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So, I’m a bit late to the party, but Blog Azeroth’s shared topic last week was “What’s In A Name?”, asking about our characters’ names and how we chose them. I kinda like it, so I’m going to go through and give you the names of ALL the characters I have. Yes. All of them. Starting with the most played first, of course. ;) And I will give you a brief rundown of why they’re named what they’re named. (This is really long. I’m sorry. Feel free to skip it. XD)

Actually, I’m going to start with my very first level 80’s original name:

I created Aislinn very shortly after having discovered Slashdance’s awesome Redshift machinimas, in which the main female character was named Aislynn. Now, both my DK and the character pronounced their name “ICE-lin”, (and woe befall the guildies who inevitably called me “ACE-lin”)but the name is actually a variant of an Irish name, Aisling, which is pronounced “ASH-ling”, and means “dream” or “vision”. I had this whole story for her, how she had been a priestess of Elune (she was a Night Elf then) and so forth. And then I got bored, race changed her to a Gnome, and renamed her Apple, because… well, it’s ME. We’ll get to THAT later, though.

Yes, her name has technically gained an extra N, even though I rarely use it when I’m writing about her. >_> Lis is my Paladin, which I hope any of you who’ve read this blog before know already. Originally, she’d been named Lizzy, which was okay when I rolled her as a ret pally on a whim, but when I decided to respec her and start healing, “Lizzy” just didn’t fit her very well anymore. But I didn’t really want to change it too much, because I was still very attached to the name for some reason. So I looked up a bunch of nicknames for “Elizabeth”, hoping to find one I liked. And, lo and behold, there was Lisan. I didn’t change it right away, but I kept it in my head, and when my tabletop group started up and I rolled a healing battle-cleric, it was obvious I’d have to take Lisan as her name. And so I did. It fit her to a T, really, and so I shelled out the money to get Lizzy a name change (much to the dismay of Lizbet, her former levelling partner). And then one thing led to another and she ended up a dwarf, but we don’t talk about that.

(More after the jump, because I won’t inflict this epic list on anyone who doesn’t give a crap.)

My oldest (remaining, we speak not of poor Kaadri or the nameless draenei I play-tested before I rolled Katy) character, who is a level 55 Warrior and will probably perpetually BE a level 55 Warrior. As a Draenei, I thought that (since their accents are quite Eastern European) she should have an Eastern European name. And since I was rolling a warrior, I thought I’d name her after an old character I used to write named Katya Sergievsky. Katya was, alas, taken, and I wasn’t too fond of Ekaterina, which Katya is a diminutive for. So I further diminutivised it (and probably butchered it in the process) and named her Katyachka. Being on an RP server, she WENT by Katya for a long while, but eventually it shortened to Katy (“KAH-tee”, not “KAY-tee”), and thus has she been ever since.

This is also an Irish name, it means “little graceful one”, and I stole it shamelessly from one of AJ’s longest-existing characters. These days, the character in question is generally in modern or modern urban fantasy stories, going by Nate, but when she was first conceived, she was a distrustful, temperamental swordswoman in a high fantasy RPG, and her name was Rathnait. The BElf DK who bears this name was originally to be quite like her, but she ended up, like many of my characters, to be quite different than I’d initially imagined. There is also a pre-death version of ‘Nait (she was a priestess) floating around somewhere at about level 14, and the DK version is stuck at 74.

‘Nait’s original name, before I server and faction-changed her, when she was a Draenei. This is another character of AJ’s, and I have no idea if it’s a real name or not. :) I just thought it was pretty.

Pronounced like “Shaun”, I picked this lovely Welsh name for my BElf paladin because I liked it – I have a habit of, for RP characters, anyway, picking a culture for each race to name characters after. BElves are Celtic, Draenei are Eastern European, Tauren are Native American, if I can find a good name, or Indian if not, Dwarves are Norse, and so are my few humans. Gnomes get… whatever sounds good and tinkery, which means it’s usually not a proper name. Sian’s name I liked because it sounded like a guy’s name, and she was very much not a feminine character.

