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Preparing for Cataclysm (Apple style)

I know, I know, this post is a bit late considering Cata’s going to hit on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I will be at work, and on my lunch break will be checking both GameStop and Best Buy to see if they’ve sold out of Cataclysm. I feel like most of the WoW players in this area probably got the download, so I should be okay – my computer is just SO SLOW at downloads, it’s annoying.

SO! Here is how I am preparing for Cataclysm, and what I’m going to do once it hits.

1. This afternoon and tomorrow, I will focus on maxxing out Lisan’s herbalism and alchemy (which are at 225 and 151, respectively). This may or may not be a frustrating venture, as recipes aren’t always cheap, and I’m kind of poor, but that’s okay.

2. Tuesday after work, I will (hopefully) bring my boxed version of Cata home and… promptly not do a thing with it. I will log on Mattie, probably, and keep levelling her while everyone else prances around Gilneas, Kezhan and the Lost Isles, Hyjal, and Vashj’ir.

“Okay, wait,” you say, “but Apple, don’t you need to get Lis levelled to 85 as soon as possible?” Well, yes. But the thing is that with all the people piling into the levelling zones, Donna (my current laptop) just isn’t going to be able to handle it. I’d be getting 1-2 fps while trying to quest, and that would honestly be worse than starting later, because I’d be so FRUSTRATED that I wouldn’t want to play. So what I’m going to do is not level Lis at all until Romana (my new laptop) arrives and I’ve installed WoW and everything on her. By this point, two things will have happened, I think: 1) the vast majority of people who are dragging a toon to 85 before rolling Worgen or Goblin will have pulled ahead at least a bit, so there will be less competition for my quests, and 2) I will be so revved up to get STARTED that I will hopefully get some real momentum going and will be able to actually get levelled in a timely fashion.

3. Once I have Cata installed, I’m going to level. But I’m not going to blow through so quickly I don’t know what’s going on, because what’s the fun in that? I don’t care if it slows down my levelling a bit – I’m going to ENJOY the game I pay for. :)

Anyway, that’s my plan. It’s… not much of a plan. I’m not stocking up on things in game or out, I’m not getting ready to settle in for a marathon gaming session, I’m just getting ready to play the new parts, when I get the chance. :) I can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “Preparing for Cataclysm (Apple style)

  1. I think you’re underestimating how many people want to level a worgen and/or goblin. Day one will be hectic no matter where you are. That’s why I’m spending the first few days either leveling in BRC (through LFD, naturally) and archaeology.

    1. Oh, I don’t doubt it’s going to be hectic everywhere, but the Goblin/Worgen starting areas and the new levelling areas for 80s are going to be the absolute worst those first couple of days. I’m almost glad that my laptop isn’t coming until later, gives me an excuse to avoid the worst of it.

  2. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do first. As much of a ghost town as my Guild’s been lately, there may not be any need to rush my main to 85 right away. I may wait a couple of days for everything to calm down a bit and just work on some of my lowbies for that first day or two. (I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Tauren Pally, and I haven’t logged onto my Eldre’Thalas toons in a while.)

    And as an aside, I like the names you’ve given your laptops. And of the two names, you gave the new one the better name. Romana was much better than Donna. ;)

    1. Oh, do NOT get me started on who’s better, you’ll never get me to choose. I love them all, just like the Doctor does. ^_^ But yeah, me and AJ’s electronics all have the DW theme (well, she’s got some Torchwood in there) going with our electronics. My lappie is Donna, hers is Gwen, our netbook is Sarah Jane. My ipod is iRose, hers is iJack. My external HD is Amy Pond, hers is Toshiko, my little tablet is Martha. And then my ukulele is Amelia and our car is Koschei (mark II), because naming him “The Master” was just a little TOO “asking for it”. ;) I have yet to name my phone, but I’m leaning towards “Maria” (from The Sarah Jane Adventures), or possibly Rani.

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