My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps…

So… if you haven’t seen this, you SHOULD. The Cataclysm cinematic. HOLY. FUCKING. CRAP.

On the one hand, the ever-constant CG geek in me is going “OMG THAT IS SO AMAZING AND SEXY AND IS THAT NOT JUST BEAUTIFUL???” and the Tolkien geek in me is going “OMG THAT IS SO TOLKIENESQUE I’M IN LOVE”

On the other hand, Lisan is SEETHING. Guys. It had not really sunk in exactly what Deathwing would be doing to my world. And Lisan is a child of Stormwind… She’s going to be losing a lot of people she cares about in the Cataclysm.

Guys. Once the expansion hits? I GET TO HAVE MY GRUMPY PALLY BACK. There ain’t no way in hell she wouldn’t suck up and DEAL with the new healing, not with something like this going on. And it only JUST hit me.

While I’m going “D:!” at the destruction of so much of this world I love, most of me is busy squeeing, because, I DID NOT WANT TO LOSE MY GRUMPY PALADIN. And now, I DON’T HAVE TO.

Now excuse me, I have to go buy batteries for my mouse.


10 thoughts on “My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps…

  1. Oh yeah, it’s safe to say EVERYBODY will lose their own favorite corner of the Old World. Stormwind park, gone. Auberdyne, gone. Stonewrought Dam, gone. (Just when I found a route to descend down it’s face without dying, too)

    Might as well have called it ‘Catacylsm: This time its personal’.

    One grumpy Paladin, coming right up…

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? I mean, I didn’t know what was going on in the BC or Wrath ones when I first saw them, but it didn’t matter – it was just… SO EPIC. I wanted to FIND OUT what was going on in them. So psyched.

    1. Well, I’ve only got one toon who’s available to be a main, tbh. XD Been levelling that damn paladin since… March or April. The problem was that the changes to Paladin healing didn’t mesh with the character I’d created – I’m a writer, it’s instinct, all my toons are proper characters to some extent – and I, reluctantly, race changed her so that it’d be… a different character. Lisan the grumpy human-turned-dorf (way to go, gnomish technology) retired to Stormwind, where she grew up, and I took charge of Sveta the level-headed Draenei, hoping that once I got MYSELF properly used to the new healing, I might be able to work it into Lis’ story and change back to her.

      And then the cinematic came. And reminded me that OH HEY. DEATHWING. DESTRUCTION IN STORMWIND. WHERE LIS AND HER /FAMILY/ ARE. So, yeah, she will DEAL with the new healing in order to kick his ass. Like pndrev said up there, this xpac is gonna be “Cataclysm: This time it’s personal”.

  2. Blizzard so good at cinematics – they’re so blisteringly unironic it’s hard not to want to mock them a little but I always find myself getting swept along in spite of better judgement. The shots of the Barrens breakings and the wave crashing down on Booty Bay were particularly eek-inducing!

    1. XD Well, YOU can mock. To me, they’re just lovely – but then, most of my formative fandom years were spent in Lord of the Rings fandom, and we all were so unironically epic and dramatic that my first instinct is to just hold my breath and tell everyone to shut up so I can watch. >_>

  3. So does this mean you’re going back to being a Dwarf or are you going to stay as the Draenei and work this into your roleplay/lore somehow?

    1. Lis is on extended leave in Stormwind, visiting her family (such as it is), from a story perspective. She’ll be there when the Cataclysm hits.

      So, yeah, back to Dorfing. :)

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