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When PuGs are Win

So I haven’t been doing randoms PER SE the past day or so – I’ve been running specific dungeons for specific drops – only one has dropped so far, and since it means I don’t have to run H ToC or H PoS on purpose for a while, I’m okay with that. My first run today was a reg PoS. Pretty straight-forward. We run in, have no problems. The tank seems to be in some really good gear, and I believe he was running one of the DPS, a mage, for a drop. We plow through the trash and down Garfrost without a hitch. Roll for the staff that drops–

And the DK and the mage immediately drop group, leaving me and the two DPS (Ret pally Cloudydaze of Silvermoon and Hunter Quassimodo of Terenas, both of whom don’t mind being mentioned by name, for the record) to requeue and wait for a tank.

We wait.

Cloudy gets a bit bored and pulls one of the trash mobs. No prob, I’ve got leet heals, they’ve got leet deeps. It IS regular PoS, after all, not Heroic. We pull another. And another. And suddenly we’ve easily and without issue cleared all the trash up to Ick and Krick.

“I don’t expect to tank ick in DPS gear,” Cloudy says, and we all agree. There’s a minute or two of silence, and then he says, “I could maybe try, if you guys wanted.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Quassi asks. “We die?”

“I’m game if y’all are,” I say. So we hitch up our trousers, tighten our belts, adjust our helms, and dive in. There’s lots of movement. We strafe out of the puddles, we run like mad away from the arcane bombs.

And then, suddenly…

click for the full screenie

We did it. We three-manned Ick with two DPS and a healer. Yes, it was regular and honestly we could probably all have been running it Heroic, but STILL. The point stands that we had no tank and we downed a boss anyway. And that makes me happy.

After that, we decided to wait for the queue to give us a tank, because the next trash would undoubtedly murder us, quickly, and we got to chatting. About various MMOs, and then about whether we got more purples from vendors, crafted, or drops. I asked them if they minded me posting the screencap without their names blurred, they asked where my blog was. (HI GUYS!)

Eventually, we went our separate ways. We were gonna try and requeue altogether, but I needed to feed the dog, and run errands (which I realised too late I CAN’T run, because I don’t actually have the money for it), so we went our separate ways. I may never run a random with them again, but they were AWESOME. And hopefully they’ll stick around here so we don’t completely lose touch. :)


5 thoughts on “When PuGs are Win

  1. good on you guys for trying [and in the process succeeding!]. You can do a lot when you put your minds to it!

    Oh for a cross-server friends list to match my cross-server ignore list!

  2. You’re right… it being “not on heroic” makes it no less awesome! I love doing stuff like that. I’ve pet-tanked all of Molten Core in a 2man run, 2manned Karazhan, 2manned (in one vehicle) all those Iron Dwarves and knocked down the columns so that we could die on Flame Leviathan in Ulduar, and I’ve never done Magister’s Terrace with a full group. Two people every time, heroic and regular, even when I was the level for it… except we did bring in one more hunter on the last fight the first time. 2manned Uldaman and Sunken Temple when we were the levels for them. (Makes wiping on them in 5 mans especially aggravating.) My husband and I got “Tricks and Treats of Azeroth” for the first time on characters who were below level 40, and we had no higher level help. We were going to do it again on even lower level characters, but the run from Honor Hold to Temple of Telhamat is stressful at level 13. (Successful, though!) We ran from Vengence Landing to the Kal’uak village on the other side of Howling Fjord at level 40 because he wanted the penguin and we didn’t know you needed rep to be able to buy it. I’ve taken a level 3 gnome from Coldridge Valley, up through the Wetlands and Hillsbrad Foothills, through Silverpine Forest, onto the zepplin in Tirisfal Glades, and over to Orgrimmar… with no higher-level escort.

    Sometimes, you create your own epic adventures. It’s great when you find people who are willing to do it with you! And even if it’s not the hardest possible thing you could be doing… you aren’t clothie-soloing Halion, or something… it feels AWESOME! Doing it someway other than how it was intended. Sharing the success and /cheering each other!

    I also think this is why we need to be able to “friend” people across servers someway other than REAL ID. It sucks that you could have /ignored them if they were jackasses and you wouldn’t have to get a group with them again, but there’s no really casual contact way to make sure you can group with awesome folks again.

  3. Hey – Nice article/Blog – Was a good we run And always a change to be grouped with kool people – add me to ur realid list if you want! – i assume you can see my email!

    1. I actually don’t use RealID much with random people – but stick around, commenters can be friends too. ;) It was awesome to get to play with you and Lillpuss. ^_^ Such a cute kitty!

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