loss of so many of her brothers- and sisters-in-arms (including her own mentor)… well, she kept her faith, but it was a near thing for a while there.  She initially joined the Crusade in the Eastern Plaguelands, under Abbendis, and left with those members who went on to form the Argent Dawn.  Lisann, however, had been jaded by the betrayal of Arthas and now the likely betrayal of the leadership of the Crusade, and while she wished her brothers and sisters well, she left the Plaguelands and traveled south, to Stormwind and beyond.

She wandered, for a while, helping people in need when she could and largely acting as a healer for isolated settlements and rural towns who had none.  It wasn’t until the reopening of the Dark Portal that she finally roused herself into action, offering her services to serve alongside the Alliance troops traveling to Outland.  She continued largely being a healer, supplementing the priests back at bases, and going out with patrols and strike forces to help keep them going.  Unfortunately, at some point the gnomish technology they’d been relying on had an unexpected… hiccup, we’ll say, and began glitching, temporarily and then (unfortunately for Lisann) permanently altering the people passing through a certain teleporter.  Lisann went from being a human to being a dwarf – at least physically – and though they assured her it would “most likely wear off in anywhere from an hour to a month!”, she has been the same ever since.

She didn’t take it well, initially, and ended up staying in Shattrath for the majority of the campaign against Kael’thas and Illidan.  She befriended a fair number of draenei there, and came to accept that even if she didn’t particularly like it, she was still able to do what she cared about – helping people in need – as a dwarf.

By the time the campaign in Northrend against the Lich King’s forces began, she’d more or less settled into her new skin, and was ready to face down the forces she’d fought against for so long, that had destroyed everything she’d held dear.  She hopped around from front to front, offering her services as a healer and knight where it was needed, sometimes carrying messages or helping find missing troops.  She ended up helping Brann Bronzebeard and his people with their exploration of Ulduar, though again, she wasn’t part of the forward push, staying at the staging area and helping keep people on their feet as they slowly pushed though the Titan facility.

She briefly joined the Argent Crusade in Icecrown, for the chance to be part of the battle in the Citadel, but once Arthas was defeated, she left the Crusade, not being comfortable with the constant reminders of where she came from, and what she’d lost.  Arthas’ death left her feeling sort of at loose ends, because it was the one thing she’d kept pushing on for.  She took some time to  recover from the months in the frozen north and returned to Stormwind, where she sought to find a new purpose for herself.  Unfortunately, she sustained serious injuries when Deathwing razed the city, that left her on a long and difficult road to recovery.

She finally reached the point where she could handle the exertion and strain of taking up arms again only weeks before the Legion attacks, and found herself left in Stormwind when the Alliance’s elite troops went to the Broken Shore.  She took the death of Varian as well in stride as she could, given the fact that he was her adopted monarch, but her time in Stormwind had brought her in contact with Prince Anduin a few times at the Cathedral, and she has every faith that he will be a strong and capable king.

So, her faith strengthened by the time she spent largely in the Cathedral during her recovery, and her body back in fighting form, she is more than ready to take her blade to the forces of the Legion, however she can do so.  She has very little, in terms of close friends or adopted family, trying to protect herself from the pain of losing someone close to her again, but she is filled with determination.

Such Determine.

So yeah, THAT IS LISANN.  It’s kind of sad, because she doesn’t have (or has lost) friends and partners who have meant so much to the original version of her, but I am very very very looking forward to playing her off actual RPers.

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7th Legion, 73rd Company, 1st Platoon

So I joined an RP guild on Emerald Dream (US), which is an RP-PvP server.  <The Seventy Third> is a military guild, and as evidenced by the title of this post, we are the 73rd Company of the 7th Alliance Legion.  It’s been less than a week but I am having a lot of fun with them. :)

So, this is Mac:

Don’t mind the hair clipping through her helmet, it’s… a Wildhammer thing?

Full name Innes Macdara, called Mac by friends and Ango by family.  It’s not random, I swear – Ango is a family in-joke.  Her parents assumed before she was born that she’d be a boy like her six older brothers, and they were all set to name her Angus.  Thus, Ango.  (Innes is actually a feminine version of Angus, but y’all don’t want to hear about all the tetchy reasons I picked her name.)  Her dad was from Ironforge originally, but moved up to Wildhammer country for one reason or another, fell in love with a Wildhammer girl, married her, and had… well, Mac and her brothers.  She didn’t really connect to her dad’s side of the family until she was an adult, and definitely considers herself more a Wildhammer than a Bronzebeard.

