Doing this Nano Thing

Hey there, if you don’t follow me on twitter, I just want to point you towards my Nano Blog. There I will be posting what writing I do during the month of November, in hopes that some moral support (ie – readers and comments) will help me reach my goal of 50k words. :)

Also, I’ll probably be pretty scarce because of Nano – though don’t you think for a second I won’t be posting a post of flail and squee after my raid on Tuesday. ;)


Just a tiny thought to be remembered

So I know some of you know that I will, on occasion, sing on livestream.

Tonight I started singing just to do a little show for one of my soon-to-be-Guildies, Liberty, who you will probably hear oodles about once she starts playing again because she is SO awesome. And, because she is in Europe right now, it got late, and she had to go to bed. But instead of logging out, she put me on her speakers, curled up in bed, and just let my livestream play her to sleep.

I literally sang someone to sleep tonight. It feels kind of awesome. :)

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When PuGs are Win

So I haven’t been doing randoms PER SE the past day or so – I’ve been running specific dungeons for specific drops – only one has dropped so far, and since it means I don’t have to run H ToC or H PoS on purpose for a while, I’m okay with that. My first run today was a reg PoS. Pretty straight-forward. We run in, have no problems. The tank seems to be in some really good gear, and I believe he was running one of the DPS, a mage, for a drop. We plow through the trash and down Garfrost without a hitch. Roll for the staff that drops–

And the DK and the mage immediately drop group, leaving me and the two DPS (Ret pally Cloudydaze of Silvermoon and Hunter Quassimodo of Terenas, both of whom don’t mind being mentioned by name, for the record) to requeue and wait for a tank.

We wait.

Cloudy gets a bit bored and pulls one of the trash mobs. No prob, I’ve got leet heals, they’ve got leet deeps. It IS regular PoS, after all, not Heroic. We pull another. And another. And suddenly we’ve easily and without issue cleared all the trash up to Ick and Krick.

“I don’t expect to tank ick in DPS gear,” Cloudy says, and we all agree. There’s a minute or two of silence, and then he says, “I could maybe try, if you guys wanted.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Quassi asks. “We die?”

“I’m game if y’all are,” I say. So we hitch up our trousers, tighten our belts, adjust our helms, and dive in. There’s lots of movement. We strafe out of the puddles, we run like mad away from the arcane bombs.

And then, suddenly…

click for the full screenie

We did it. We three-manned Ick with two DPS and a healer. Yes, it was regular and honestly we could probably all have been running it Heroic, but STILL. The point stands that we had no tank and we downed a boss anyway. And that makes me happy.

After that, we decided to wait for the queue to give us a tank, because the next trash would undoubtedly murder us, quickly, and we got to chatting. About various MMOs, and then about whether we got more purples from vendors, crafted, or drops. I asked them if they minded me posting the screencap without their names blurred, they asked where my blog was. (HI GUYS!)

Eventually, we went our separate ways. We were gonna try and requeue altogether, but I needed to feed the dog, and run errands (which I realised too late I CAN’T run, because I don’t actually have the money for it), so we went our separate ways. I may never run a random with them again, but they were AWESOME. And hopefully they’ll stick around here so we don’t completely lose touch. :)


Apotheosis is Open for Business!

Apotheosis is recruiting!

If you need a raiding guild for Cataclysm, I highly suggest checking us out. We’ve got a snazzy new logo (Hulrok is pretty much the bomb), and Kurn put together an epic badass recruitment video. I feel like I should be playing Eye of the Tiger when I watch it. In a good way.

Seriously, though, these people are amazing. I’ve rambled a bit about how much I love them before, but… I really do love them. They are talented, driven, determined raiders, and so much fun to hang with. I feel so at home here, in a way I never really thought I would. I’m learning some old jokes, we’re coming up with some new ones, and I always feel like I’m part of the group. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been tacked on so much as it feels like I was always expected, just came a little late to the party. These are some of the most awesome people I’ve met through this game (though obviously not all, my peeps know who they are ;) ), and certainly the most that have ever been in one place.

So if you’re still searching for that place to call home… maybe Apotheosis is it. Check it out.


Where have all the good men gone?

And women. Them too.

So first it was Anea, shutting down her blog for the time being, though she’s still around on twitter and so forth. That sucked. Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn closed up shop for a week and found she couldn’t stay away, though her posts are scarcer. And then Lara, my absolute favourite person to link to, shut down her blog and cancelled her WoW subscription. I know, I know, it’s heartbreaking! She hasn’t given up twitter yet, to my GREAT relief. And then today, the hilarious and one-of-a-kind Zal, from Blessing of Fish, closed up shop on his blog.

I suppose it’s inevitable, especially as people are getting burned out and bummed out by the end of the expansion, and the changes patch 4.0.1 made to their favourite classes. That doesn’t mean I’m not sad to see voices I enjoyed leaving the WoW blogosphere. They will be missed, I can tell you that much.

