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hey lookit mah title!

It’s finally happened. I’ve been wanting to have this title for SO LONG. But… it’s not just me. No no. See, I had the bestest little ragtag 10-man a girl could want, and we KICKED ASS. Yes, I’m going to summarize the past couple posts I already made, shush. :P (pretty pictures after the cut!)

We decided, since we had to do a lot of the hard modes to get the key to Algalon, that we would shoot for our Rusted Proto-Drakes as well. All before the lockout wipe on Tuesday. We pulled together late Thursday night and early Friday afternoon and managed to get a full group together despite some last-minute changes – people misunderstood that we were starting Friday (the day after I posted in the forums), or had real life get in the way, and we ended up without a few people we meant to take, and WITH a few people we pulled in on the fly. I AM sad that we lost Shadow, who was an amazing tank up to Freya on the first day, to real life, but that opened up the tank spot Jay was going to fill, and Terex (who we didn’t think would be back) got off work early and came with us, to my delight.

Friday, we plowed through, stopping on Freya after a couple wipes because we weren’t really as prepared for her as we should’ve been, and it was late. Everyone watched videos for Freya and for the Firefighter achievement, and when raid time rolled around on Saturday night, we rolled back in (killing Auriyala again because she bugged and respawned) and one-shot Freya before spending some time on Firefighter. We wiped our fair share of times, but eventually we got the hang of the dance and kicked ass. And also, of course, we dubbed ourselves Your Mom is Bugged. (Okay, I sort of dubbed us that, but it was perfect!)

I will say this about YMiB, too – we can fucking DANCE.

After Firefighter, we took down Vezax pretty quick, and then wiped a lot on Yogg before calling it a night because we were just getting so tired we couldn’t play our best.

Sunday (yesterday) was guild raid – we downed Halion and pushed into phase 3 of the Lich King fight, which was awesome. I felt much more confident dancing around LK after so many times on the first phase of the Yogg fight – it was EASIER, in some ways.

And then, today. We wipe on Yogg. A LOT. We generally push into p2, but can’t quite get through it – our DPS keep dying in the portals, or getting MC’d, and it’s generally chaos, despite the videos we watched. We dance beautifully through p1, and then start getting sloppy because we’re so SICK of p1, which makes p2 pretty much impossible. We take a break. We wipe some more. We manage to push into p3, but don’t manage to actually EXPERIENCE it, as we accidentally pushed into it while trying to wipe. XD But that gave us the idea of having our warlocks go in and pop… whatever fire thing they can now cast while running. They go in with two melee, they each run through half of the room (the tentacles dying pretty much instantly), and then the second the door opens onto the brain room, the melee (still waiting by the door) run in and start attacking – which ends up with us only taking ONE portal phase to get to p3. To be fair, of course, it took a few tries to figure it out properly, and then another try or two to do it clean enough to not be half wiped by then. But then… I gave a little pep talk. Thing. Basically just a “okay, we’ve been goofing around the past couple times, this is fun, but let’s crack down and do this shit” pep right before the pull.

And we danced.

Yogg kill shot
click for full size

It only took nearly three hours of wiping tonight, doing NOTHING ELSE, because there was nothing else for us to do, but we got it. And we got our drakes. And THEN we ran over to Algalon. Those who hadn’t watched the video, or wanted to watch it again, did so. We discussed placement, and assigned roles. We pulled, finally, 15 minutes later (I know the time because the soulstone on me wore off just as we were getting ready to go). And we wiped very shortly after that, because I was not expecting the massive amounts of damage Jay was tanking.

The moment Jay was down, the call was “WIPE IT WIPE IT WIPE IT”. After all, we only had an hour – if we were gonna wipe it, we wanted to do it fast, so we had time to do as many attempts as possible. The second attempt, I had a problem with respawning on top of black holes, leading to tank death, and a brief reshuffling of what we were doing.

And then…

Algalon kill shot
Click for full size

Third attempt. Kurn and some other guildies popped into the channel we were on in Mumble to congratulate us. We set up a procession from Ulduar to Dalaran on our drakes with our titles – it was a bit ruined by the fact that I got lost trying to find Krasus’ Landing. >< Go me. But still. Kurn frapsed the whole little thing as we lined up on the wall. We got screenshots and giggled a bit, and picked up a potential app by asking him to move so we could get a screenshot.

Drake lineup
Click for full size. There was actually an annoying Horde person flying just above us, but I photoshopped him out. :)

I’m right smack dab in the middle. :D Aren’t we so handsome?


I want to go on and on about how proud I am of YMiB for this, but I just… I don’t have the words. But I’m very very proud and very very thankful – these nine people were AWESOME, and helped me achieve the one thing I’ve wanted for most of my WoW-life – to run Ulduar and get the Starcaller title. I seriously, once we downed Algalon, while we were all putting on our titles and arranging ourselves for the kill shot, I seriously couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

I’m a raider. With an amazing guild of amazing people. I love them all so much, and I can’t imagine raiding with anyone else.

I’m a Starcaller. I’m thrilled I’m finally here.


15 thoughts on “Starcaller Apple

  1. Woah, congratulations! It’s definitely one of the coolest titles around, and from what I hear, the fight itself is pretty awesome as well!

    1. It’s my favourite title in the game, and I am SO PSYCHED to finally have it. That shit is not getting taken off except for brief stints after other titles are obtained with my guild.

      The fight… oh, man, it’s gorgeous. I couldn’t pay attention to a lot of the prettiness because Algalon hits like a TRUCK, especially right at the beginning, but it was oh, SO fun.

      1. Right there with you on the “there’s pretty? What? OH GOD THE TANK!!!!!”. I have Astral Walker (25-man version of Algalon) and I don’t remember much apart from “crapcrapcrapcrapcrap OH GOD crapcrapcrapcrap OH MY GOD”. Seriously. hahahaha.

        I already congratulated you and the group on an amazing feat, but seriously, you guys undertook a HUGE challenge — two of them, actually when you include the drakes — and you went in there and kicked some ass. It’s something daunting enough that I probably wouldn’t have tried, even if I had been interested in going back to Ulduar. (Oh God, never again!) So grats to you on your guts for going for it and getting it done. That’s what it’s all about. :)

        1. I think Apotheosis is definitely the perfect guild for me. :) We can do this, and bash our heads against one boss for more than three hours total, not for progression but for FUN, and still have a blast the whole time.

          Thank you so much for giving me the chance to play with these amazing people (and you).

  2. Story of a dream come true! I envy you a little, but it’s the good kind of envy. Beyond that, and mostly, I am happy for you – you’ve put in the effort and reaped the rewards. You’ve earned this. Congratulations to you and your guildies all!

    1. <3! It was so exciting. And kind of ABSOLUTELY worth definitely losing the chance to win Nano. XD This is… a big new thing for me, and it gives me the same rush that winning Nano that first time did. :) It just… EEEE! We rock.

  3. Apple, where do I even start?? WOW. You guys are awesome. You must be so happy! Congratulations on YOUR FIRST (as leader) RAID! Such a great result!

    Seriously, terrific job! :D

    1. :D Thank you! Yeah, it was… epic. SO epic. I’m so pleased with it, I’m so proud of these people – Your Mom is Bugged (which may, in Cata, become Your Mom is Hotfixed XD) is a group of people that I ADORE, and they’re so badass. I was really proud with how much dedication these guys threw into it, and how even though we goofed off and had fun, they took the actual getting of these kills seriously, and it showed. So much love. They… yeah. So much love.

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