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Levelling in the new Azeroth

I really should be focusing on my Horde toons, as I’m going to end up levelling my Worgen druid through the Alliance quests, but I’ve found myself attached to levelling my little Gnome priest, Chromatic.

Now, Mattie started as my little gnome rogue on Feathermoon, that I rolled to attend an RP event that I ended up being unable to attend. She wasn’t your usual gnome, with the cute hairstyles and the brightly coloured hair – just that really short hairstyle in brown. But then when I was going to be rolling my Gnome priest, I thought “Well, I like Mattie. Maybe she got religion!” And thus you get Chromatic of Apotheosis.

Most of you who know me fairly well know I am a VERY slow leveller. So I’m very pleased that she dinged 23 tonight. I was going to level her shadow (because I never learn *coughRetpallies*), but a guildie said I should level Disc, so I’m trying it.

Holy. Crap. This is FUN! I didn’t know soloing as a healing-specced squishy could BE so fun! And granted it’s probably a lot the new way talents and stuff are designed, but DAYUM! And then the QUESTING! I left the Gnome/Dwarf area after I dinged 10 and went to Westfall, because I always had a soft spot for the Defias and I wanted to see what had been done to the place – my shammy can level through the Dwarven areas. And just… oh MAN! It’s so EPIC! Not to mention there seems to be a much better sense of cohesion in each zone, and they actually SEND YOU to the next zone so you don’t have to worry about where to go next, and it’s just… oh my GOD.

I haven’t done as much Hordeside, but the Troll starting area? Amazing. Broke me a little

Spoilers for Westfall, Redridge, and Echo Isles lay ahead – read at your own risk!

So, first there was Echo Isles. I’m running around on my baby troll drood (…of COURSE I rolled a drood!), and she’s getting followed by this npc dude Zuni. And at first I was all “…wtf, seriously”, because he’s chatting with me and stuff, but after a couple quests where we ran into each other, I was warming up to him. He was kinda sweet, actually. Honestly, it was pretty clear we’d been friends for a long time, now that I thought about it. Awesome! I’m running around, doing quests and responding to Zuni in /s because it was an RP server and I’m awesome like that, and generally having a good time. We’re friends, and hey, maybe he’ll show up in future zones! That would be cool, even if he’s just chillin’ out a little, right? I’d love to keep seeing him! And then we had the “help your racial leader kill this mini-boss!” quest, which really doesn’t ACTUALLY require much of your help, but is fun to do anyway. So you stamp some fires out at one point, and then they flare up again and Zuni goes “I got it this time!” and goes to stamp the fire out…

And gets one-shot. I may have, rather dramatically, gone, “Zuni! NOOOO!” in /y. >_> Don’t judge me. So… The boss goes down, and Vol’jin says that some healer lady will take care of him and trots off. OH! So she’ll rez him and– “There’s nothing I can do for the boy. I’ll ensure he gets a proper burial.” NOOOO! T_T I will admit to actually tearing up at this point. >_>

So now my little druid has a tragic past COURTESY OF THE STARTING AREA. Go figure.

Then I log over onto Mattie and start Westfall. They’re pretty straightforward, though I really didn’t like the portrayal of homeless people – very cliched. I know people who’ve lived on the streets. :/ I almost WAS homeless a couple times. But whatever, CSI dude is both hilarious and highly annoying, but I started noticing this AWESOME phasing that would happen – I’d run around to the back of a building, complete a quest, come back, and things were DIFFERENT. SO natural, so great. Then I was helping out Farmer Saldean, which made me feel good, and took some soup to his daughter Hope who was quite sweet and had me give it to the various homeless people in the area. And then a quick succession of quests and all of the sudden… HOPE? HOPE IS VANESSA VANCLEEF? :O The newly-reborn Defias sets fire to the settlement and Mattie’s life is spared for helping further their cause, and I’m told to go to Stormwind and warn the king, NOW! So I RUN OFF. And… promptly forget I’m on a PvE server, because I’m running through the streets of Stormwind shouting “Out of the way! Gnome on a mission, here, GANGWAY!” And of course when she got into the keep, it was all “*gasp* King Varian! The *pant* the Defias! They… *wheeze* burning…”

…I might enjoy interacting with the NPCs a bit too much. >_>

Anyway, then I get sent to Redridge. Shocking, I know. And I do the generic quests that lead you up to the “storyline” quests, as I’ve called them to myself. La la, whatever, kill these things, get these items– rescue Bravo Company so Keeshan will fight the orcs. So I start in on these quests thinking “Oh, okay, well they’re amusing and helpful to have with me, at least.” I get Keeshan’s bandana and the necklace his wife gave him back from the orcs and we start on our EPIC PLAN to blow them all up. And then I’m starting to go “wow, these guys might be annoyingly macho, but they’re COOL! I wish I could be that badass,” and then “I kind of wish I could just be part of their little group. Chromatic of Bravo Company…”

Which is, of course, shortly before one of the random flavour lines that Keeshan would say included something like “Oh, did I forget to mention you’re part of Bravo Company now?” I squeed, no lie. We kill orcs! They FEEL THE THUNDER! And then we’re taking on a DRAGON, and–


Why are they dying? The dragon isn’t even directly attacking them, why–

Keeshan shouts “You killed them all! NOW YOU DIE!” Or something along those lines. The dragon says “I’m taking you with me!”, grabs Keeshan, flies in the air, Keeshan still attacking him, and then plummets, dead, into the lake.