Tosheeko, Yanto, and Rhosyn
So, uh, my friend and I are huge dorks. And because Katy had nothing to do, and had all this gold and shit, we decided to make a guild for some RPing on Katy’s server, and on a whim, we decided to imagine… what if Torchwood had happened in Azeroth? So we have Tosheeko, the arcane mage (who is an engineer, obvs), and Yanto the shadow priest, and Jahki the warrior, and Soozie the warlock, and Owynn the… disc priest, I believe. And then a couple oddballs – Katy, of course, and Rhosyn, the shammy who existed solely to be able to rez Jahki. (if you know Doctor Who, you’re probably snickering right now.) Liessa is a Death Knight who Yanto’s keeping hidden from Jahki and the rest of Burning Log, and basically we’re huge dorks and have fun with ourselves. Now, obviously if we inflicted any of these obviously Torchwood-inspired characters on the unsuspecting public, we’d be a little… well, less than classy, and probably considered quite unoriginal, but we just play with ourselves, mostly, so I can’t bring myself to feel bad. ;)

…seriously, I just made it up because I thought it sounded pretty.

I wanted to try out a male character, because the only other ones I have, I play very rarely and for RP only. So I made a male dwarf, gave him golden hair and a golden beard, and named him Kíli. 200 Apple Rep to anyone who knows what I’m talking about.

So I’d been trying to find this book (called Melusine) that I used to have. It’s by the same woman who wrote the Indian in the Cupboard books, and NO ONE has freaking heard of it – when I do a search, even with the author’s name, it’s NEVER the first one to pop up. But I was thinking about that book when I rolled a Gnome ‘Lock, and thus, she got that name. She’s quite happy mostly going by Mellie, though. When I have the $$, I should transfer her to Eldre’Thalas, I miss playing her.

Dawnfire and Andesha
Named after characters in Mercedes Lackey’s Mage Winds/Mage Storms trilogies. Because I was reading them at the time.

Named after Kaylee Frye, just spelled different. I was using Kae as my WoW-related alias for a while before switching to Apple, and I’m pretty glad I did.

My shammy on ET, who is a Draenei and very blue. I thought fitting in with the “fruit” theme would help people remember whose she is. ;)

Iestyn, Taishi, Morrighan, Gytha, Chromatic
All names for RP characters that I just… LIKED. Iestyn and Morrighan are both BElves, thus the Celtic-influenced names, Gytha is human (thus the Norse), and Tai and Mattie… well, I just liked their names. ^^;;

And, last but certainly not least:

Apple (and the Seeds)
This can be broken down into two sections: “apples” and “varieties”. I renamed Ais to Apple when I race changed her, and then when I started rolling alts to hang with my new friends, I started looking up other words for “apple” to use as character names. So far I have…

Afal, Jabuka, and Tufaha, which are the Welsh, Serbian, and Swahili words for “apple”, respectively. And then on one server, I have Braeburn and Jonagold, which are both different varieties of apples. And then there’s Appledarling, my bank alt (when I get her set up), after myself, and Mr. Darling from Peter Pan, who was a banker.

On a very-barely-related note, there’s also Liliana. So named because that was the name of Snow White in this tv movie version of the story that is REALLY FUCKIN’ CREEPY. SERIOUSLY. So, y’know, Snow White, apples… I know, I’m stretching it.

ANYHOODLE, that’s my thing, I hope you enjoyed learning all these things you never needed to know about me (like how many alts I have. Pro tip: most are below level 20.)! If you don’t have a blog, why not let me know about your character names in the comments? ;)


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  1. Whilst I’ve never read the Lynne Reid Banks book, my grandmother used to tell me stories about the legend of Melusine and I think it’s a beautiful name.

    1. The legend is pretty interesting, too – I came across the book before I knew it, at some yard sale or something, and just LOVED it. I love the name. Of course, then, the character I give it to likes to shorten it to “Mellie”. XD

  2. Ooo, I love Melusine. Such a pretty name, but I like all your names! I got Ose’s name from a dream. It was awesome, like spelled out and everything but in my dream, it had a few minor differences, I didn’t want to use the actual spelling because it’s my special name and I don’t want anyone to know how it’s really spelled. Muahahahaaa. <3

    Maybe I'll copy your idea one day for explaining my toon's names.

  3. Belated Tam is belated … I read a book called Melusine once. It was about gay wizards (well, a gay wizard), so I think perhaps it’s a very different book :P

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