She’s an arms warrior, running around Azeroth (and beyond, technically) with granddad’s trusty warhammer, her hair in braids, and the gryphon she helped raise from a wee chick.  She’s friendly and loves to laugh, and I am absolutely STRUGGLING to level her through Outland right now.  It sucks ass.

Anyway, like I said, I joined this guild about a week ago kind of on a whim – I’ve been missing RP, and it’s so hard to really build long-term walk-up RP, and my one RP partner doesn’t currently have game time, so I was poking around the forums for RP guild ads.  I decided I wanted to check out whatever RP-PvP server was the most lively (if any) because I remembered there was a somewhat different atmosphere on the RP-PvP servers back in the day.

Now, back in 2010, Twisting Nether and The Venture Co. were the servers to go for if you were going for an RP-PvP server.  I honestly never heard anyone even MENTION Emerald Dream, but apparently that’s where the RP is at these days, so I went to check their forum for guild recruitment posts.  And right up near the top was a recruitment thread from a couple or three years ago that seemed to still be up-to-date and active.  The post itself was pretty average – not bad by any stretch, but it seemed very much your standard Military-themed RP guild recruitment post.  And then at the bottom, added almost like an afterthought, was a youtube link labelled “recruitment video”.

Holy.  Fuckin.  Shit, y’all.

See, I’ve only seen a handful of recruitment vids for guilds, but all of them inevitably are taking themselves rather seriously.  And I get it, you’re trying to be dramatic, but it mostly ends up being unintentionally funny.  Sorry, guys, it’s really hard to make a serious recruitment vid that WORKS, apparently.  But this?  This was “these folks take their guild seriously, but not TOO seriously.”  It made me laugh, and I immediately rolled up a character on ED.

Thus far?  I haven’t regretted it.  Everyone has been friendly and helpful.  One of the officers gave me a couple of 30-slot bags my first night, after I’d logged in at like 3am and somehow managed to get my OOC interview done bc another officer was up and active.  The GM did my IC interview and was friendly and funny and gave me some gold afterwards since I didn’t have any other characters on the server.  (that has changed – my altoholic ways haunt me still…)  I was invited the evening after I joined to do a little RP scene – one they had to specifically build around the fact they had to pick a place that would be safe for a bitty level 30 to be.  A few of the officers had apparently set up a server-wide event that i just missed the conclusion of by a couple of weeks, and last night they were doing a photo shoot of the guilds that had been involved, and when I mentioned they probably didn’t want me there because I hadn’t been there for the plot, they said I should come, to help represent the seventy third.

And, probably some of the most fun so far, on thursday night, we had military training.


It was mostly OOC – Bran (our GM) and a couple other folks are actual military veterans, and they wanted to give us a rundown on some things like proper address of officers and forming up and stuff, because it can add that little something extra to our RP.  Our base of operations is out in Westgard Keep, which was fun for me to get to as I was still pretty small.  I ran up the day before, to get the flight path, so all I’d need to do would be to catch the boat from Menethil and not have to risk dying to a rampaging shoveltusk.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about THAT, too.  But yeah, we practiced forming up, managed to get our “Find the Captain and form up on him” time to 15 seconds (GO US), and got briefly bothered by some Horde RP-gankers who then got their asses handed to them repeatedly by the people who were actually high enough level to fight them.  (I was not one of them.  I mostly just died.  And also hid.)

ALL OF THESE WORDS (god I’m super wordy, aren’t I?) to say… I’m having fun.  I’m finding people to hang with and joke around with on teamspeak and RP with, and they’re being welcoming and wonderful, and I’m having FUN in the game again in a way I haven’t had in a long time – mostly because everyone I wanted to play with was doing their own thing that I wasn’t a part of.

Now I’m a part of something.  And that means a hell of a lot.

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Levelling in the new Azeroth

I really should be focusing on my Horde toons, as I’m going to end up levelling my Worgen druid through the Alliance quests, but I’ve found myself attached to levelling my little Gnome priest, Chromatic.

