I will not say, “Do not weep”…

So I am heartbroken to say that Lara of Root and Branch has closed up shop. She has made the decision to quit WoW, and the blog. I can respect that – if it’s not fun anymore, why keep playing? And we never interacted in WoW itself, so that aspect of her quitting won’t really affect me directly.

I am, however, devastated to lose her voice amongst the many amazing and distinctive voices on my blogroll. Her wit, humour, and insight will be sorely missed. I encourage anyone who’s read her blog to go thank her and say goodbye and wish her well – everyone could use some warm fuzzies when they close a chapter of their lives. :)


2 thoughts on “I will not say, “Do not weep”…

  1. I’m going to miss her too. Like you, she and I never interacted in-game, so it’s not going to affect me directly. But all the same, I’ve very much enjoyed reading her columns and chatting with her on Twitter. She’s one of those Internet People I would love to be able to call my friend.

    When she broke the news to everyone on Twitter the other night, I felt a little silly for being as sad as I was. But I suppose that that just goes to show how much I’ve grown to like her.

  2. I’m super sad about this too, because I’ve just recently become friends with her, and it’s awfully difficult to maintain online friendships without that common thread.

    I’m hoping that perhaps she might someday reconsider, but I’m glad she’s doing what’s good for her right now.

    Also her writing is too amazing to lose. Damn you universe! *shakes fist*

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