I promise I’m still here…

I’ve just gotten a bit distracted by a bunch of things:

-Lack of sleep
-Levelling Lisan (she’s 51 now!)
-Reading Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series
-Levelling Melusine. She’s my new Gnomish Warlock
-Really ridiculous crack-RP with a couple of friends.
-Less ridiculous RP with my D&D group

I’ve downloaded JumpCounter and it’s kind of crazy seeing my jumping patterns. Lisan hardly jumps at all, Ais jumps a moderate amount, Kass jumps a lot, and Melusine had over 100 jumps before she even hit lvl 5! I’ve decided that jumping as a Druid is addictive and jumping as a Gnome is the most bouncy fun you can have. And also compulsive. Is there anyone out there who seriously plays a gnome who doesn’t spam the spacebar? I find myself bouncing without realising it sometimes.

Kurn has gotten a beta key, for which I am insanely jealous, and has been having Cataclysmic Adventures ™. Very enlightening and a little amusing – if you don’t read her now, I suggest you start.

Also, newish blogger Lara over at Root and Branch has posted a Shakespearian retelling of your average Oculus PUG that is absolutely hilarious.

And now I scoot off, so as not to be late to work! I hate working the opening shift.

2 thoughts on “I promise I’m still here…

  1. Jumping is fun! Have you seen Greyfoo’s video on this subject?

    Some situations simply demand a jump. Are you a Paladin about to throw her Avenger’s Shield? A warrior about to charge into a pack of mobs? A hunter waiting for the gate to open in Warsong Gulch? A tree doing…well, just about anything? :)

    All I can say is, thank heavens space bars are built to last.

    1. I had not seen it, but I just watched it and I have DIED OF CUTE. Also, I’m grinning like an idiot, which is a definite improvement over the grumpy-pants I had all day. ^.^

      Space bars bring me joy.

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