Where have all the good men gone?

And women. Them too.

So first it was Anea, shutting down her blog for the time being, though she’s still around on twitter and so forth. That sucked. Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn closed up shop for a week and found she couldn’t stay away, though her posts are scarcer. And then Lara, my absolute favourite person to link to, shut down her blog and cancelled her WoW subscription. I know, I know, it’s heartbreaking! She hasn’t given up twitter yet, to my GREAT relief. And then today, the hilarious and one-of-a-kind Zal, from Blessing of Fish, closed up shop on his blog.

I suppose it’s inevitable, especially as people are getting burned out and bummed out by the end of the expansion, and the changes patch 4.0.1 made to their favourite classes. That doesn’t mean I’m not sad to see voices I enjoyed leaving the WoW blogosphere. They will be missed, I can tell you that much.

In other, unrelated news, due to financial considerations, my guild has switched over to Mumble instead of Vent. And while I can totally understand why it was done…



17 thoughts on “Where have all the good men gone?

    1. lol, Kurn went to spam and I didn’t notice. XD

      I was having issues with sounding really insanely tinny despite not changing any of my settings, and not being able to figure out what the crap to do about it. But then it got better, and while I’m still wary, I’m warming up to it. A little.

      …Sometimes, I do change about as well as Lisan does. Which is to say, not well at all.

  1. I don’t have a blog, but I think I’m a pretty good guy. And my friend Rith has a nice little blog going. She’s a good gal. :)

    I’m only very mildly familiar with Mumble. I’ve heard of it, but beyond that I don’t really know anything. So I can’t help you with that, alas. :(

    1. XD You’re awesome. I’m just bummed ’cause the bloggers I know are DROPPING LIKE FLIIIES! Or at least it FEELS that way, even though it’s not really that bad.

  2. I don’t have any mac tips for you, sadly, but I can say that once you get mumble working properly, I’m pretty sure you’ll learn to love it. The sound quality is so nice compared to vent, and I don’t have to individually tune every voice to its proper volume.

    Anyway, I hope you figure it out. :)

    1. Really? Because so far, for me, the sound quality has been SHIT compared to Vent. I’m entirely underwhelmed by my experience with Mumble – unless I can find something to tell me where I’m going wrong, I’d have to say that imo, it’s worth DISSUADING people from using. It’s just… ugh. I can’t stand it.

  3. The sudden departure of several well known bloggers has left me feeling almost lonely! It`s the same feeling of loss when someone leaves a guild – we needn`t be close, it`s just kind of sad.

    Hopefully other bloggers can help to fill in the spaces they leave behind, and I hope they won`t be strangers to commenting :)

  4. I’m just hoping they will pick up again once Cataclysm comes. Although I would’ve thought that 4.0.1 offered enough material to blog about – talent trees, balancing, etc…

    1. The thing is, most of them are leaving for reasons that aren’t a lack of things to blog about. Lara left because the game just wasn’t fun anymore for her, and she’d just moved and so she didn’t need added stress. Zal left because his life is just TOO BUSY. Larisa’s just been doing other things, and Anea just needed to take a break.

      A lack of things to blog about I could understand (to an extent – there are ALWAYS things to blog about!), and I would be thinking they’d probably come back when there was new stuff to blog. But this is a whole different type of thing, and it makes me sad. :(

  5. I am really sad about all wonderful people who have stopped writing too!

    Also I’ve heard massively positive things about Mumble, so I’m really surprised to read this.

  6. I downloaded Mumble, when I got home last night and nobody was on for me to test it with. So I can’t determine how bad or good I may sound or others may sound, just yet.

    I have also heard overwhelmingly positive things about it – it reminds me of TeamSpeak, a little bit.

    The one thing I can see throwing me off is that you can’t immediately hear a noise, when you use your push to talk key. I’m sure that’s something you can customize – but if it’s not, that’s going to take some getting used to.

  7. Well… this week I’ve put up three posts…. and I suppose I’ll make another one for my Friday night toast…. It’s hard to cut down, but yeah, I try to. I think I’ve brought more walls of texts to the blogosphere over the years than anyone really asked for. We’ll see if I can reach the state of a more balanced blogging, like most other bloggers enjoy.

    1. If it’s ANY comfort, darling, I adore your walls of text. :) You’re generally quite articulate (which is something I am… often NOT), and even when I disagree with you, you make your points so politely that I can’t help but love reading them. ♥

  8. I don’t get a lot of time to read blogs. That’s a double-edged sword… I don’t miss a lot of people when they eventually wander away from blogging (which I’ve seen happen in the past with blogs of almost every type) because I wasn’t reading them to begin with. But I also miss out on so much, and I often find out too late how great someone’s blog was and think, “I wish I’d known about them while they were still writing!” That kind of happened with Anea’s blog. I started reading it sporadically maybe a couple of months before she put it on hiatus. Because of the “sporadically” part there it means I only got to check it a few times! But I was glad to find her on Twitter… and I found you there today, too! With my schedule, fitting someone in as a “regular read” – even if it means I regularly go back and try to catch up once every two or three weeks – usually means I’d really miss that presence if they disappear completely. Twitter solves that problem to some degree.

    1. Aw, you found me on twitter? Who are you? I’ll definitely friend you back. :)

      I was really sporadic for a long time with my reading – not because I was busy, but because I hadn’t realised how awesome using google reader is. XD I actually manage to keep up with everyone most of the time – but having come across various blogs that were already long gone by the time I found them, I know how disappointing that can be.

      …aaaaand now that I’ve left this comment open for hours and completely forgot my point, I’ll just… wander off and sleep. Derp.

      1. I’m rosaamarilla on Twitter. I have been considering giving “Fizzy” her own Twitter account, though. I’m so glad to have found awesome WoW players I wouldn’t have found otherwise because I don’t play on their realms.

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