One more oughta do it…

No in-depth like last night, it’s too late and I’m bushed – work in the AM, too. BUT.

We are one achieve away from getting our 10-man drakes. We are two kills away from Starcaller. After last night’s troubles with Freya, we watched vids before tonight’s raid, ran in, and one-shot her. It was a bit messy, but we did it. Firefighter took a bit longer, but once we got the hang of it, it was just a matter of making sure we knew where everyone was at any given time and avoiding fire. Velax (sp?) was a joke, really, so very easy – I know it’s that we outgear this content by a significant amount, but still. We wiped on Yogg for a good long chunk before deciding it was too late to really focus on him – so we got the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare and A Quick Shave achieves off Razorscale, who we’d left up.

Two notable bugs: Auriyala had, for some reason, re-spawned. So we went for it and got the other achieve off her, Nine Lives. Kinda hax for one lockout. ;) And the second was the damn train to Mimiron’s lab: IT WOULD NOT TAKE ME. I’d get on just fine with everyone else, and then when it would leave the station… I’d be left standing in mid-air. I don’t even know. I ended up just getting a ‘lock portal and putting in a ticket.

I have also dubbed this ragtag little 10-man (including Shadow, our warrior tank, who couldn’t make it tonight at the last minute) Your Mom is Bugged. It just fits us.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to feel proud of everyone, as I’m the nubbiest raider in the group, but I do. These are my kids in my raid, and… okay, tonight I was making these half-hearted little attempts to play RL, I have to admit. ^^;; I can’t provide the strats, but I actually made leadership decisions and tried to help the raid as much as I could with my limited leadership skills. Even though Ose and Euphie and Jay were giving the strats, it felt more like my raid tonight, as opposed to “a raid I’m in that I happened to organize and am no longer in charge of.” Now, for all I know, it was extremely annoying for everyone else, me being all “In Charge” sometimes when I’m kind of clueless. But this is my baby. Getting the drake and title on Monday (because we WILL get them, dammit) is going to be even better than getting it with guildies in some general Ulduar achieve/title run. We might outgear the content, thus requiring less skill and coordination than it did when Ulduar was current content, but it’s still difficult sometimes, as evidenced by the fact that we didn’t just stroll in and mop the place in hardmodes yesterday. This is just a random little 10-man of guildies, but dammit, we’re kicking ass and we’re having fun.

My drake and title are going to be the best things I have in the game – drops and other achieves and titles? Yeah, they’ll be cool. I’ll be psyched if (WHEN) we get Kingslayer tomorrow night with the guild. But Kingslayer isn’t the one I’m going to wear for the foreseeable future, even if it’s technically a bit more prestigious at the moment by virtue of being current content. I’m gonna rock out with my Starcaller out, make no mistake. And I will have the memory of this raid for years yet.

So, here’s an official shoutout to my peeps in YMiB: Ose, Chris, Euphie, Megs, Jay, Terex, Shadow, Piggly, X, Tikari – you are my peeps. You are making my dream come true right now, and I can’t thank you guys enough. (and thank you Jay and Tikari for bringing fish feasts – everyone appreciates them a LOT, especially considering how many new ones need to be thrown down with our wiping. ^^;; )


8 thoughts on “One more oughta do it…

  1. I’m super thrilled for you, Apple! Your raiding experiences have been so awesome, it’s great to hear! And I’m really impressed with the fast progress you’ve made through Ulduar! Overgeared or not, some of those Hard Modes are not easy. You’ve got a great raiding group, it sounds like. :D

    1. I gotta say, I’ve got an awesome group of people running with me. All Apotheosis raiders, and all on their mains with one exception, I believe (my awesome raid healer Chris’s main is a rogue). Two nights of awesome fights, and I just KNOW we’re gonna get Yogg and Algalon down on Monday.

  2. Ahh yeah Yogg is hard even if you outgear the encounter by miles, especially if you’re part of a raid who can’t for the life of them stay out of the clouds so you end up getting overrun by 30 of those … things -.-

    One of the things I regret not doing since I stopped playing WoW was doing one of my Worldview posts in the Spark Of Imagination, as it’s such an amazing place visually. The whole of Ulduar is amazing, actually, but the SOI stands out in particular.

    1. haha, yeah, we’ve pretty much gotten the cloud dance down, and we pushed through to P3 once as we wiped (perfect timing, no? XD), so I honestly think our biggest problem was that it was after midnight and we’d been at it since 9. We’re coming at it fresh on Monday (as tonight we have our guild 25m) and I don’t doubt that we’ll knock Yogg out pretty fast. The only thing I’m mildly worried about is the fact that Algalon has that 1-hour timer on him, but if we don’t get him down, we’ll still have our drakes, and we’ll just come back in and plow through easy modes later in the week to get to him. Considering how we’ve pretty much plowed through the hard modes (I consider two nights to and with a good amount of time wiping on Yogg plowing through, definitely), I don’t think it would take us all that long.

  3. You *should* feel proud. I insist upon it. Having a fun, talented group of people is not something to take for granted. I love my crew to death, but give them anything that requires a lot of coordination, and, well… I can dream about getting Kingslayer or riding a Rusted Proto-Drake, we’ll put it that way.

    So hold your head high. You’re going to get Kingslayer, Starcaller, and a raid drake within hours of each other, and if you won’t be proud of yourself and your group(s), I will. I’m glad that one of us could get those things. :)

  4. Glad to hear of your progress – and thrilled that you’re happy, too!

    One thing though; Don’t ever doubt your part in this. Or rather, don’t underestimate the worth of taking the initiative.

    I’ve seen first-hand, from a myriad of angles and positions a hundred times over how bloody hard it is to actually Arrange stuff. When a raid that is anywhere above Total Fail starts rolling, it usually runs itself to SOME degree at least, but the part of inviting and arranging and getting people together, that bit is a herculean task sometimes.

    I get tired just by envisioning the in-game clock being 19:30. Hats off to you for playing General where I recently prefer being a Sergeant m’self – I wish you well in the last stretch of the Starcaller sprint!

    1. It definitely helps that my fellow raiders are pretty much awesomesauce about these things. We’re all silly and many of us have somewhat, uh, immature senses of humour. *coughtrainbloodelftimepiccolocough* But when it comes to stuff they’ve signed up for, they’re good, they’re responsible, they show up, they bring their stuff, when I say “let’s get going” they go, when I say “7-minute break!” they’re back in 7 minutes. It helps they’re all almost as into this run as I am. :)

      I definitely wouldn’t want to play General all the time, I think, but I’m having fun just now. :)

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