So I hit two of my own personal milestones today, and I’d like to talk about them. :)

1) Lisann (I had to add the extra “N” when she transferred) dinged 70, and
2) I became a member (not just a friend) in a raiding guild

In sight of the finish line

Almost exactly five months ago, I introduced my tiny reader base to my baby paladin, Lizzy. I talked about how I’d run LFD as holy on a whim, for the shorter queue time, and ended up really enjoying it. Since then, that baby paladin has been renamed Lisan, turned into a Dwarf, and (as of earlier tonight) moved to her new home on Eldre’Thalas. I’ve started learning more and more about my class (which… I admit to knowing very little past the basics on any other character I’ve played, though I do attempt to know at least that), and how to be the best healer. I’ve made an attempt to stay gemmed and glyphed, and it’s really been both the most fun and the most informative levelling I’ve ever had.

And speaking of that server transfer, that leads into the next point.

My place in the world (of Warcraft)

Tonight, I decided to transfer Lis to ET earlier than expected. I was originally planning to wait until 4.0 hit, to transfer for the new batch of levelling that would be needed when Cata hit, and until then I’d stick on Ysera, with my guild, and run heroics and maybe even convince them to take me on some alt runs so I could get some raid experience before I went over to to try my hand at being a real raider. But then tonight I was thinking: I have a little extra money, and I generally live paycheck to paycheck. It’s going to be hard enough making sure I’ve saved up for the xpack, and having enough for the transfer as well would be… difficult.

So I transferred her. I poked Kurn on twitter, she said she was just about to log in, and she tossed me an invite. And promoted me to “member”.

Now, in most guilds I know of, “Raider” is the dedicated raiding team, “Member”s are the who raid, but not as regularly, “Alt”s are (obviously) alts of the raiders and members, and “Friend” is the non-raiding population, usually just friends of the raiders and members. I’ve only been in one raiding guild in my WoW career, Hano’s guild on Ysera, and I’ve been a “Friend” that whole time. Due to how their ranks are set up, that makes me a “Member”, but I wasn’t someone they looked at and said “hey, we’re short DPS, we should invite Apple!”

And now I’m a Member. I’m a member who hopes desperately to be a Raider once we’ve all gotten up to 85 and started raiding in Cata. It’s… strangely one of the more exhilarating feelings I’ve ever had. Hitting 80 for the first time was… cool. Hitting 80 on Lis will be extremely exciting. My first 1-80 levelling. :D I mean, you have to level to 55 to roll a 55 DK, but… it’s not the same, when it’s a different character finishing off the grind. But even the idea of hitting level cap is not as exciting as the realisation that I’m… a real, proper member of a raiding guild. I’m not just a tag-along, hanger-on, standing on the sidelines. I mean, there’s nothing wrong, obviously, with being a non-raider in a raiding guild that allows them. But as someone who’s kind of… dreamed of raiding since I realised it existed? This is kind of a dream come true.

And getting to do my first real raid with the people of , who I’ve been chatting with in gchat and on the forums and on twitter? That’s makes this cake better than bakery. It makes it grandma’s amazing homemade buttercream-frosted 2-layer chocolate cake, okay? I love these people so much already, and I know from trusted sources (aka Kurn) that many of them are good players. I know they’re not going to call me a noob (at least, not maliciously) and that they’ll not hate me if I’m not perfect.

So basically… today was good, despite having to call out of work because I was sick. :) I love you guys, Apotheosis. And I love all you readers. (And I especially love those of you who read and are Apotheosis, mwahahah.)

I love days like this.


27 thoughts on “Milestones

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping I love raiding as much as I think I will. If I’m lucky, it’ll be more than I think I will. I really hope that it ends up being more, because I see all these people with this passion for it, and I’m just like… I want that. I love WoW, but I haven’t found my niche yet, and raiding is really the only one left. I think that’s where I’ll fit. I guess we’ll see, right?

  1. Congratulations, sincerely! It’s always fun to read about someone being happy about something in WoW; mostly nowwadays it’s whinging in one for or another over 4.0 or Cata or ICC or what-have-you. As a contrast, and enjoyable read!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I notice a lot of complaining, and while I do like to bitch at crappy tanks… *shrug* Iunno, I’m just the type of person who LIKES being upbeat. I’m really looking forward to Cata, even if it completely changes how Holy Pallies are played, because it’s NEW! It’s EXCITING, and I can’t wait to poke at all the new shinies that I’m gonna get. :)

  2. Congratulations on taking the first step towards being a raider, hun! Maybe they’ll take you to an alt run or the weekly raid and get you properly hazed into the group dynamics. I know I’d love to raid with you :)

    1. I’m sure they will – I’ll be definitely dinging 80 before 4.0 hits, and I will be veritably BEGGING them to take me somewhere once I’ve got some tier/Heroic gear.

  3. Oh! This is the post Kurn was talking about on twitter (that my RSS reader didn’t pick up for some reason)! Oh hun, I’ve been there before. Being a spectator under the “friend” title, knowing the fun and frustration everyone else was having. I’ve semi-wanted to raid and mostly didn’t. I know that feeling all too well, and am SO glad you’re at E’T already. *hugs*

    We’ll find our places, along with everyone else who’re gonna be relearning their characters all over again with us. Clean slate. We’re all gonna be noobs… But like a noob family!

    1. Silly RSS reader!

      I think the Cata “reset” is perfect, really, for me to make my foray into raiding, because we WILL all be noobs. And that’s okay. It’s actually very comforting, to me, because I know that we’re all learning how to play our classes together, and we’re all going to be making stupid mistakes at first.

      *hugsback* I’m glad I decided to xfer early, because… well, you’re awesome, and it’s great to be hanging with Megs for the first time since she started playing. :) And I’m just psyched to be settling into my new home.

  4. Congrats, Apple. As a fellow “Raiding Noob”, I can relate to how you feel. Raiding is a lot of fun, and if you put the effort to learn how to do it well (which it sounds like you have), it’s immensely emotionally rewarding. I can’t describe what an intense high it was when I downed my first true progression boss (Sindragosa, how I hate you… but you’re dead now, so it’s ok).

    The most critical thing is finding the right people to play with. If you get a good guild who value fun more than progression, you’re set.

    Enjoy the raiding!

    BTW, I found your blog through Kurn’s link. I’m sure I’ll be back for more. :)

        1. Heh heh, yeah, I’m looking forward to those, too. Having my own Majik stories to share with unsuspecting newbies later on will be amazing. (seriously, my favourite part of Kurn’s blog back when I started reading, as a totally noobie paladin, were the Majik stories. Because you are RIDICULOUS, okay?)

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty sure I can handle the frustration when I have people around me working with me – the only time frustration really gets me down is when it’s frustration and I’m all alone. ^^;; I hope it works the way I think it will, anyway.

  5. Look who got out of her cage?
    Baby, you’ll be one of the best paladins, ever. Don’t be self conscious, I have oodles of faith in these blogger people you rave about so much. *quirk eyebrow*

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