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7th Legion, 73rd Company, 1st Platoon

So I joined an RP guild on Emerald Dream (US), which is an RP-PvP server.  <The Seventy Third> is a military guild, and as evidenced by the title of this post, we are the 73rd Company of the 7th Alliance Legion.  It’s been less than a week but I am having a lot of fun with them. :)

So, this is Mac:

Don’t mind the hair clipping through her helmet, it’s… a Wildhammer thing?

Full name Innes Macdara, called Mac by friends and Ango by family.  It’s not random, I swear – Ango is a family in-joke.  Her parents assumed before she was born that she’d be a boy like her six older brothers, and they were all set to name her Angus.  Thus, Ango.  (Innes is actually a feminine version of Angus, but y’all don’t want to hear about all the tetchy reasons I picked her name.)  Her dad was from Ironforge originally, but moved up to Wildhammer country for one reason or another, fell in love with a Wildhammer girl, married her, and had… well, Mac and her brothers.  She didn’t really connect to her dad’s side of the family until she was an adult, and definitely considers herself more a Wildhammer than a Bronzebeard.

She’s an arms warrior, running around Azeroth (and beyond, technically) with granddad’s trusty warhammer, her hair in braids, and the gryphon she helped raise from a wee chick.  She’s friendly and loves to laugh, and I am absolutely STRUGGLING to level her through Outland right now.  It sucks ass.

Anyway, like I said, I joined this guild about a week ago kind of on a whim – I’ve been missing RP, and it’s so hard to really build long-term walk-up RP, and my one RP partner doesn’t currently have game time, so I was poking around the forums for RP guild ads.  I decided I wanted to check out whatever RP-PvP server was the most lively (if any) because I remembered there was a somewhat different atmosphere on the RP-PvP servers back in the day.

Now, back in 2010, Twisting Nether and The Venture Co. were the servers to go for if you were going for an RP-PvP server.  I honestly never heard anyone even MENTION Emerald Dream, but apparently that’s where the RP is at these days, so I went to check their forum for guild recruitment posts.  And right up near the top was a recruitment thread from a couple or three years ago that seemed to still be up-to-date and active.  The post itself was pretty average – not bad by any stretch, but it seemed very much your standard Military-themed RP guild recruitment post.  And then at the bottom, added almost like an afterthought, was a youtube link labelled “recruitment video”.

Holy.  Fuckin.  Shit, y’all.

See, I’ve only seen a handful of recruitment vids for guilds, but all of them inevitably are taking themselves rather seriously.  And I get it, you’re trying to be dramatic, but it mostly ends up being unintentionally funny.  Sorry, guys, it’s really hard to make a serious recruitment vid that WORKS, apparently.  But this?  This was “these folks take their guild seriously, but not TOO seriously.”  It made me laugh, and I immediately rolled up a character on ED.

Thus far?  I haven’t regretted it.  Everyone has been friendly and helpful.  One of the officers gave me a couple of 30-slot bags my first night, after I’d logged in at like 3am and somehow managed to get my OOC interview done bc another officer was up and active.  The GM did my IC interview and was friendly and funny and gave me some gold afterwards since I didn’t have any other characters on the server.  (that has changed – my altoholic ways haunt me still…)  I was invited the evening after I joined to do a little RP scene – one they had to specifically build around the fact they had to pick a place that would be safe for a bitty level 30 to be.  A few of the officers had apparently set up a server-wide event that i just missed the conclusion of by a couple of weeks, and last night they were doing a photo shoot of the guilds that had been involved, and when I mentioned they probably didn’t want me there because I hadn’t been there for the plot, they said I should come, to help represent the seventy third.

And, probably some of the most fun so far, on thursday night, we had military training.