Now, Mattie started as my little gnome rogue on Feathermoon, that I rolled to attend an RP event that I ended up being unable to attend. She wasn’t your usual gnome, with the cute hairstyles and the brightly coloured hair – just that really short hairstyle in brown. But then when I was going to be rolling my Gnome priest, I thought “Well, I like Mattie. Maybe she got religion!” And thus you get Chromatic of Apotheosis.

Most of you who know me fairly well know I am a VERY slow leveller. So I’m very pleased that she dinged 23 tonight. I was going to level her shadow (because I never learn *coughRetpallies*), but a guildie said I should level Disc, so I’m trying it.

Holy. Crap. This is FUN! I didn’t know soloing as a healing-specced squishy could BE so fun! And granted it’s probably a lot the new way talents and stuff are designed, but DAYUM! And then the QUESTING! I left the Gnome/Dwarf area after I dinged 10 and went to Westfall, because I always had a soft spot for the Defias and I wanted to see what had been done to the place – my shammy can level through the Dwarven areas. And just… oh MAN! It’s so EPIC! Not to mention there seems to be a much better sense of cohesion in each zone, and they actually SEND YOU to the next zone so you don’t have to worry about where to go next, and it’s just… oh my GOD.

I haven’t done as much Hordeside, but the Troll starting area? Amazing. Broke me a little

Spoilers for Westfall, Redridge, and Echo Isles lay ahead – read at your own risk! Continue reading “Levelling in the new Azeroth”

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Raiding, from a lore perspective

And by lore, I mean my personal character lore. See, about a month ago Alas celebrated her one-year blogiversary, and she handed out prompts to any blogger who asked. I liked mine:

What does it mean to your character when she steps into a raid? What goes through her mind as she faces the big baddies of Azeroth?

But the thing was… I didn’t really know. I was on the cusp of my first-ever ICC run, and everything else I’d done had been… outdated, or a little outdated and on my DK. I didn’t really now what Lis would think.

ICC isn’t… hugely big to her. Well, it is – she’s a paladin who was first inducted into the Silver Hand when they needed more paladins because of Arthas’ attack on Lordaeron. The Scourge killed many people she knew and cared about, and it was her first real battlefield experience, and those memories will always haunt her to some extent. But Icecrown is about doing her duty, doing what she must do to protect the people she loves, avenge the people she’s lost. Gerk, Burr, other nameless friends and comrades-in-arms. When Arthas is dead, she won’t feel satisfaction, she’ll just feel… relief, and weariness, and a bit of sadness – he wasn’t all that older than her, after all, and he’d started out with good intentions.

So, okay, that’s something, but it’s… very small, and didn’t seem to do the prompt justice, in my opinion, so I didn’t write it. And then this weekend, Lis and I stepped into Ulduar.

Ulduar was different. Ulduar was something that Lis volunteered for, in a much more definite way. Lis had a duty to be part of the attack on the Citadel, at least in her eyes. She had no such duty when it came to the reclamation of Ulduar. It was simply something that was important to her. It was a chance to… maybe find a way to really connect with being a Dwarf, since she was pretty much stuck that way. She spent a lot of time in Storm Peaks, searching for and helping Brann Bronzebeard, learning about the titans, becoming a… a helper to Thorim, if not a friend. Seeing Loken’s betrayal and destroying him for it. And finally, finally, stepping into the main part of Ulduar to help take it back from… whatever was there. She was part of a small strike team, and they… oh, they were heroes.

She won’t ever consider herself a hero for what she did elsewhere, but considering the scope of what she was a part of in Ulduar… she can’t really deny it should someone call her a hero for that, even if she’ll never really feel comfortable with it. Facing Yogg-Saron was the most terrifying thing she’d ever experienced, as throughout the battle she could feel her mind and her sanity starting to slip away from her. But that just made her all the more determined to not succumb. Engaging Algalon, fighting to save the world, that wasn’t frightening. It made her angry. Of course their actions were illogical, coming to fight one of the maker’s own agents and knowing they would quite possibly die horribly, but to lie down and simply accept their destruction would have been even more illogical – when you have life, the only logical thing to do when threatened is to fight to protect that life.

It wasn’t anything she could’ve put into words, at least at that moment, but that was the driving thought behind her anger. And then she and nine of her companions… saved the world.

And I know when she goes to face Deathwing, it’ll be personal – full of rage and hate and grief and the quest for vengeance. I can’t wait to see how she views the other raids of Cata.

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New Computer Soon? And other ramblings.

