The New Adventures of Old Apple, Part 1

Or, more to the point, APPLE HAS A NEW LAPTOP! :D :D :D :D

She is a lovely Samsung QX with an Nvidia graphics card, and her name is Romana. Yes, I name my electronics, what of it? :P She’s currently downloading WoW and has about 6GB to go – I’m probably going to log on shortly with background downloading so I can adjust my settings – I’m starting entirely from scratch, so I have quite a bit to set up. :)

I should be back at some point later this evening with an update of what she’s running like. PLEASE be good, Romana, I’m counting on you!


10 thoughts on “The New Adventures of Old Apple, Part 1

  1. I name my computers too, haha! :D I’ve had laptops named Cobalt and Argent, desktops named Magnesium and Soth. Hooray for shiny new setups!!

    1. I knoooow! I copied over my Dominoes and my Grid settings, just because they had been a pain to get just right, but everything else is fresh – and even not fully downloaded, I’m getting 30fps in Hyjal with the “Good” graphics setting. :D

        1. Mine goes TO 11!

          By which I mean ultra. >_> Slows her down to about 15fps, though, and having suffered with that as my “really good day” fps for so long, I think I’ll stick with Good.

    1. Donna is the old lappie, and yes, I’m keeping her for writing – I’m not a big fan of how Scrivener feels on Windows for some reason, at the least, and plus it would be so much WORK to transfer EVERYTHING over. I just need to get Romana some music and we’re set…

  2. You should totally keep the old computer around for a month or so, then try and play WoW on it after getting used to the OMG SHINY on the new one.

      1. Also, regarding settings – I found that putting everything on max would get me a framerate of about 20 or so in Dalaran on a normal day, but dropping the shadow quality down to about half way increased that to around 40.

  3. Grats on the new computer, Apple. I recently upgraded as well, and it makes a big difference. When I turned my view distance all the way up for the first time I was absolutely amazed at how much you could SEE. It seemed like a whole new world. Framerates were pretty spotty, tho, so I turned it down a notch and only crank it up to Ultra for taking screenshots.

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