It was mostly OOC – Bran (our GM) and a couple other folks are actual military veterans, and they wanted to give us a rundown on some things like proper address of officers and forming up and stuff, because it can add that little something extra to our RP.  Our base of operations is out in Westgard Keep, which was fun for me to get to as I was still pretty small.  I ran up the day before, to get the flight path, so all I’d need to do would be to catch the boat from Menethil and not have to risk dying to a rampaging shoveltusk.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about THAT, too.  But yeah, we practiced forming up, managed to get our “Find the Captain and form up on him” time to 15 seconds (GO US), and got briefly bothered by some Horde RP-gankers who then got their asses handed to them repeatedly by the people who were actually high enough level to fight them.  (I was not one of them.  I mostly just died.  And also hid.)

ALL OF THESE WORDS (god I’m super wordy, aren’t I?) to say… I’m having fun.  I’m finding people to hang with and joke around with on teamspeak and RP with, and they’re being welcoming and wonderful, and I’m having FUN in the game again in a way I haven’t had in a long time – mostly because everyone I wanted to play with was doing their own thing that I wasn’t a part of.

Now I’m a part of something.  And that means a hell of a lot.

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One day, Ulduar! (and other updates)

So I’ve been a bit lax in updating this in a regular manner. I should see to that. Also, this entry has SCREENCAAAAPS. I should do those more often, yes/no?

I have definitively made friends with Lara and Vidyala. I rolled a Draenei pally on their server and was planning to just stalk her a bit and jump on to chat once in a while. And then I thought “Well, y’know, a server where other people have low-level characters (the two of them, Redbeard, and Rades, all have them) would be good for learning to tank, right? And then there was levelling with Lar, and more livestream chat, and a guild, and the two of them sent me a little “tank starter pack” with gear and a couple glyphs and it was beautiful.

Even if Lar did get me hooker pants. No, I’m not screencapping them.

And I know that they won’t tell anyone about when I alt+tabbed while levelling underwater, forgot to go back, and drowned.

To date, my only death

Another race change! Lisan had a run-in with some Gnomish technology, and now she seems to be stuck as a Dwarf. Oops? That’s okay, I’m sure it’ll wear off… eventually

On the topic of Lis, however, I have started up what I hope will be a relatively regular little writing project for her – Letters to Sara, wherein Lisan writes letters to the girl from Stormwind orphanage that she was closest to, as she trains to become (and does become) a paladin. Currently she’s only in Goldshire, which means about the equivalent to level 5. XD But I’m gonna get there, and eventually I’ll catch up with the “present”, hopefully.

Since I do not have a picture of Lis with her new curves, you get one of me and Oreo having
cuddletimes after Anub while badge farming.

SPEAKING OF OREO, she continues to be pretty much my favourite person in WoW EVAR. I mean, she does things like send me INT gems to replace the SP ones Hano sent me when I hit 60 (because he had no int gems to cut for me), and run me through instances until she’s sick of them and runs me again anyway (try saying no to her. It doesn’t work.). And she ran my little Draenei hunter up from Stormwind to Eversong Woods on her mammoth so Dawnie could tame a dragonhawk.

This was captioned "My dick has WIIIIIINGS!" I am not always very mature.

And then there was… last week, I think it was. My guild was going to do an Ulduar run, and I was tentatively invited! Which, yay, because you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do Ulduar. But then it was revealed that they were doing One Light, and Hano apologetically said that I’d get them all killed, which is probably true, given how vent was going after they went in. So instead, I just made due with an MC run.

This is the closest to a kill shot I've ever gotten or been in.

However, it could’ve been worse! I took Lis into Alterac Valley for no real reason (which is odd, if you know me – I’m not much of a PvPer, and my computer hates BGs), and I healed. The Alliance on my battlegroup is sort of notorious for sucking at PvP, but we won! With ten resources left. And I wasn’t too bad on the healing charts, either. ^_^ It was somewhat gratifying.

All in all, it’s been a good week. However, to those of you who see me around, I will be pretty scarce this weekend – my parents are coming to town. :/ Which means the time I do have online will be desperately clinging, especially since AJ’s off visiting her dad, and I will probably not be on much at all.

I mean, I hope I’ll be on a fair amount, but it’ll be less than usual.