One can only hope. I get a certain amount of money from my uncle for Christmas and my birthday, every year. I’ve also found a laptop that I like, that should run pretty nice for WoW (as I’ve said before – I don’t need it to be 120fps in Dalaran or anything like that. An average 30fps is fine, higher is, of course, better, but whatevs) and isn’t TOO expensive. I’ve emailed my dad saying I found a good one, and that if he’ll spot me the money/buy it for me/whatever, he is welcome to have my holiday money – Christmas and my birthday in the spring. If we do that, he’d only be paying about $250, which is less than he’ll spend on my sister this Christmas, I can tell you right now. So we’ll see how that goes – cross your crossables for me.

Also, tonight I’m trying out raiding on my girlfriend’s laptop. If the damn patch downloader will get its arse in gear and finish up in the next three hours – I’m not holding my breath at this point, but I should be good to go as long as it’s MOSTLY done – so far, my trials have produced the following results: 30fps with no addons, about 20fps with the addons I use on one of my alts when she levels, which are definitely heavier than the ones I have for raiding. AND keep in mind, these were both tested early on in the “yellow” stage of the streaming player, which I’m assuming is going to drag my numbers down. I’m hoping that with all (or at least MOST) of the patching installed and only my raiding addons (Dominos, Grid, Clique, DBM, OmniCC, Quartz) and everything but WoW and Mumble shut down, I should be getting some pretty good frames tonight. Or, at least, pretty damn awesome by my normal standards (ie – anything over 10fps in a 25m).

Last night I rediscovered my hunter, Summer, as I finally got her out of Hellfire and into Zangarmarsh, while also levelling up her poor neglected hyena, Impisi. Yes, I know Summer’s name shows up as Sámhradh, but that’s just Irish for Summer, so work with me. Summer’s been around (and slowly levelling) for a good long while, though I don’t recall when I first rolled her. I remember her being stuck in the teens for a while, and then she spent a good chunk of time in the 30s, and then a HUGE amount of time in the 50’s, and she’s been stuck at just over 60 for a few months now. I respecced her just after 4.0 hit, but otherwise haven’t poked around on her at all. But last night, feeling aimless and lonely, I logged onto her and started levelling a bit. She dinged once, got a nice new bow, and I basically cannot WAIT to get her to Nagrand – she’s always felt more comfortable in places like Orgrimmar and the Barrens, she’ll like hanging out (and helping out) with the Mag’har, or however that’s spelt. I also plan to tame her a void stalker at some point, or possibly one of the white-ish wolves in Terrokar. :D And ONE DAY she will have that red wolf I keep meaning to get her…

And while playing her, trying to rearrange her action bars with their new layout and new abilities, and trying to figure out what rotation would work best, I was reminded that I’m kind of a crappy hunter. I always was, honestly, but I got by. And normally I’d be trying to improve, but the thing is that I play Summer for FUN. I don’t generally queue up for dungeons with her (I hate DPS queue times), she’s not in a guild, I don’t plan to raid with her (though sometimes I’m tempted). My less-than-optimal huntering is hurting no one but me, and I don’t care, so why should I start focusing NOW on how to get the OMG BEST DPS? Anyway, that ramble aside, she’s very fun to play with. She makes me wish I knew more people who RP’d horde-side, because while I’d love to play her with, say, Fizzy Stouthammer, Summer is a Sin’dorei. She could never be anything else. It just wouldn’t work. So she’s alone (well, with her big brother, who’s kind of dead, so it’s this thing) and it makes me sad, sometimes. :(

But then, I’m also fail at remembering to log on to my RP characters, so, uh. >_>

Anyway, it was a fun evening. I had fun and got to spend some time with a long-neglected favourite of mine, and tonight I’ll be hopefully seeing a raid in more than 4fps for the first time EVER and I’m basically having a grand ol’ time. :) Still feeling a bit in-a-funk, but there are worse things to feel, so.

Now if only I had some SODA. T_T

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Lost Flame [Nanowrimo Excerpt]

Just a note – this is technically part of my Nano, but won’t be happening until towards the end of the story, and the letter itself may or may not be in it. If you’re confused, read this and then this from Rades over at Orcish Army Knife. Lis is much less prolific than Gerk was, heh.


I realise it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. With how often I write letters to Sara, you’d think I’d remember to write to other people in my life as well. Unfortunately, I’m not writing out of missing you, but because the thought of leaving damned self-righteous naive MacKellar to deal with this (as if he’d even remember) makes me sick to my stomach.

