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New Computer Soon? And other ramblings.

One can only hope. I get a certain amount of money from my uncle for Christmas and my birthday, every year. I’ve also found a laptop that I like, that should run pretty nice for WoW (as I’ve said before – I don’t need it to be 120fps in Dalaran or anything like that. An average 30fps is fine, higher is, of course, better, but whatevs) and isn’t TOO expensive. I’ve emailed my dad saying I found a good one, and that if he’ll spot me the money/buy it for me/whatever, he is welcome to have my holiday money – Christmas and my birthday in the spring. If we do that, he’d only be paying about $250, which is less than he’ll spend on my sister this Christmas, I can tell you right now. So we’ll see how that goes – cross your crossables for me.

Also, tonight I’m trying out raiding on my girlfriend’s laptop. If the damn patch downloader will get its arse in gear and finish up in the next three hours – I’m not holding my breath at this point, but I should be good to go as long as it’s MOSTLY done – so far, my trials have produced the following results: 30fps with no addons, about 20fps with the addons I use on one of my alts when she levels, which are definitely heavier than the ones I have for raiding. AND keep in mind, these were both tested early on in the “yellow” stage of the streaming player, which I’m assuming is going to drag my numbers down. I’m hoping that with all (or at least MOST) of the patching installed and only my raiding addons (Dominos, Grid, Clique, DBM, OmniCC, Quartz) and everything but WoW and Mumble shut down, I should be getting some pretty good frames tonight. Or, at least, pretty damn awesome by my normal standards (ie – anything over 10fps in a 25m).

Last night I rediscovered my hunter, Summer, as I finally got her out of Hellfire and into Zangarmarsh, while also levelling up her poor neglected hyena, Impisi. Yes, I know Summer’s name shows up as Sámhradh, but that’s just Irish for Summer, so work with me. Summer’s been around (and slowly levelling) for a good long while, though I don’t recall when I first rolled her. I remember her being stuck in the teens for a while, and then she spent a good chunk of time in the 30s, and then a HUGE amount of time in the 50’s, and she’s been stuck at just over 60 for a few months now. I respecced her just after 4.0 hit, but otherwise haven’t poked around on her at all. But last night, feeling aimless and lonely, I logged onto her and started levelling a bit. She dinged once, got a nice new bow, and I basically cannot WAIT to get her to Nagrand – she’s always felt more comfortable in places like Orgrimmar and the Barrens, she’ll like hanging out (and helping out) with the Mag’har, or however that’s spelt. I also plan to tame her a void stalker at some point, or possibly one of the white-ish wolves in Terrokar. :D And ONE DAY she will have that red wolf I keep meaning to get her…

And while playing her, trying to rearrange her action bars with their new layout and new abilities, and trying to figure out what rotation would work best, I was reminded that I’m kind of a crappy hunter. I always was, honestly, but I got by. And normally I’d be trying to improve, but the thing is that I play Summer for FUN. I don’t generally queue up for dungeons with her (I hate DPS queue times), she’s not in a guild, I don’t plan to raid with her (though sometimes I’m tempted). My less-than-optimal huntering is hurting no one but me, and I don’t care, so why should I start focusing NOW on how to get the OMG BEST DPS? Anyway, that ramble aside, she’s very fun to play with. She makes me wish I knew more people who RP’d horde-side, because while I’d love to play her with, say, Fizzy Stouthammer, Summer is a Sin’dorei. She could never be anything else. It just wouldn’t work. So she’s alone (well, with her big brother, who’s kind of dead, so it’s this thing) and it makes me sad, sometimes. :(

But then, I’m also fail at remembering to log on to my RP characters, so, uh. >_>

Anyway, it was a fun evening. I had fun and got to spend some time with a long-neglected favourite of mine, and tonight I’ll be hopefully seeing a raid in more than 4fps for the first time EVER and I’m basically having a grand ol’ time. :) Still feeling a bit in-a-funk, but there are worse things to feel, so.

Now if only I had some SODA. T_T


6 thoughts on “New Computer Soon? And other ramblings.

  1. Good luck love. I remember how absolutely game changing it was for me when I first started to see things with good FPS. Suffice it to say, you’ll find it a whole new game. I hope everything is ready in time. :)

    Also, your girlfriend sounds like a treasure. :D I’m glad she’s helping out with your raid situation. I’d hate to see you have to quit.

    1. AJ is a goddess – I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is so patient with me when I’m not always the quickest to deal with a problem, or to follow through on a promise, or whatever, and she is always there for me. Love it love it love it. Between her and Jaqui, I’ve got all my bases covered. /nostles them both.

  2. Fingers crossed for you! I hope that on the other side of christmas we can exchange 30+fps-WoW-anecdotes. For now, AJ remains a fab person.

    The real question is, of course, when you say hunter; Which spec? Hint: If you answer anything but BM, I will have your hiiiiide.

    I jest. Hunters are pretty much bloody awesome, and, also, OHMIGOD you have a hyena! Time to make a club, and we shall be the most glorious club there ever was ohgod that rocks.


    1. DUH, Beast Mastery. She’s been BM since I rolled her a year or so ago. And yes! Hyena. :D Hyenas are awesome. Granted, her main pet is her wolf, Faolan, but Impisi is pretty awesome as well. ^_^

  3. Good luck on the laptop negotiations! Each time I’ve got a new computer the game’s seemed so much fresher to me – a joy to play again.

    Sámhradh’s a nice name, btw :)

  4. I love rediscovering old, neglected alts :) And I have a fair few of them by now! I think it’s my Mage in particular, and my Warrior, that I particularly love playing around on but I never got around to getting either of them to 80, which is quite strange because I find both classes unbelievably fun! Well, I’ll get to it sometime in Cataclysm now. Decided to restart the Warrior to see new Elwynn and stuff and I will probably make a Nelf Mage on my Alliance server too. Maybe level a Warrior on my main Horde server as a Belf to be my Blacksmith.. Oh my God I’m terrible! xD

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