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…One is silver and the other gold.

Today marked a pretty big change in how I play and look at the game. No, it’s not the changes to Paladin healing, though there are quite a few, and they did spark this change. The change I’m speaking of is a much more important (and yet unimportant) one.

I race changed Lisan.

Now, I know I did it before. You remember the little-heralded change from gawky blonde human to curvy blonde dwarf, I’m sure, if you’ve hung out here much at all. But she was still Lisan, just with a bit of a… change of face. She was still the same grumpy Paladin she’d always been, and in the end, she felt even more herself.

But as I said yesterday, the New Paladin is not the same. It’s as if Lisan has become the out-of-date, behind-on-the-times veteran. They don’t need her anymore. The world has moved beyond her sort of healing. In a way, I think she deserves it – it’s been many years (for HER, from a story standpoint) since she began her training, and there’s been precious little peace for her in those years. But she’s not done yet. I know she’s not. I’m not ready to move past her. We’re supposed to have so many adventures.

Unfortunately, the world has declared her old news, and this newfangled thing just… doesn’t work for her. She doesn’t like it. She can’t get the hang of it. She doesn’t MIND that things have changed, but if she can’t get the hang of it… well, she won’t give up. But Stormwind always needs defenders, and it would be wonderful to see Sara again, even if she’s now shorter. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to find a gnome who knows how to put her back in her human form, not that she doesn’t like being a dwarf.

That doesn’t mean she’s not heartbroken about it, though. And so am I. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to handle the loss of her, in the long run. It’s possible that practise back in Stormwind will help her a lot, and that before too long she’ll be able to find her way into this “healing of the future” or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Until then, however, I’ve decided to make the acquaintance of someone a little more familiar with this “healing of the future”, seeing as how it’s based very much on the teachings of her people.

Go on, say hello.

Now, then, don’t be shy. You’re not the shy type, and you know it.

This is just silly. Say hello to all the nice readers of the blog!

This is Sveta. She’s distinctly less grumpy that Lis, more prone to quiet sighs of exasperation than expletive-filled grumbling. She’s generally calm, though you couldn’t say she’s demure by any stretch, and she’s certainly already a veteran in her own right, in a long-term way that Lisan won’t reach for a decade or two.

Don’t let that baby face fool you – she’s seen her fair share of war. We’re getting on pretty well so far – she’s not Lisan, but she’s a dear, and I think we’ll manage pretty well, for now, at any rate. I’m still hoping for Lis to pull through, but since I’m still getting used to the new way of things, I need someone who’s not going to be as flummoxed and lost as I am.

(all this to say… I race changed Lis. And I cried when I put the changes through, I’ll admit it. But it just feels less… broken when I’m not trying to do it on Lis. I can’t explain it if you’re not a writer or RPer, I’m afraid – just don’t have the proper words. Just suffice to say that unless I can get Lis comfortable with the changes… it’ll be me and Sveta taking on Deathwing. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m still having fun being a Paladin! I’m just… not being LIS. Sadface, but I’ll soldier on. She would, after all.)


5 thoughts on “…One is silver and the other gold.

  1. /bravo!

    At first, I didn’t think I could race change any of my primary characters without breaking up their story, but this is an excellent way to do it.

    *starts eyeing character list with a new outlook*

    1. heh, regarding that darned gnomish machinery or her “retirement” to Stormwind?

      Either way, I put a pretty decent amount of thought into both decisions, for all they were made on the writing equivalent of a whim. (ie, the same day, without really plotting through every important change it would bring.) Gnomish machinery gone awry (or Goblin – they both have their quirks) is good for keeping the same character, while the “retirement” is a good way to keep the toon without screwing up the character – I can still raid on the paladin toon I’ve spent time levelling for that purpose, but it’s not the same character. It gives me a way to put her aside for a bit, and see if I can’t come back later and adapt her to the changes. Which I like. :)

  2. It’s funny how we associate our characters, sometimes partly as extensions of ourselves, almost always associated with a part of the game that may or may not change.

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I had the only character in an MMO that I’ve ever considered an extension of myself. A character in Star Wars Galaxies who aspired to and eventually became a Jedi Knight. And even though the game changed around her, I clung to that character, and she clung to her ideals as a guardian of justice and peace in the galaxy. It broke my heart to leave her on her server when it was decommissioned, but she would have felt out of place and time on another server — an anachronism.

    I get the feeling that Lis would have been uncomfortable not being completely confident in her abilities, in a way that Sveta makes look effortless. Good luck to you both. :)

    1. :( That’s such a sad story! But sometimes breaking your heart all at once is better than trying to change them and realising that you’ve been slowly killing a character you adored.

      Lis does not deal with change well. She grew up in the Stormwind Orphanage, and while the other children would trickle in and out, there were plenty of constants to ground her – Matron, mealtimes and bedtimes, the school mistress, her closest friends. During her training, she was mentored early on by one of those very deliberate types – Melena was firm and steady and didn’t get flustered or doubt that she knew what she was doing. That’s something that Lis emulated – first out of a shy respect, and then because she is very like Melena. She’d practised everything she knew until she could do it in her sleep if necessary, and nothing could shake her. She had things under control… even when she didn’t. ;) But that means, of course, that changes really knock her off-balance. She’s SEEN the Draenei Vindicators at their craft, of course, but it’s too… fluid. Too uncertain, in her opinion, since it’s much more situational than your basic “Holy Light/Flash of Light” spam. Which… worked, for her.

      Sveta, on the other hand, wouldn’t have been playable before the patch, because that kind of healing just wouldn’t have felt natural to her. I’m learning about her in tiny bits and pieces – I really do like her, even if she’s not Lis. :)

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