Doing this Nano Thing

Hey there, if you don’t follow me on twitter, I just want to point you towards my Nano Blog. There I will be posting what writing I do during the month of November, in hopes that some moral support (ie – readers and comments) will help me reach my goal of 50k words. :)

Also, I’ll probably be pretty scarce because of Nano – though don’t you think for a second I won’t be posting a post of flail and squee after my raid on Tuesday. ;)


2 thoughts on “Doing this Nano Thing

  1. <333 My Apple's first raid…./tear.
    You go, hon. You're a rockin' pally!
    I wish I got over there more. But it's like..meh. I can't motivate myself not to sit in dal for 12 hours a day. :< love you <3

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