And I leave you all with my vow to enter Ulduar one day… one day

One day... *fistshake*
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Blog Azeroth: World of Awecraft

Well, the folks over at Blog Azeroth have prompted a discussion on “I remember my first…” and the sense of awe that you have in the early stages of play.

I remember the first time I went into an instance not as a tag-along to my lv. 80 friend, but as a member of a party actually at the right level for that instance. Shadowfang Keep, though I’d already gone through it with Hano, in a group that… oh, I don’t really remember how we got teamed up. But I do remember the feeling that came over me when we finally downed Arugal… it was this amazing sense of accomplishment. We’d killed this guy, working together, all of us doing our parts. I loved it. To this day, unless I’m doing a quick grind, I prefer a well-balanced group that has to work to clear an instance. The Tank has to be able to pull well and keep aggro, the DPS has to be on their toes and watch their aggro levels, the healer has to know exactly which heals are best to use in the situation. Yes, it means we wipe, usually more than once, and usually at least once on a bad trash pull, but when you get to the end and down the last boss, you’ve earned it. You’ve earned whatever phat loot drops at the end, and the achievement (if it’s your first time), and whatever else you might get for finishing.

I remember the first time I was of any use in a battleground. I’ve mainly stayed away from them after a few horrible experiences in Warsong Gulch on my warrior, in the 20’s (yes, I know, bad idea, but I didn’t know at the time), and most PvP, when there are more than a handful of people fighting in one spot, really overloads my graphics and bandwidth and I get epic lag. But on a whim, I took my little Alliance frost mage (then a level 17) into WSG. Now, I had more extensive fun killing in PvP when I took my hunter (level 55) into Alterac Valley, but this time, with my mage… I decided to take a leap and try to actually fight, rather than just sitting around trying not to die. Because of my lag, I didn’t try to go to where the combat was, I just stood by the flag. And then, lo, an Orc grabbed it the flag. I frostbolted and frost nova’d and just outside the base, the Orc fell dead, leaving the flag for me to pick up and return.

I literally had to stop and stare for a second before remembering to grab it so it’d be safe. It was just… I couldn’t believe I’d actually done it. I’d actually killed someone of my level in PvP, and recaptured the flag. It still feels a bit surreal, to be honest, but wonderful. I’m never going to be a big PvP buff, I think, but it can be amazing fun.

I remember the first time I saw the outside of Ahn’Qiraj, the Scarab Gate and the walk up to AQ40’s entrance. This was when I was about level 60, and Hano’d grabbed a few guildies to run my fresh Death Knight (rolled just so I could be on his server) through for gear. I got a polearm that lasted me until Northrend, but it was coming up to it, first going in, that really made me catch my breath. I literally gasped. It was so epic – I finally got to see the scope of this world – it feels so small sometimes, given how quickly we can move around in it, but this… it was more than tall mountains and deep canyons – it was an epic empire that should have been long forgotten, but still swarmed with terrifying creatures. It didn’t hurt that there was so much Egyptian influence – I was always fascinated by ancient Egypt as a kid. It was like my most fantastical imaginings come to life. For a brief moment, the world on my computer screen was more real, more alive, than anything around me. I’ve felt a smaller glimpse of that questing in Storm Peaks, and I know when I finally get to run Ulduar 10-man (it WILL happen one day), I’m going to feel that same sense of awe and vivid reality. I can’t wait.

And lastly, but hardly least important, I remember the first time I signed on. Sure, I’d rolled a human, which arguably doesn’t have the most interesting starting area, but the opening cinematic and that brief introduction to the human race made my heart race just a little. I was becoming part of something big. Something that would probably (hopefully) be bigger than I could ever quite realise. It was magical. While it’s much less mysterious now (well, MOST of it), the magic is still there, and I can’t imagine ever losing it. It’s clearly a pretty big part of why I play – just look at my header! That’s a constellation-person! And the WORLD!

I feel bad for people who lose that sense of awe. I can’t see how the game is any fun without it.