Baby’s First Raid

SO! I had my first raid tonight! :D Kurn’s put the logs up already, though I can’t make too much of them, to be honest. I could read a COUPLE things, though…

1) of all the Cleanses I tried to pop off, only one actually dispelled anything,
and 2) I was bottom of heals by quite a large margin.

Now, I know part of that is because I’m not as well-geared as the other healers. And even then, 75% of my healing done was overheal. That’s okay – Kurn had my healing assignments overlap for good reason – I’m new, and my fps is kind of shite (2fps, suuuuck). Still, it’s a little discouraging to realise I’m so far down.

But logs after the fact aside… Oh my GOD. That was SO MUCH FUN! I have never had such a sustained RUSH. And granted, I know part of that is just because it was brand new, but it was just… amazing! We were killing these enormously powerful beings, and just… /squee

I can’t tell how much of my low numbers were because of my low framerate and how much was my gear and how much was just… me kinda sucking. ^^;; But I had fun, and whatever else happens… I’ve RAIDED.

And it was AWESOME.


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  1. If you’re healing, low numbers are almost certainly due in large part to your low framerate, because it just takes the game that much longer to recognise your commands – half a second is quite a long time really, so by the time your screen has updated to show someone on low health, then registered your click or button press, one of the other, more experienced and better-geared ( = more haste) healers will have already topped that person off.

    The rest of the reason is probably just inexperience – it’s a completely different style of healing when you’re not the only one responsible for keeping people alive, and obviously there are a lot more people to keep track of!

    1. Yeah, it’s quite frustrating. Thankfully, Pallies tend to be on the easier (target-wise) side – it was either “beacon tank A and direct-heal tank B” (with Kurn usually either the same or the opposite) or “heal tank A”, which meant pop beacon on him and just heal my arse off. Having two priests with their shiny happy circles was fuuuun, too, especially on phase 3 Putricide – O just kept dropping new ones just ahead of where the tank was moving him, so all of us stacked up on him had extra heals coming in. I love the happy circles.

  2. Grats on your first raid!

    2 fps isn’t “kind of” shite, it’s pure shite :P I tried to raid like that on an old laptop and it was hell, I just dropped out of the raid… this will be a big reason for your low HPS. Good luck in future raids… with better fps hopefully :D

    (Oh, and Marrowgar kills a lot of computers. Most people get lower fps there because of the damn fire. Same for spore guy, whoever he is, I can never get their names straight.)

    1. Thanks!

      I doubt I’ll be getting better fps until I somehow manage to get a new computer – I’m raiding on my Macbook at the moment, which has an average fps of 8-12, which (to me, anyway) is a piece of cake to deal with. 2 fps is a bit harder. >_> I actually didn’t have any lower framerates with Marrowgar or… I think it was Festergut? Than I did with the rest of the raid. Dreamwalker was the worst, really – the most moving around, plus I fail at moving in z-space. XD

  3. Hehe, grats Apple.

    It’s only seven months ago I was saying much the same thing (AWESOME) after my first raid. Fun times are only just beginning!

  4. Seriously, forget about your numbers. They’ll come with experience and gear. Just figuring out what is going on takes a while to get used to.

    You brought me back to an earlier version of myself, standing in Naxx clad in full PvP gear, going OMGWTFBBQ is going on?? That warlock over there did 4kDPS, holy crap!

    So, congratulations!

    1. Man, it was INTENSE. Heroic Marrowgar was terrifying. And then there was a problem with people ending up in two different raids ’cause Kurn changed the difficulty when she was still running back after the wipe, and THEN there was a problem with not being able to switch Lootship to Heroic.

      (I’ll admit, I really had NO idea what was going on for the entirety of Lootship. I just sort of picked a tank and healed.)

  5. I remember that feeling. Stepping into the first raid and it’s just.. amazing. Though I was admittedly really really nervous too – but it was still great and I’ve never looked back!

    Don’t worry about your numbers, you’ll get there. If it makes you feel any better, I spent my first ever raid dying on trash. Repeatedly. Because I was new and a rogue and I forgot to push Feint at every cooldown (we had to, to keep our threat down back then). So I kept dying, and my class leader actually whispered me and asked me why.. I figured it out then and didn’t die so much after that *lol* But I sure felt embarrassed!

    I hope you’ll keep enjoying raiding, it’s definitely a lot of fun :)

  6. Many many grats – and as Cynwise says, forget about the numbers. It’s not how much healing you do, it’s learning to work within the team and make sure your heals are going to the right place. Overhealing in general is big in ICC at the moment because of the buff – and paladins in general (God, I have got this right, haven’t I, becaus otherwise I’m about to look at total pillock?) always have big overheal, I find, simply because they have so many sloowwwww biiiiiiig heals. The important thing is that you made a contribution, did your job, knew yrou class and enjoyed the experience, and I suspect Kurn was damn glad to have you on her team!

