A bit more nostalgia

So while my last post was sufficient, I thought I’d give our newer readers a quick rundown of, y’know, the history with the cute dorf who dinged 80 in the wee hours of this morning.

On April 7th, 2010, I rolled a human Paladin and named her Lizzy. She was all set to be a ret pally like every single pally I’ve ever rolled (and never gotten past level 35) have been. A couple days later, she hit 15 and I decided to respec her into Holy and try my hand at healing dungeons.

I got bit by the healing bug.

I ran a bunch of them in my crappy dpsing quest gear, went up four levels, and was finally gifted my very first set of healing gear (a mishmash of leather and cloth) at level 19. The difference (aka – all that int) was palpable, and I officially fell in love.

At the suggestion of one of her then-guildies, I put her in cloth heirlooms (since I was poor, emblem-wise, and cloth would do me for my caster druid and the warlock I was planning to roll as well) and set out to heal. And heal we did. We discovered VuhDo and loved it, we played with FoL spamming, and when I really wanted to roll a “proper” healing spec, I looked up the only Holy Paladin I had any real knowledge of: Kurn. I copied her spec, read her posts, and tried valiantly to understand them. I didn’t, always. I changed her name to Lisan, since I liked that better.

We hated Maraudon. I began talking to Kurn on twitter, and actually leaving comments on her blog. She talked about maybe starting her old guild back up – I jokingly said I’d heal for her if she did. I went with a then-guildie and one of Oreo’s lowbies into Scholo so he could farm for his The Insane title, and we could get mad XP. I got the mage dungeon set helm, and had to cut Lis’ hair so it wouldn’t stick out the back of it. Kurn started really seriously talking about starting her guild up again, and I tentatively offered my healing services in a more serious way. She accepted. Outlands came, and somewhere in the grind of the Hellfire Peninsula dungeons, I race changed her on a whim – Lis ran afoul of some glitchy gnomish technology and ended up a Dwarf.

At some point in the mid-60s, after talking with Oreo, I went ahead and transferred Lis to Eldre’Thalas, where Apotheosis would be making its home. It was a pretty tiny little guild at the time, since most everyone was still in old guilds or on old servers. Kurn suggested a rotation to use for me to go out and actually kill stuff, and while it’s never been light on the mana, it’s let me do a lot more than just dungeons, for which I’m eternally grateful. Northrend came. I started running dungeons with guildies now and then, which was fun. I got my friend Megs to join Apotheosis, with more than a little glee. Levelling was slow but steady. I did the Wrathgate questline in Dragonblight, and little else, quest-wise.

4.0.1 hit. This is recent history. The new changes just didn’t mesh with Lis as a character (they still really don’t, but we’re getting used to that) and I decided to “retire” her and race change to a Draenei, the brief visitor to my gaming, Sveta. We began questing in Sholazar, and then Storm Peaks. The Cata cinematic came out, and I realised what Deathwing would be doing to Lis’ home. It got personal – she’d be back for the expansion, I realised in my glee.

And then, last night, just after I hit 79, I realised that I didn’t want to hit 80 with Sveta. She was sweet and dependable, but she wasn’t Lisan. So I abruptly logged off as a Draenei, impatiently waited 20 minutes, and then logged back in as a Dorf. I actually got a couple cheers from my guildies. XD And, sure that was $50 down the drain for about four days’ worth of being Sveta, but…

It reminded me how much I love Lis. And that’s worth it, to me. We’re 80 now – no longer wearing those “damn mage robes”, all in plate with int gems (courtesy of Oreo and Hano, respectively – and a pair of crappy plate shoulders from the AH). Our gear isn’t the best ever, but it’s GOOD, and we’re ready to dip our toes into Heroics tonight, methinks.

It’s been a crazy six months. There’ve been a lot of changes, in her looks, her playstyle, her goals, her guild. We’re going to be raiders. And damn if I’m not proud of us.


9 thoughts on “A bit more nostalgia

  1. I think you’ll enjoy the new Justice points system and being able to farm for your T10 pieces. They will really help with leveling in Cata. We did a casual Naxx 10 last night for gold and giggles and points and maybe we could throw together a few more in the future, to get your feet wet.

    And as always, if you need a buddy for that, don’t be afraid to hit me up, too.


    1. :D I would love to run Naxx! Even if it’s “lol easy mode” compared to the Vanilla version (that’s just what I’ve heard, mind), it’s something that I’d love to do. And ULDUAR. I want desperately to kill Algalon before December when “Starcaller” will inevitably disappear. I WANT TO BE STARCALLER LISAN. THAT IS THE ONLY TITLE I HAVE EVER WANTED.

  2. I forget how long ago it was, but at some point I contemplated changing some things about my toons’ races and/or genders, among them morphing Jasra my female nelf priest into Jazrael, a male version of the same. The name was up there and available, I was all set to do so …

    and couldn’t. Jasra had settled in and made a home in our virtual home, and that was that.

    To many of us, our toons stop just being avatars and become living characters in our minds. I think Lissan just put a stinger on that idea. :)

    1. She really did. I could roll Sveta, if I felt like levelling another Paladin, or maybe a Priest (she’d be a wonderful priestess, her personality’s not quite right for Paladin anyway), but Lis can’t BECOME Sveta. Lis is Lis, and I need her around. She’s quite literally become my heart and soul in Azeroth, and I wouldn’t know how to play without her sitting around waiting for me to log on and spam some mad heals. :)

    1. She did, ladies and gentlemen! Megs lasted nearly that long, I was about 5% from dinging when she had to go pass out in bed, but I really appreciated it. <3 Having friends around for that moment made it even better. Also big thanks to Kurn and Ose who were on vent with me. :D

  3. Well, we got hotfixed yesterday morning to increase the output of all five of our casted spells (FoL, HL, DL, WoG and HS) so you’re not completely gimped, btw. You should be able to do fine in the easier heroics. Definitely stick the beacon on the tank and don’t forget about them. :)

    Grats again!

    1. Yay! And yeah, I’ve been working on popping heals at the slightest sign of damage if only to get more used to the kind of movement I’ll have to do in the heroics, at least until I outgear everything. ^^;;

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