Quick Bogglement

So, uh, thanks to Kurn linking to my blog and my last blog post, I got 230 views today.

Two. Hundred. Thirty.

To all the people who stopped by, thanks for coming! I hope you stick around. :) And if you’ve already decided to stick around, then welcome! It’s always nice to have new people reading my latest rambles.


This is kind of crazy, to me. Wow. 230 views. Thank you guys so much.

8 thoughts on “Quick Bogglement

  1. Hullo thar! I’m one of the 230 – Kurn is a hero for good players and aspiring holy paladins everywhere, so it’s natural that you’d get a lot of new traffic. :-) I have every intention of applying to Apotheosis when recruitment opens up, so here’s to adding a possible future guildmate to my feed reader!


  2. I was a reader for a little while before Kurn posted that link. I feel all ahead of the curve now. ;)

    It’s about time more people discovered this little gem of a blogger. :)

    1. Hahah, I’m not entirely surprised, because I at least glance at anything you link, but I AM surprised at how many people ended up clicking around on other posts after following the initial postlink!

    1. Hahah, thank you! I’ve always been rather enamoured with Ulduar, though I’ve sadly never gotten to run it. And since I was going for an all-Azeroth-encompassing banner… it seemed like a good choice.

      Plus it’s just PRETTY. :D

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