    1. I did toss out a handful of heals to not-my-assignment, but only when I could see a big heal about to hit my assigned tank, and only when I had beacon on him. I just went through my heals – even when he was at full health. I MOSTLY noticed the numbers because there was an NPC (Skybreaker something or other) who actually had higher healing throughput from I ASSUME Lootship than I did for the entire evening. /facepalm

      Still, I only died a couple times! And I followed directions the best I could!

  7. It was lovely running with you, Apple and I’m sure you did fine. I also showed you some link love on my blog today, so hopefully you get a few more readers trickling in and seeing this post and giving you some much deserved praise on your first raid with the guild.


    1. Ah, O! /blush

      I DID have fun. And even if all I’m ever much good for is a bit of backup healing, I don’t care, because OH MY GOD this was fun. :D

  8. I’m glad to hear that you had a great time in your first raid :)

    Don’t beat yourself up too much – everyone’s gotta walk before they can run. And a lot of healing reflexes come from experience and familiarity with the content. Knowing what’s going to happen when is a huge advantage!

    Additionally, holy paladins are in a very awkward spot right now. Not to seem like I’m giving you an excuse – but some of your output issues are a direct result of what you have in your toolkit right now, which in my opinion, is fairly broken for the content we have available to us.

    I’m sure as long as you keep up your excitement and get some experience under your belt, you are going to be just fine!

  9. ALSO! You must must MUST raid Ulduar! It’s a fabulous place, something every raider should see, even if these days one could practically 5-man it.

  10. I’m glad that you had fun. I was there silently cheering you on while I collected Murloc fins and killed Hogger all by my badass lonesome. :)

    I remember my very first Raid way back when. They dragged me kicking and screaming into Karazhan despite my certainty that I’d be a hindrance. I ended up being the top DPSer and I loved the whole experience.

    I’m sure you’ll become as epic a healer as there ever was as you get more experience. :)

  11. Late to the party? Me? Never!
    (I’m so totally LADEN with excuses.)

    So yeah, that’s.. pretty much utterly fantastic! Really glad to hear you had fun – and to echo others (including yourself) – that FPS thing must blow so horribad it’s not even funny. Do you have any improvements coming down the line for that issue, or is this how it’ll be, pretty much?

    But hey, regardless, you’re now a raiding paladin healer! Now you can bitch about/squee about all the changes! Hey Apple, LoD is gonna be HP-fuelled rather than mana-based! Whatcha think, since you’re a raiding pally healer?

    (I don’t have any raiding pally healer friends. Or, well, I do now! Yay!)

    1. I actually turned off ALL my unnecessary addons (though I’m still doubled-up on boss mods, as I’m not sure which I like better) which… still left a good chunk (Grid+various adds, Clique, Dominos, Quartz, SexyMap, SexyCooldown, CooldownCounter (I think it’s called), Omen, TidyPlates, and both BigWigs and DBM… I THINK that’s all), but it did increase my fps by about… er, 1. So 3fps average in-combat. At low levels like that, though, you would probably be SHOCKED how much of a difference that 1fps makes. Tonight’s continuation felt so much smoother and manageable. I remembered to pop my trinkets (er, a couple times), and I am 99% sure that none of the wipes on Lana’thel were my fault. I’m sure I contributed to the first one, as I got disoriented after the fear, but other than that, I think I and my healing assignment were both still up when wipes were called.

      Unfortunately, unless upgrading to the new (and not-yet-released) version of the Mac OS increases my framerates, this is how it’s gonna be for the foreseeable future. :/ No money for a new computer, alas.

      OMG I AM. That’s so cool. (I even have three ICC25 drops to prove it, even if one was a BoE gift before I even dinged 80.) I heard about the LoD change! I’m not sure how I feel entirely, but I’m actually more sad that they’re limiting the number of people it can hit than I am the change to it using HP. Honestly, I’ll have to see it in practise before I have any real opinions on it, so we’ll see what happens. :)

      (Yay! I have a Norwegian brother and you have a raiding Healadin sisterfriend! :D)

      1. Hey, I’d be the absolute last person on earth to advocate turning off addons; the whole beauty-is-pain stuff is something I think is ridiculous IRL (High heels? OH GOD WHY), but addons.. that’s, er, that’s different. I’m not sure how, but I will be claiming this ’till I die of fps lag. You can’t make me turn off my addons!

        Besides, addons that prettify your UI are motivation, and motivation has effect. Sexymap made sure you aced BQL. I’m sure!

        Hrm, wish I could make some insightful comment, but I know about as much about macs as I know about, uh. Well, frankly, I don’t think there’s anything I know less about than macs. Perhaps vanilla shaman pvp. Perhaps.

        But hey! I actually agree. Non-target capped AoE = way cool, so while I think the change to using HP was kinda neat ( I mean, more things to burn HP on in any given spec = more complex = more awesome), 5-target smells icky. Then again, it could be worse! It could be party-limited.

        I mean, party-limited directional heal = fail. But as far as I understand it, it’ll be smart healy, so in a 25man, in your case, easy to get full effect from it!

        (Yay! I’ll probably be a tree in Cata, actually! Healers go \o/)

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