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Focus vs. OMGSHINY

No, this is not about the Cata changes to Hunters. Though I am pleased by that – it always felt silly to me that my hunter used mana. But whatever.

I have been slacking on my “levelling Lisan” pledge. The poor thing has only reached 56. Nor can I seem to concentrate on any of the OTHER various “lesser goals” that I’d decided to set for myself – Mellie has reached 20 and not budged since, I still suck at healing on Kili and haven’t levelled him further than what two randoms could do for him, Kass has been be-heirloomed and respecced balance, but I haven’t done more than a couple dungeon runs on her since. And Aislinn, who I swore I’d rep grind and do the Tournament dailies (and a few other dailies) on for money and who I’m trying to get tabards and mounts for (for, y’know, achievements)… Aislinn did enough randoms to buy the heirloom leather caster chest-and-shoulders and the heirloom staff, and has done nine dailies (combined three-day total) and no rep grinding.

So I go “okay, clearly I just need a break from them!” and I log onto Klarah or Kaeleigh (my two “gimmick” characters – that’s a whole other post that I should really write up), or Summer, Nait, Jae, Tai, Iestyn, Bei, any of my various RP characters that could stand to be levelled/played more. And then I feel guilty that I’m not doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing, and log off entirely.

To poke at the internet and do absolutely nothing productive in other areas of my life.


The problem with trying to focus on anything like this, for me, is that I am easily distracted by shiny things, and if I’m not running through randoms with a friend I can chat with, I can’t keep my attention and dedication going. It’s just a game, after all, so I don’t apply myself with quite the same dedication I’d give to things like… a career, or getting a degree. But I still feel, in the back of my head, like I should be able to. I managed it when I was levelling Ais to 80 – she made it from the starting zone to the level cap in a month and a half, and considering I’d been playing the game for about a year and a half at that point and never reached the level cap, that was a pretty big accomplishment.

I’m sure part of it is the fact that the people I spent so much time with levelling Ais (and getting Lis from 1 to 45) are… not really around, these days. Real life has gotten in the way, or they’ve gotten bored for the time being, and it all adds up to no Lizbet or Spooky to run things with when Andy’s busy.

The bright side of all this is Andy, my new friend that I sort of accidentally acquired through my guild. She was talking to Hano (who, as I’ve said, I’ve been friends with for nearly a decade) and he said something about me that prompted her to send me a whisper next time she saw me on. And as I’ve never actually gotten to connect with any of the girls we’ve had in the guild before, I was psyched! Since then, we’ve really bonded, and I log on almost every day even if I’m not planning to play, just so I can talk to her for a while. Her only fault is that she, like so many other WoW players, hates gnomes. She also thinks Boomkin are ugly. However, she plays with Mellie with a minimal of Gnome-punting talk, and has assured me that once Kass actually GETS Moonkin form, I will be the only pretty Boomkin in existence. We flirt a lot, if you couldn’t guess, and damn if I know if either of us are actually serious, but it’s loads of fun.

She is, truly, the best part about WoW for me right now.

So it all ends with my WoW experience being very spastic and frustrating, yet fun and relaxing. Cata cannot come too soon, imo, even if it WILL lead to me having even MORE characters to ADD on. Because really, like I’m not going to roll like, three Worgen, two Gnomes, a Tauren, and maybe another Troll.

All that said and out of my system, I am going to go log onto Lis and dedicate at least enough time for three dungeon runs. Even if I do get BRD every time. /cry