In other, unrelated news, due to financial considerations, my guild has switched over to Mumble instead of Vent. And while I can totally understand why it was done…




Quick note for you guys – I’m going to be liveblogging the Friday Blizzcon events with Ice from Druid Main on her blog – a few other bloggers might show up, you can ask us impertinent questions between sessions, and then marvel in awe and my and Velidra’s scathing wit as we cover the Song/Dance/Costume contest while Ice raids. :)

Gonna be fun, hope to see you there!


On being a new 80. Again.

I’ve turned 80 before. Just once, on Aislinn, and it was an exciting experience, I suppose. Suddenly, it wasn’t about XP, it was about emblems, and running the same dungeons over and over again for said emblems. I was a DPS DK, so as long as I could do some damage and not die, I generally didn’t have any problems. I didn’t learn until I’d already gotten myself decked out in T9 with an EJ spec and rotation (granted, only partially gemmed and entirely un-enchanted) that I was barely putting out 2k DPS, if that. Still, I could hold my own to an extent in Heroics, and I used the new emblems coming in to buy Heirlooms. Mostly the cloth ones.

On Lisan, however, in the wee hours of this morning, it was an entirely different matter. It was thrilling. It was joyous. I was just full of elation over this, and eagerly ran to the bank to take off the cloth heirlooms and a couple pieces of quest gear and put on the “nothing special” (in her words, not mine) level 80 gear that Oreo had gifted to me before I transferred off Ysera. “Just something to get you started”, and I appreciated the gesture immensely, remembering the hodgepodge of gear Ais had been in when she dinged.

So after work today, I log in and nervously eye the “queue for a random Lich King heroic dungeon” screen. No, I decide, after waffling on Vent and gchat for a few minutes. I queue for the Headless Horseman. Get a ring upgrade and the cool (but sadly only 14-day-duration) broom. (Side note: That broom is instant cast. You can cast it WHILE YOU’RE FALLING. It’s awesome.) I queue up for a regular dungeon with Ose’s fury warrior, who was (at the time, she’s since dinged) still 79. And then, mostly at the encouragement of Kurn, my oh-so-lovely GL, I queued up for my very first Heroic, thinking I’d get UK or something of a similar difficulty. Maybe a bit higher, since I was out of some of my quest gear.

Loading screen pops up.

Forge. Of. Souls.

I boggle for a moment, and then panic, and then flail. I heal as best I can. I whisper the tank and warn him that I’ve never even set FOOT in a Heroic before (which is true, as a healer, and I don’t think my crappy DPSing counts in this case), and he says it’s all good and he’ll keep an eye on me. I do okay at first, only lose one DPS on the first boss, and get a nice neck drop off him, [Love’s Prisoner]. And then… the last boss. First round, we lasted about 20 seconds before I succumbed to the chaos and died, precipitating a wipe. Second time, we lasted about 30, maybe 45 seconds. It wasn’t enough. Another wipe, at which point the tank promptly dropped group, and the DPS followed suit, leaving me sad and alone (and dead) in the Forge of Souls, where I shouldn’t have been in the first place. This is, of course, when I turn on my fearless leader and jibe her a bit, to soothe my own wounded ego.

“‘You’ll do fine,’ she says. ‘Nothing to worry about,’ she says.” And, of course, because I wasn’t really mad, we all laughed and moved on to exploring the various different kinds of phone sex voices Kurn and O could use to read the flavour text of the [Apexis Crystal]. Yeah, it was a very special conversation. So I swear off Heroics for the evening, level my herbalism a little (and annoy every lowbie in Elwynn Forest with the constant spamming of “/y Speedyram, HO!” every time I mounted. Mmmm, macrolicious), help a very sweet and polite lowbie with a couple quests in Redridge, and do an encounter with my web-based DnD group. And then I’m sitting out in Storm Peaks, playing with my broom, and Kurn asks… well, something about my gear. She goes to take a look at my gear, and promptly tells me that a) I need a new Libram – which was true, I’d been using one I got at, like, lv 64 – and b) I need better gems in my belt because my belt deserves better than the dinky +12 int gems I had in it.

“Oh, really?” I ask, cluelessly. “Is it nice?”

Yeah. Apparently it is.

Kurn has never seen this drop. “Ah. This would be the reason for Forge of Souls,” I say. “Yeah, pretty much,” she replies. After which we got me my new libram and some nice +20 int gems, dragged Shadow into a group to tank, and ran a couple of random Heroics, which were the undead spider dungeons (I can’t remember the names) and much more along my current skill/gear level, and we only wiped once thanks to a fail!DK. :) So on the whole, a nice evening. Tomorrow, I clean and spend time OUT OF THE HOUSE OMG with the wifething. And I sleep tonight, sound in the knowledge that I’m… actually not too bad at what I do. Seriously, I always get nervous running with Kurn, because she has been a holy paladin longer than I’ve been PLAYING, but she’s always got either helpful (and not at all mean) critiques if I’m not doing something I should be (or doing something I shouldn’t be), or a lot of nice words. Seriously. Considering I still nurse a slight case of hero worship – because hey, who says you can’t hero worship your friends? – this means a lot to me. I love spending time with her – as part of a group or just one-on-one. Good times. We’ve both been saying it a lot lately, but I think I’m really gonna fit in nicely in Apotheosis, and that makes me happy.

