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A new year in Apple-land!

Well, granted, it’s a new year EVERYWHERE, but this post is about MY new year and what I hope to do with it. :)

My first real exploit for this year is going to hopefully finish the post for my Blog Azeroth secret santa recipient. If he sees this blog post, he’ll probably know it’s for him, as I’m sure he’s probably the LAST person to not have theirs, but I’ve been… I don’t even know. It’s supposed to be a funny post and I can’t seem to get the funny. I’m halfway through and have my draft and research tabs open, and hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll be able to get it done.

This week is also going to be the week of “quests, rep grinding, dungeons, Heroics, gearing, alchemy, GO GO GO.” I have to do quests to build up my gold again (really, I shouldn’t have gotten 310% flying until I was gemmed and enchanted and had Alch. maxxed, but I am bad at thinking of stuff like that, and I wanted faster flying for my cross-continent archeology expeditions. Stupid Apple.) so I can afford the mats I’m going to need to get my guildies to enchant and gem me. I need to quest and reg. dungeon in order to up my gear ilvl so I can actually get INTO Heroics so I can grind for rep and gear. I was SUPPOSED to be raid-ready by Tuesday. Why am I not? Well… I bought Dragon Age: Origins on sale from Steam as a Christmas present for myself. And after spending a LOT of time (even if it wasn’t all on Lis) playing WoW since launch, it was a bit of a relief to play something else, and then it was so interesting, and the thought of logging into WoW to deal with the horrible state of Lis’ gear/alchemy/rep/gold was making me want to never log in again. So I took a little longer, realised it was almost January, and emailed Kurn about it. She was really nice about it, though I expect I’ll be nagged ALL WEEK this week – see, I have the week off, and I’ve decided that I’m going to use this time to get myself as ready as I can – hopefully with NEXT Tuesday finding me raid-ready and not logged out in my crappy Ret spec/gear that I’ve been using to level because it requires less drinking and thus less buying of drinks.

But that’s starting Monday. Today, I play Dragon Age for the last bit I’ll have until I’m raid-ready.

Speaking of Dragon Age, I love this game like burning. I, of course, made a Dwarf named Lisan. She was a Casteless, a bit idealistic, hated the life she and her sister had to lead. When she joined the Grey Wardens, she was determined to help save the world. And without fail, she’s tried her best to do the right thing. Which, sadly, included helping to put her lover Alistair on the throne, despite the fact that she knew he’d have to leave her if he was king. We’ve just finally passed that part, and she’s taking comfort in her friendships with Leilana and Zevran at the moment. Alistair will make a good king, she thinks. She wishes she could’ve been selfish enough to keep him for herself instead, but… well, like I said – she tries to do the right thing.

BUT, because I’m both an altophile and because I have to play through at least ONCE where she gets to keep him, I’ve rolled Lissa – a similar but not identical Dwarf of noble blood, who will want to keep him from that at all costs, because of the horrible betrayals and manipulations she suffered during her own stint as princess of Orzammar, which led to her joining the Grey Wardens in the first place. I’m not going to focus on her game until I’ve finished Lisan’s, but it’ll be interesting to see how the differences in personality and history influence her decisions in the game. :D

ANYWAY, folks, that’s my life and my new year. Hope your holidays were wonderful, and the coming year better than the last. :)

8 thoughts on “A new year in Apple-land!

  1. I’ve been meaning to play DA for so long but can never find the time! As for gear, I’m finding the easiest way is to hit up Tol Barad when your side is on offense and net that sweet, sweet 1800+ honor points for a win and buy PVP gear. Even though it’s not itemized as well as gear from regular/heroic dungeons, it’s higher level, so what stats they DO have are higher as well (plus the set bonuses are usually pretty nice). If you win TB 2-3 times in a day you can have a few raid-ready pieces right then and there with minimal fuss.

  2. Ah, dwarves. Lovely, lovely dwarves.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

    Right! Well, get to that gearin’, ’cause we want stories of raiding Apples, dangit!

  3. DAO is a beautiful game indeed, I was stunned the first time I played it. The whole “sex business” did put me off somewhat though – I’m all for everyone with everyone lol but I really don’t need characters in an RPG to be flirting and bickering like teenagers all the time or have sex by the camp fire. just No.
    Luckily it’s no intergral part of the game, but some of the dialogues did annoy after a while. oh well, still looking forward to the sequel. :)

    1. Oh, man, I’m in LOVE with the romance. Granted, there’s been very little bickering – I have a thing for Alistair, and then there was a thing with Zevran after Alistair left me because he was made king. When I make a go for Leliana, I will be DEDICATED.

      And then in order to get the achieve for Morrigan, I have to roll a GUY. /sigh Oh well, I’ll manage.

  4. My first DA character was a female noble dwarf – and I hardly ever play female characters. Buts she was so disconcertingly hawt I just had to. I accidentally led to her a horrific tragedy though (there’s an old post about it somewhere) and so I still feel rather guilty.

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