Apple in Azeroth

You can only find me (Apple aka Mapple aka Mat aka Mac) in a handful of places reliably in Azeroth these days, and they are as follows:

BATTLE.NET: My battletag is applemat#1835, you can feel free to add me and chat!

Emerald Dream – A (US): Currently my main server!  My characters are Macdara and Jieli, who are both part of <The Seventy Third>; and Lillitwisp, who is part of <Emberside Inquiries>.  Jieli is unlikely to be logged in too often, while I hope to get her properly inducted into TST, I mostly have her around for healing when I feel the urge.  Mac and Twispy are much more likely to be around, so if you’re friending characters not battletags, that’s something to keep in mind.

The Scryers – A (US):  I can sometimes be found sometimes on my druid Nasrin or my demon hunter Lüp.

Thorium Brotherhood – H (US): I can occasionally be found on my hunter Sámhradh.



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