That is all.


18 thoughts on “Ding.

    1. Took me by surprise, it did. Not really expectin’ to finish my trainin’ quite so soon.

      (Lis says thanks, in other words. XD)

    1. And many thanks!

      Seriously, she is my favouritest of favourites. She had a nose ring when she was human, so of COURSE I had to carry it over, and now it’s just ubercute. :D

  1. Congratulations!

    We’ll have to take our female Dwarves into some Heroics tonight and break you in properly. I’ll even throw on a Shadow spec and DPS while you heal! Or I can dust off the DPS Chakra and try that out – lol


    1. Thank you! :D And yessss, Heroics with you would be tres fun! I’d offer to DPS a little while you heal, but I have absolutely NO Ret gear, and don’t particularly want to respec. XD ♥

  2. Hey, I see you even got her correct name-spelling back! Double grats! (doesn’t it just feel good? When Rhii hit 80 I ran through Dal over and over with my mirror images out, just grinning.)

    1. I did! I sent in a ticket and they freed up the name, so I parked it a couple weeks ago – and now I got it back! I’m ridic pleased about THAT.

      I’m ALSO pleased that I can wear my tabard now! I hate how they look with robes and kilts, but with trousers, they’re fine! I’m just bummed the stupid t10 is a kilt thing. wtf is up with that? Paladins don’t wear SKIRTS, Blizzard. >:|

      1. I love my paladin in a skirt, but it’s because she’s a blood elf, and I hate the way pants make her look like she has ridiculously huge shovel feet. Blood elves really are disprportionate in so many ways….

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