The home stretch!

I dinged 68 today, and ran my first Northrend dungeon. Granted, technically Oreo ran me through it, but Keleseth was still a bit of a challenge – I was healing and trying to break her ice blocks and not get killed. Surprisingly, I was not killed!

I’m really excited, though, because this means that I’m in the last leg of my levelling. Before I know it, Lis’ll be 80, and I’ll be farming heroics for badges and getting tier. I’m hoping to even heal a couple raids (no ICC, necessarily, but raids) with my current guild to get some practise. Hano totally wants to take me through Ulduar, uh-huh. >.>

It’s just kind of… epic, for me. I mean, sure, I have a couple other toons over 60. Apple is 80, Nait is 74, Summer is 61 or 62. But Summer has been slowly and painstakingly levelled over about a year and change, and DKs aren’t exactly hard to level to 80, since they start out in that last chunk of levels ANYWAY. So it’s really exhilarating to realise that…. I’m going to have finally levelled a character from 1-80. Sure, she had help from heirloom chest and shoulders, and sure I got a few levels here and there from my friends carrying her through instances, but…

I don’t know, it’s just a really exciting feeling. I’m going to have a freaking PARTY when I ding.

In other news, I’ve been chatting more and more with Lara, Vid, and the gang. They’re all so much fun, and I love them dearly. Good times, good times. ^^ Come chit-chat with us on twitter if you like! I’m @azerothapple.


7 thoughts on “The home stretch!

  1. Almost there Apple! It’s a bit off yet but I always find it hilarious/fun if you can make your level 80 ding special in some way. :D Time to start planning?? ;)

    1. Dude, I am totally gonna livestream that sucker. I may even switch over to the (very very slow) desktop view for the actual event. I WILL DROP A GROUP IF I HAVE TO TO KEEP MYSELF FROM DINGING BEFORE I HAVE Y’ALL THERE. Or at least some of y’all.

  2. Congratulations on being done with Outland, Apple! As much as I enjoy Outland, I still get a thrill from that first boat ride to Northrend. Oh, I know you can just get a mage to teleport you to Dalaran these days, but I still like to go there on foot the old-fashioned way. By the same token, whenever I get a character to 58, I make her walk through the Dark Portal to Outland.

    Good times! :D Like Rades asked—any plans for the big 80? :)

    1. I’m totally livestreaming it. And then… iunno, having a party in Ironforge. Everybody should roll alts on Ysera and we can live it up! XD

  3. Congratulations on getting closer. I remember how cool it felt the first time — you’re right about DKs not being quite the same. The history just isn’t there that you have with a character you leveled from 1.


    1. I know, right? Lis is… this CHARACTER. She started out as a little one-off joke and boredom relief and then she became the centre of my WoW universe. Everything else, even my RP and my longer-held characters, is secondary to the fact that I love Lis, and I want to heal on Lis, and I want Lis to reach the level cap, etc.

      I haven’t had TIME to attach to Apple like that, she was 80 before I could even BLINK, it felt like. A month, from rolling her to 80. Lis has been trucking along since… what, March? Much more effort poured into her. Much more love.

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