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Getting back into my WoW groove

Well, last night, I was going about my business, thinking about making supper and reading, when I got a tweet from Ose.

“APPLE come do OS2D 25!! <3"

Followed shortly by, "You know you would like to roll on the Twilight Drake. :P"

She meant OS3D, which I guessed was the case, but I laughed and said “sure, why not?” (to her great glee) and logged in. There was a long period of waiting and adding more and more people, during which one of our priests, Num, decided that Lifegripping me (other people, too, but I was the only one who seemed to get indignant about it, lol) all over the place was the best plan. Especially since I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first. BUT that was okay, we zerged it with no problem at all, being all in lv85 gear (and most if not all of them raid-ready), and when the Twilight Drake dropped, we all rolled need… and I won with a 96. SCORE!

After that, I admitted to a few of the people left in the chat that I’d told Kurn I was stepping down from the raiding lineup for now. Some… good-but-potentially-stressful-and-drama-inducing things are happening at work, and my life is full of lots of different kinds of stress atm, and I just don’t have the energy to devote to getting geared up in a short amount of time. What I’m going to do is just… do it slowly. Spend a couple hours a day on randoms/dailies/whatever, maybe more if I’m up to it, or less if I’m not. Get there in my own time. And then when I’m ready, I’ll reapply as a raider. It’s sad and disappointing, because I was really looking forward to it, but… I’ve only got so many spoons. And in normal, low-stress times, I’ve got plenty of emotional energy for things like the grind of gearing up (see: my scramble to gear for end-of-Wrath ICC raids, though that was somewhat less involved), but right now, I have precious little to spare, and I don’t want to waste it on something that would stop being fun before I even had a chance to start.

STILL! No biggie, I’m sticking with the guild in a non-raiding capacity for now. I told them, they all were sad (I love my guildies, just sayin’), and then they talked about doing Heroic Stonecore. And I said I’d come if they gave me a few hours to raise my ilvl. To which they declared that Walks could heal, I could go into my (oh-so-crappy) ret spec, and try not to die, and they’d get me a piece of gear or two, hopefully. It was interesting, fun, and I died on every single one of the bosses (I was SO CLOSE on the last one, too, but then a surprise rock one-shotted me), but I got a couple upgrades and had a lot of fun.

After that, Ose and Hulrok and I ran MgT for a shot at the Hawkstrider mount for Ose’s main (since she only has it on an alt), and the Phoenix Hatchling dropped, and since they both had it, it was MIIIIINE. :D So! The Twilight Drake, the Phoenix Hatchling, AND my first Heroic, all in one night. It was a pretty good one.

Hope today’s just as fun, and hope I have plenty of stories to share with you guys now that I’m starting to play again.


7 thoughts on “Getting back into my WoW groove

  1. Wow, Apple. Nice rolls! Rhii has the phoenix hatchling, but not the twilight drake.

    So sad that you’re having to bow out of raiding for the time being, but like you said, better to wait than to burn out without even getting to enjoy it. I hope your life calms down and all your wished-for drops drop fast so you can be back in there soon.

    1. I know, I’m pretty psyched. :D It’s so purtyyyyyy!

      And yeah, I’m sad about the bowing out, but… *sigh* I don’t wanna burn out. That wouldn’t be fair to ANYONE.

  2. Except for the mookie hatchling, that phoenix is the only social pet I’ll ever admit to Liking. Grats!

    I am thrilled that you’re at least contemplating considering possibly maybe enjoying WoW – and, Re: Stonecore, yes, the bosses there are all bastards like that. The place is littered with mis-step and you die mechanisms.

    But dang. Drake, too? Sweet!

    1. That Phoenix Hatchling IS pretty sweet. And I LIKE most of the companion pets. XD

      It didn’t help that my HP and Gear were, uh… SO not ready for Heroic anything. XD

  3. I was sad to see you bow out, Apple!! Hopefully you thing settle down a lot for you so we can have your cheerful and humorously sarcastic disposition added back in the ranks :D

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