I go back and turn in the quest. The questgiver says I’m the last of Bravo Company, so I should be the one to tell the story to the mayor. He salutes me. “Dismissed.” I talk to the mayor with a heavy heart and in return, he gives me a Bravo Company Signet Ring, and… Keeshan’s bandana. The one I’d rescued from the orcs. I solemnly put both on, and walked out of the town hall without another word. I won’t be getting rid of THOSE two quest items any time soon.

It’s kind of silly, in a way, but the immersion of these new quests really appeal to me. It makes me feel like I’m RPing, in a way, and in a way, I AM. I, Apple, am not the sole surviving member of Bravo Company, who protected Lakeshire from the foul machinations of the black dragonflight and the Blackrock orcs. I, MATTIE, am. I just… I love it all. So much. And I can’t help but think that if Mattie were on an RP server, that headband would be one of the few game-achievements that actually made it into my RP, because technically, anyone who did that questline also has Keeshan’s bandana, and there are just as many “last members” of Bravo Company, but… yeah. It wouldn’t even be a specific thing, just… “it belonged to a very brave man I knew.”

…anyway, this post has trailed WAY off the topic I started on, sort of, so that’s a sign I should probably go to bed. :) Have a good weekend, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Levelling in the new Azeroth

  1. My mage is friends with Thassarian now. >.> Even though he totally doesn’t like her and is all “rawr grumpy DK”. And now I’m sad because of the end of his quest line. But OMG, these pallies in EPL are so awesome! *flail* THEY WILL BE MY NEW FRIENDS. (And my new OTP – I mean…)

    Also, I just noticed this on the login screen, but her staff is REALLY FUCKING CREEPY. (I already noticed that it drops random rose petals.) It’s like…a rose vine winding through a SKULL. I’m a mage, not a ‘lock. >|

  2. Everything does look really neat, I just wish I had the motivation to do it right now. The only toon I’m remotely interested in leveling is my DK and even then the DK tank mechanics sound kind of daunting to me.

    I also want to see it all and I’m not sure how I could do that. I love the new Horde settlements that are in Hillsbrad and Arathi and the low level quests in Azshara are a blast. But I also want to see the new Westfall and Darkshore and things like that. Ack! What to do?!

    I’m glad you’re having a blast though and glad you’re having a blast with us, no less. Not to mention priests rock and it’s cool that you’re one of us now. No more “bandaid in a box” for you!

    1. Yeah, I decided to roll two toons to poke around the new quests with, though I’m sure Mattie will be mildly abandoned for the Worguid once Cata hits (and Lis hits 85 /weep), one Horde, one Alliance. Mattie is clearly my Alliance choice, and… amusingly, I haven’t been able to SETTLE on a Horde choice. XD TOO MUCH NEEEW! But Mattie just TOOK, it was kinda funny.

      I suggest rolling one baby and just go as far as you can. Yeah, there are a couple other areas to level for a few of the ranges (ie – the starting areas, Darkshore/Loch Modan/Westfall-Redridge Mtns), but those can be explored at your leisure LATER. It’s got a nice coherent, story-like feel to it when you do it that way. :)

      OMG PRIESTS. I dunno that I can HEAL properly as a priest, but… I’m planning on my drood being resto (at least eventually, as that probably wouldn’t be fun to level). Clearly, I want to learn how to use EVERY HEELZ. (next after these – Shaman!) But hey! Bandaid inna box. /sulk I LIKE being a Paladin, kthxbai. I may not have a huge (daunting, terrifying, unwieldy) toolbox, but it gets the job done! Lis will always always be my main. But I think I’d like to heal on Mattie, too, someday. ;)

      1. The toolbox isn’t that scary when you realize that most priests don’t even use the tools in it, we just load it up and beat people with the whole box until the green bars stop shrinking.

  3. That’s one of the biggest things I like about any MMO or offline RPG. >.> I love the immersiveness of it. WoW and FFXI have always been very good at that … WoW because of its storytelling, and FFXI because of its environment and likeable NPCs. Oblivion, on the other hand, is a little too Uncanny Valley for my tastes.

  4. I agree they’ve done a great job on some of those new quests. it also feels like the whole quest progression is a lot smoother now if you create a new character.

    A fun read by the way – I’ve done some extensive exploring myself these past days and feel I haven’t quite seen it all yet thanks to your post! =)

    1. It really is, at least up until the mid-20’s. ;) It was a little bit of a jolt going from Dun Morogh to Westfall instead of Dun Morogh, but I knew it would be, and with the Hero’s Call quests, it wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it would be.

      And thanks! I know there’s tons I haven’t seen, and I’m determined to level up through the new quests rather than run Lis through them – being kind of a constant passive RPer sort of person, it just wouldn’t feel right, when I know Lis is in Ironforge getting ready for the inevitable (in her mind) assault on Deathwing. But levelling up my little Gnome rogue-turned-priest has been GREAT.

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