Who is Apple?

Hi! I’m Apple. I’m a 30-something living in Florida (aka satan’s crotch) with my wife Birdie, our partner Jaqui, our dogs, and our five collective cats. I like to write and RP, I’m getting back into twitter, and man, son, I haven’t done this blogging thing for years. I tried restarting back in 2014 and that didn’t go too well, haha.

I raided through the end of Wrath and a bit at the beginning of Cata, but these days I’m more about the “Hey, let’s get some of my characters levelled and have some fun RP” thing. I also have this huge adoration for Storm Peaks and Ulduar, and the lore surrounding those areas. And Dwarves. I’m a Horde girl deep in my soul, but most of my toons are Alliance, because my friends are lame. This has not changed in the like seven or so years it’s been since I created this blog.

I have no idea if I’ll update this regularly, but I’m trying to write more and thus am here again.