Gerk is dead. Burr, too. I couldn’t

They sent me looking for them. Burr was already dead, and Gerk… I sat with him, Gwenna. I did everything I could, but even healers can’t fix everything. But I did stay with him, until the very end. And I killed as many of those Scourge bastards as I could. Wasn’t many. Wasn’t nearly enough.

I will always remember Gerk as the first person who really helped me come to terms with… well, being a Dwarf. Both of you were so good to me when I was struggling, and I’m glad that my commander sent me to Ironforge instead of home to Stormwind. With the help of both of you, I learned to feel like myself, and also like a Dwarf. The time I spent with him and Burr in Northrend was generally pretty good – they were so cheerful, even in the face of everything happening. They had hope – more than I had, most days. It was a wrench to get stationed away from them when I was sent to look for Brann up in the storm peaks.

You know I’m not much for stuff like this. Emotional, complicated… I’d much rather have something to hit, or someone to heal. This kind of healing is beyond my ken. I don’t have any words that’ll make this better for you, and I don’t know how much this must hurt for you. But I can swear one thing to you, Gwenna, with all my heart.

Arthas will pay for this. I will find a way to be there, when he’s finally confronted, and when we take him down, for me, it will be for Gerk, and Burr.

I’m sorry for your loss.

-Lisan Carpenter

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…One is silver and the other gold.

Today marked a pretty big change in how I play and look at the game. No, it’s not the changes to Paladin healing, though there are quite a few, and they did spark this change. The change I’m speaking of is a much more important (and yet unimportant) one.

I race changed Lisan.

Now, I know I did it before. You remember the little-heralded change from gawky blonde human to curvy blonde dwarf, I’m sure, if you’ve hung out here much at all. But she was still Lisan, just with a bit of a… change of face. She was still the same grumpy Paladin she’d always been, and in the end, she felt even more herself.

But as I said yesterday, the New Paladin is not the same. It’s as if Lisan has become the out-of-date, behind-on-the-times veteran. They don’t need her anymore. The world has moved beyond her sort of healing. In a way, I think she deserves it – it’s been many years (for HER, from a story standpoint) since she began her training, and there’s been precious little peace for her in those years. But she’s not done yet. I know she’s not. I’m not ready to move past her. We’re supposed to have so many adventures.

Unfortunately, the world has declared her old news, and this newfangled thing just… doesn’t work for her. She doesn’t like it. She can’t get the hang of it. She doesn’t MIND that things have changed, but if she can’t get the hang of it… well, she won’t give up. But Stormwind always needs defenders, and it would be wonderful to see Sara again, even if she’s now shorter. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to find a gnome who knows how to put her back in her human form, not that she doesn’t like being a dwarf.

That doesn’t mean she’s not heartbroken about it, though. And so am I. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to handle the loss of her, in the long run. It’s possible that practise back in Stormwind will help her a lot, and that before too long she’ll be able to find her way into this “healing of the future” or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Until then, however, I’ve decided to make the acquaintance of someone a little more familiar with this “healing of the future”, seeing as how it’s based very much on the teachings of her people.

Go on, say hello.

Now, then, don’t be shy. You’re not the shy type, and you know it.

This is just silly. Say hello to all the nice readers of the blog!

This is Sveta. She’s distinctly less grumpy that Lis, more prone to quiet sighs of exasperation than expletive-filled grumbling. She’s generally calm, though you couldn’t say she’s demure by any stretch, and she’s certainly already a veteran in her own right, in a long-term way that Lisan won’t reach for a decade or two.

Don’t let that baby face fool you – she’s seen her fair share of war. We’re getting on pretty well so far – she’s not Lisan, but she’s a dear, and I think we’ll manage pretty well, for now, at any rate. I’m still hoping for Lis to pull through, but since I’m still getting used to the new way of things, I need someone who’s not going to be as flummoxed and lost as I am.

(all this to say… I race changed Lis. And I cried when I put the changes through, I’ll admit it. But it just feels less… broken when I’m not trying to do it on Lis. I can’t explain it if you’re not a writer or RPer, I’m afraid – just don’t have the proper words. Just suffice to say that unless I can get Lis comfortable with the changes… it’ll be me and Sveta taking on Deathwing. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m still having fun being a Paladin! I’m just… not being LIS. Sadface, but I’ll soldier on. She would, after all.)

