Nostalgia and a Plan

Hello friends and followers! aka probably the 3 (i’m being optimistic) people who will notice this post go up because I’m somehow still on your blogroll that you somehow still actually check.

So way back in the early spring of 2010, I started a blog. It was a little blog, it wasn’t anything fancy, but I was making friends on twitter and on other Warcraft blogs (which were a pretty common sight at the time) and I wanted to be part of the Cool Kid’s Club.

I don’t know if I ever was, tbh, but I definitely had some cool-ass friends, and it was great. After about a year of blogging and having fun with it, I actually got my own website! It was an exciting moment, and I had a lot of fun with it, and I continued blogging for a while… until my hosting ran out and I didn’t actually have the money to keep paying it. Which was probably okay, because I hadn’t posted in months, and really a lot of my favorite blogs were also slowly dying off it seemed like, and I wasn’t really playing anymore, so it made sense.

In 2014 I briefly (and far-too-optimistically) said I was back!!! It was GREAT!!!! I made… one post.


So it’s been seven years since I first created this blog. It was the light of my life for a while, and there were so many good WoW blogs for me to follow, and people commented on my posts and I commented on theirs and I was ALL OVER twitter like all the time…

Well, things have obviously changed in seven years. I’m pretty sure the phenomenon of the WoW Blog has fallen largely by the wayside – obviously there still are some, but most of the ones I’ve seen still operating are meant for raiders. I don’t know of anybody just posting about what they’re doing, maybe writing a little fiction, complaining about the dungeon finder, and excited when they reach a new milestone. I mean, hell, maybe they’re out there and I just don’t know about them, but most of the blogs I loved are gone.

Not all of them, of course. Rades over at Orcish Army Knife hasn’t QUITE given up the ghost, it seems (though his last post was in November of last year). Kurn’s blog still exists, though it seems to mostly be guides and also hasn’t updated since November. From Draenor With Love has ended, Manalicious hasn’t updated since 2015, Big Bear Butt posted his goodbyes in February, and most of the blogs I used to follow had been gone by the time I briefly tried to come back in 2014 tbh.

Which brings me to the ever-important question: what am I doing posting here? I’ve spent 450 words giving you a history lesson in my own personal blogging history (some of which you probably already know) and I have no point. I’ve not even really talked about WoW, just WoW blogging, and that’s not really the same, is it?

Well, I don’t know. I think I mostly just missed this. I missed my blog. I missed having a place to ramble about things that my wife doesn’t particularly care about and I don’t feel like echoing back and forth with my partner. I missed having a reason to try weird things in order to have something to talk about. Twitter is great and all, but it’s so short form, and you can tell I like words, right?

My plan from here on in is to try to blog about WoW as long as I’m playing it. That may not last long – I don’t have a lot of spare funds these days, and no real focus. I don’t have a guild to talk to and most of my friends who used to play rarely do anymore, if at all. I’m not raiding, I’m not usually running dungeons, I’m not doing any sort of end game content. But I still love the world. I still love the game, and I’m still creating and playing characters who might have something to say in fiction. I might post most of my screenshots on twitter these days, but you can’t stop me from reposting them here and writing little stories about them if I want. ;)

So here I am. I’m still Apple, all these years later. And this is my WoW blog.

Obviously posting here again won’t recreate the community that I adored, but I’m hoping that maybe some of you will follow my rambling anyway.