A brief interlude on memorability

Not to spam y’all but sorry apparently I have a lot of thoughts from the past 5 years to get out?  (Or I’m just in a thinky mood today)  I’ll probably try to leave the other post I’m working on for later in the week.

Anyway, earlier this morning, in a fit of slightly sleep-deprived nostalgia, I tweeted at a handful of my old (remaining) blogging circle, letting them know I still deeply appreciate the roles they played in my life 6-7 years ago.  I didn’t get everyone, and a lot of the people I wished I could tweet have been out of the scene (and off the twitters I knew) for years now, but it was all sappy and emotional and hopefully when they wake up and see those tweets, they’ll feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Then I went looking for old guildies from waaaay back when, the friend’s guild I had been in on Ysera before I hooked up with Apotheosis, the guild I’d been in when I’d first discovered my love of healing, and who actually GAVE me my fruity fruity nickname.  I thought I remembered Hano still had some friends from that guild in his current guild, so I looked him up, then looked at their guild roster.  I only recognized one name out of the many I skimmed – the guild leader.

It’s a newer guild that formed after some drama had apparently imploded the one I’d known, and one of the handful of guys I talked to semi-regularly had started a new guild with a lot of the same people.  I saw an oldish recruitment post that had his battle tag, and I added him on a whim, so that later today I could say “I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I have fond memories of being in a guild with you 7 years ago, and I just wanted to say hi and thanks for helping me out when I was a nub.”

What actually happened was he was already online, and after I did my whole “I’m sure you don’t remember me, I was a friend of Hano’s and played a dk named aislinn in your guild during wrath” speech, he said “of course i remember you!”

Of course.

I had never raided with these guys, I wasn’t SUPER social with most of them, and I was there probably less than a year total before I transferred Lisan over to E’T and largely left my dk to languish, and this was seven years ago.  And yet he “of course” remembered me.

Never underestimate your memorability, y’all.  Just because you feel like you couldn’t possibly have made an impact in some way doesn’t mean someone won’t remember you (and fondly!) anyway, almost a decade later.

I fucking love this game. :)

3 thoughts on “A brief interlude on memorability

  1. I sometimes find myself reminiscing on my time in the game. I last played in late October or early November of 2011–it was shortly before the patch that introduced transmogrification went live. The computer that I had at the time gave up the ghost, and by the time I got another one, other hobbies had taken WoW’s place and I didn’t feel the same spark that I had, so I decided not to renew my subscription. In the months leading up to this, many of the people with whom I’d been playing had moved on, to either other servers or other pursuits entirely, so much of my later time in-game was spent by myself. It was probably just a matter of time, then, before I’d have naturally drifted away from the game myself. My blog fizzled soon thereafter; I haven’t touched it in better than five years. Despite all of this, I hesitate to say that I “quit” the game: there was never really a moment when I sat down and told myself, “Will, you’re done with WoW.” If that makes sense.

    I do have a great deal of fondness for the game, though. I met some great people there and forged many friendships that have lasted to this day. The screenshots that I posted on social media pop up from time to time in my Facebook memories, and that always shoots a little bit of nostalgia into my blood. I only wish that I’d saved more of them; so many of those old screenies are lost forever now. Most of my lasting memories of that game are happy ones. It makes me sad, though, to realize that I’ve forgotten the names of some of my friends’ characters or which person went with which guild. A lot of it has kind of blended together in my head. I wonder if any of the people I’ve lost touch with would remember me…

    I still follow a bunch of WoW people on Twitter, even if some of them have, like I, moved away from the game. A lot of the game talk goes over my head, though; I pick up some things here and there as people talk about it, but I don’t go out of my way to get info anymore. For example, in another recent post, you mentioned the elimination of talent trees. I had no idea that they’d done that. It’s been a long time since I last checked on any of the old WoW blogs that I used to read; I didn’t know that so many of them had folded or faded. The only one that I knew about for sure was WoW Insider.

    I’m glad that you’re still around and kicking. Forgive the meandering comment, but your nostalgia has made me nostalgic too. :)

    1. (Also, ftr talents still exist? But it’s not a TREE exactly – it’s every 15 levels or so, you pick one of three options, and they’re switchable at any time you’re in a rest area and stuff. And off-specs are free – you can switch specs between ALL the specs you have at any time out of combat. It’s VERY different.)

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