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One day, Ulduar! (and other updates)

So I’ve been a bit lax in updating this in a regular manner. I should see to that. Also, this entry has SCREENCAAAAPS. I should do those more often, yes/no?

I have definitively made friends with Lara and Vidyala. I rolled a Draenei pally on their server and was planning to just stalk her a bit and jump on to chat once in a while. And then I thought “Well, y’know, a server where other people have low-level characters (the two of them, Redbeard, and Rades, all have them) would be good for learning to tank, right? And then there was levelling with Lar, and more livestream chat, and a guild, and the two of them sent me a little “tank starter pack” with gear and a couple glyphs and it was beautiful.

Even if Lar did get me hooker pants. No, I’m not screencapping them.

And I know that they won’t tell anyone about when I alt+tabbed while levelling underwater, forgot to go back, and drowned.

To date, my only death

Another race change! Lisan had a run-in with some Gnomish technology, and now she seems to be stuck as a Dwarf. Oops? That’s okay, I’m sure it’ll wear off… eventually

On the topic of Lis, however, I have started up what I hope will be a relatively regular little writing project for her – Letters to Sara, wherein Lisan writes letters to the girl from Stormwind orphanage that she was closest to, as she trains to become (and does become) a paladin. Currently she’s only in Goldshire, which means about the equivalent to level 5. XD But I’m gonna get there, and eventually I’ll catch up with the “present”, hopefully.

Since I do not have a picture of Lis with her new curves, you get one of me and Oreo having
cuddletimes after Anub while badge farming.

SPEAKING OF OREO, she continues to be pretty much my favourite person in WoW EVAR. I mean, she does things like send me INT gems to replace the SP ones Hano sent me when I hit 60 (because he had no int gems to cut for me), and run me through instances until she’s sick of them and runs me again anyway (try saying no to her. It doesn’t work.). And she ran my little Draenei hunter up from Stormwind to Eversong Woods on her mammoth so Dawnie could tame a dragonhawk.

This was captioned "My dick has WIIIIIINGS!" I am not always very mature.

And then there was… last week, I think it was. My guild was going to do an Ulduar run, and I was tentatively invited! Which, yay, because you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do Ulduar. But then it was revealed that they were doing One Light, and Hano apologetically said that I’d get them all killed, which is probably true, given how vent was going after they went in. So instead, I just made due with an MC run.

This is the closest to a kill shot I've ever gotten or been in.

However, it could’ve been worse! I took Lis into Alterac Valley for no real reason (which is odd, if you know me – I’m not much of a PvPer, and my computer hates BGs), and I healed. The Alliance on my battlegroup is sort of notorious for sucking at PvP, but we won! With ten resources left. And I wasn’t too bad on the healing charts, either. ^_^ It was somewhat gratifying.

All in all, it’s been a good week. However, to those of you who see me around, I will be pretty scarce this weekend – my parents are coming to town. :/ Which means the time I do have online will be desperately clinging, especially since AJ’s off visiting her dad, and I will probably not be on much at all.

I mean, I hope I’ll be on a fair amount, but it’ll be less than usual.

And I leave you all with my vow to enter Ulduar one day… one day

One day... *fistshake*
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You gotta get a gimmick…

Do something special
Anything special
And you’ll get better because…
You’re more than just a mimic
When you gotta gimmick
Take a look how different we are!


In marketing language, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use. Thus, a gimmick is a special feature for the sake of having a special feature.

Today, I want to talk to you all about Gimmick Characters.

“What the hell, Apple?” you ask. “What is a gimmick character and why should we care about them?”

Well, I’ll tell you – a gimmick character is any character in World of Warcraft (or any game, really, but we’re obviously focusing on WoW in this blog) who is played in a distinctive way, or has a distinctive trait setting them apart from every other character of the same race and class combination on their server. It’s a character whose player takes time to instil with a sense of originality or uniqueness. And I’m not really talking about RP here, to be honest, though obviously you can have gimmicky RP characters. It’s playing the game in a relatively unique way that wasn’t intended by the designers, a weird quirk you give a character to make them stand out. Some people do it for attention, some people do it to change things up or challenge themselves, some people do it because… well, hell, why not? It can be as simple as always wearing a pimp hat or always speaking in-character (on a non-RP server), to as difficult as levelling 1-80 naked, or without dying. Reinisch levelled from 1-80 without intentionally killing anything, and I know that he’s not the only one, and I know there was a hunter somewhere levelling as melee-only a while back.