And before I go… HOLY CRAP, OREO. SERIOUSLY? MY FREAKING GUILD LEADER WANTS MY BELT. I HAD NO IDEA. YOU ARE LIKE, THE GODDESS OF GODDESSES. SERIOUSLY. WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD TO ME? You are slightly to blame for my somewhat traumatic first Heroic incident, but that all PALES IN COMPARISON to the fact that you gave me a pretty rare ICC25 BoE drop as a “starter” that was “nothing special”.

I do not deserve you, sweet cheeks. ♥


A bit more nostalgia

So while my last post was sufficient, I thought I’d give our newer readers a quick rundown of, y’know, the history with the cute dorf who dinged 80 in the wee hours of this morning.

On April 7th, 2010, I rolled a human Paladin and named her Lizzy. She was all set to be a ret pally like every single pally I’ve ever rolled (and never gotten past level 35) have been. A couple days later, she hit 15 and I decided to respec her into Holy and try my hand at healing dungeons.

I got bit by the healing bug.

I ran a bunch of them in my crappy dpsing quest gear, went up four levels, and was finally gifted my very first set of healing gear (a mishmash of leather and cloth) at level 19. The difference (aka – all that int) was palpable, and I officially fell in love.

At the suggestion of one of her then-guildies, I put her in cloth heirlooms (since I was poor, emblem-wise, and cloth would do me for my caster druid and the warlock I was planning to roll as well) and set out to heal. And heal we did. We discovered VuhDo and loved it, we played with FoL spamming, and when I really wanted to roll a “proper” healing spec, I looked up the only Holy Paladin I had any real knowledge of: Kurn. I copied her spec, read her posts, and tried valiantly to understand them. I didn’t, always. I changed her name to Lisan, since I liked that better.

We hated Maraudon. I began talking to Kurn on twitter, and actually leaving comments on her blog. She talked about maybe starting her old guild back up – I jokingly said I’d heal for her if she did. I went with a then-guildie and one of Oreo’s lowbies into Scholo so he could farm for his The Insane title, and we could get mad XP. I got the mage dungeon set helm, and had to cut Lis’ hair so it wouldn’t stick out the back of it. Kurn started really seriously talking about starting her guild up again, and I tentatively offered my healing services in a more serious way. She accepted. Outlands came, and somewhere in the grind of the Hellfire Peninsula dungeons, I race changed her on a whim – Lis ran afoul of some glitchy gnomish technology and ended up a Dwarf.

At some point in the mid-60s, after talking with Oreo, I went ahead and transferred Lis to Eldre’Thalas, where Apotheosis would be making its home. It was a pretty tiny little guild at the time, since most everyone was still in old guilds or on old servers. Kurn suggested a rotation to use for me to go out and actually kill stuff, and while it’s never been light on the mana, it’s let me do a lot more than just dungeons, for which I’m eternally grateful. Northrend came. I started running dungeons with guildies now and then, which was fun. I got my friend Megs to join Apotheosis, with more than a little glee. Levelling was slow but steady. I did the Wrathgate questline in Dragonblight, and little else, quest-wise.

4.0.1 hit. This is recent history. The new changes just didn’t mesh with Lis as a character (they still really don’t, but we’re getting used to that) and I decided to “retire” her and race change to a Draenei, the brief visitor to my gaming, Sveta. We began questing in Sholazar, and then Storm Peaks. The Cata cinematic came out, and I realised what Deathwing would be doing to Lis’ home. It got personal – she’d be back for the expansion, I realised in my glee.

And then, last night, just after I hit 79, I realised that I didn’t want to hit 80 with Sveta. She was sweet and dependable, but she wasn’t Lisan. So I abruptly logged off as a Draenei, impatiently waited 20 minutes, and then logged back in as a Dorf. I actually got a couple cheers from my guildies. XD And, sure that was $50 down the drain for about four days’ worth of being Sveta, but…

It reminded me how much I love Lis. And that’s worth it, to me. We’re 80 now – no longer wearing those “damn mage robes”, all in plate with int gems (courtesy of Oreo and Hano, respectively – and a pair of crappy plate shoulders from the AH). Our gear isn’t the best ever, but it’s GOOD, and we’re ready to dip our toes into Heroics tonight, methinks.

It’s been a crazy six months. There’ve been a lot of changes, in her looks, her playstyle, her goals, her guild. We’re going to be raiders. And damn if I’m not proud of us.