Of fresh downloads and race changes

So my laptop, in the hour and a half I was away from her during my nap this afternoon, decided to implode or something. I couldn’t get her to open ANYTHING but Finder. No applications, nothing. Even after two virus scans and three reboots.

So I had to transfer all the important stuff to my external (including my WoW Interface and WTF folders, because I’ll be damned if I’m setting up my UI all over again) so I could just… do a fresh instal of my OS. And, of course, I forgot that I’d switched from Firefox to Chrome and didn’t have my bookmark synchronizer addon anymore, and lost… somewhere between 100 and 200 bookmarks, probably. *sigh* I have changed my bookmarking habits to have an online backup, after this.

And, of course, this has happened at the end of the expansion. Which means not only do I get the LOVELY over-and-hour installation time of the base Wrath game, I get to deal with downloading and installing all the patches. Every patches. I’ll be doing this well into tomorrow. *sigh* And I was planning on actually levelling Lisan, something that I haven’t really cracked down and done for a couple of weeks.

In other, unrelated news, I splurged last week and got Aislinn a race change. She is now Ápple the Gnomish Death Knight. I just… really have never felt like much of a NElf, and being a Gnome is so FUN! Not to mention I’m really looking forward to Operation Gnomeregan, and getting to do that as a Gnome, from an RPer’s perspective (even if I don’t RP on her), is just… thrilling.

I know some people (I’m looking at you, Oreo) will throw up their hands and go “AUGH, GNOMES!”, but I could care less. I have such love for those little suckers. ^_^

So now I’m going to go back to trying to re-create at least part of my bookmarks folder, and wait for WoW to instal. Have a nice night, you guys.

3 thoughts on “Of fresh downloads and race changes

  1. Gnomes ARE cute! (As long as they don’t have the ubiquitous puffy pigtails, ugh) and I do think Gnome Death Knights are particularly cute (and rare!)

    I love the idea of a female Gnome Death Knight named Apple :> One of my favorite Gnome names is Applecake.

    Great minds, right?

    1. Definitely! (and she’s got the braided Princess Leia-esque buns, in pink. I think the only Gnome I can stand those pigtails on is Larisa, tbh.)

      AHAH, that’s brilliant! Clearly she was meant to be a Gnome all along!

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