Now, obviously these aren’t (generally) the kinds of characters you raid with or anything, but they can be challenging, interesting, and a lot of fun. Sometimes, a person creates a gimmick incidentally, because of something RP-related; I read a blog post somewhere about a year ago of a guy who’d gone on a raid with a holy priest someone had invited, and when he asked her to psychic scream or something along those lines, she said, “Oh, I don’t have that, I never trained any shadow spells. My character wouldn’t do that.” I had a priest myself I took to level 12, RPing regularly amidst questing, who didn’t learn any shadow spells or talents until then. Her character had grown into someone who WOULD take the spells, by that point, but it was definitely an interesting experiment while it lasted.

I’ve got a couple of gimmick characters that I adore. Kaeleigh, my gnomeish DK on Proudmoore, is my only DK specced Unholy. This is entirely so I can have the hilarious image of a tiny, smiling, pink-haired gnome girl running around with a perma-ghoul and an attack penguin (also known as Mr. Chilly). She also emotes and speaks (in all channels) in-character. And she’s a bloodthirsty little psychopath. :D So much fun to play, though – she makes me wish I liked PvP, because the free-for-all of, say a PvA area like the Gurubashi Arena would make her positively gleeful. Mellie also fits this, to an extent – she’s on my main server, which is PvE, but I have PetEmote enabled on her, so her minions will randomly emote. She often reacts ICly to this, chattering at her minion or whoever happens to be around at the time.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do would be to level a DK to 80 without turning in the last Acheron quest. This would mean silenced and pacified in Durotar or Elwynn (depending on faction), no runeforge, and no respeccing. It would be an amazing RP opportunity, and one that I’ve started and abandoned at least three times. But think about it: You hit level 80, and your character decides that yeah, maybe they don’t like this race or that leader, but that doesn’t mean they can’t align with the faction in order to better get revenge on the Lich King, or better atone for their past deeds, or just… help people. However you want to play it. You spend those 25 levels forging relationships and building character, and then when the moment comes, you mount up and walk slowly through the city, your friends and comrades walking with you, as you finally deliver that letter.

My point is, really, that we all do quirky things with our characters, sometimes long-term, like levelling pacifistic or undying, and sometimes temporary, like when I briefly had a druid who didn’t like wearing the skin of other animals and levelled up in cloth armour, before I realised she was a pansy and should be a priestess instead of a druid and deleted her. XD It’s fun and it’s a way to shake up the daily grind of Azeroth.

Have any of you had a gimmick, short-term or long-term?


Of fresh downloads and race changes

So my laptop, in the hour and a half I was away from her during my nap this afternoon, decided to implode or something. I couldn’t get her to open ANYTHING but Finder. No applications, nothing. Even after two virus scans and three reboots.

So I had to transfer all the important stuff to my external (including my WoW Interface and WTF folders, because I’ll be damned if I’m setting up my UI all over again) so I could just… do a fresh instal of my OS. And, of course, I forgot that I’d switched from Firefox to Chrome and didn’t have my bookmark synchronizer addon anymore, and lost… somewhere between 100 and 200 bookmarks, probably. *sigh* I have changed my bookmarking habits to have an online backup, after this.

And, of course, this has happened at the end of the expansion. Which means not only do I get the LOVELY over-and-hour installation time of the base Wrath game, I get to deal with downloading and installing all the patches. Every patches. I’ll be doing this well into tomorrow. *sigh* And I was planning on actually levelling Lisan, something that I haven’t really cracked down and done for a couple of weeks.

In other, unrelated news, I splurged last week and got Aislinn a race change. She is now Ápple the Gnomish Death Knight. I just… really have never felt like much of a NElf, and being a Gnome is so FUN! Not to mention I’m really looking forward to Operation Gnomeregan, and getting to do that as a Gnome, from an RPer’s perspective (even if I don’t RP on her), is just… thrilling.

I know some people (I’m looking at you, Oreo) will throw up their hands and go “AUGH, GNOMES!”, but I could care less. I have such love for those little suckers. ^_^

So now I’m going to go back to trying to re-create at least part of my bookmarks folder, and wait for WoW to instal. Have a nice night, you guys.