Apotheosis is Open for Business!

Apotheosis is recruiting!

If you need a raiding guild for Cataclysm, I highly suggest checking us out. We’ve got a snazzy new logo (Hulrok is pretty much the bomb), and Kurn put together an epic badass recruitment video. I feel like I should be playing Eye of the Tiger when I watch it. In a good way.

Seriously, though, these people are amazing. I’ve rambled a bit about how much I love them before, but… I really do love them. They are talented, driven, determined raiders, and so much fun to hang with. I feel so at home here, in a way I never really thought I would. I’m learning some old jokes, we’re coming up with some new ones, and I always feel like I’m part of the group. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been tacked on so much as it feels like I was always expected, just came a little late to the party. These are some of the most awesome people I’ve met through this game (though obviously not all, my peeps know who they are ;) ), and certainly the most that have ever been in one place.

So if you’re still searching for that place to call home… maybe Apotheosis is it. Check it out.


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