Blog Azeroth: Meeting Bastian

[This is in response to this week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth – RP meeting your mount.]

Lisan looked dubiously at the white destrier in front of her as Thomas tried to convince her to take the beast.

“You’ll need a more battle-ready mount now that you’re going into more dangerous territories,” he insisted. “He’s trained for battle, to trample your enemies, use his hooves as weapons. He is as necessary as your mace, or your connection to the Light!”

“Drika is a good courser, and has seen me through plenty of battles,” Lisan said firmly, as the destrier pranced a bit, clearly (to Lisan’s mind) wishing to run or kick something. Lisan could understand the use of larger stallions, and why it was common among warriors and paladins alike, for their aggressive nature and their strength in carrying warriors in heavy plate armour, but she’d much rather have her good-tempered and just as combat-ready mare than this brute. “I have no need for another. Do you remember what happened last time the Church tried to give me a mount?”

Thomas sighed. “You walked, as slowly as possible, to the border of the Redridge region, and you bought a pony.”

“That pony served me well,” Lisan said stoutly. “But then I met Shalan and he agreed to lower the price on one of his mares if I traded him the pony. And Drika is perfect for me.”

“Some take more than one mount, you know,” Thomas pointed out.

“Yes, and some can afford to feed and stable more than one mount when they’re not in the bounds of the Church’s hospitality,” Lisan countered. “Give him to some poor sod who doesn’t know any better than to take an ill-tempered nag–”

Lisan cut off with a start as the destrier stepped forward to bump his nose good-naturedly against her shoulder, lipping the edges of her tunic. All his pent-up energy seemed to have siphoned away, and it occurred to her that perhaps he just had very much wanted to smell this new person that Thomas had been presenting him to.

She cautiously placed a hand on his nose, and then slowly moved to run her hands down his neck and flanks, examining him. He watched her as she inspected him, but made no move to kick or bite or even shy away. He was a rather handsome animal, when it came down to it, and she could think of a few situations where having a heavier-built mount than Drika would be beneficial…

“His name is Bastian,” Thomas said, a smug note in his voice. “He’s really the best I’ve seen in a while, I was saving him for you.”

“And he is altogether too pleased with himself,” Lisan muttered to Bastian under her breath. “Don’t suppose you could nip a little humility into him…”

To her surprise, Bastian immediately turned and gently nipped at the other paladin’s hand, giving him a reproachful-sounding whinny and putting one ear back. The startled and confused look on Thomas’ face was enough to make Lisan burst out laughing, and she rested her cheek against Bastian’s neck.

“I think I might keep him after all,” she told Thomas. “He seems to have good taste.”

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    1. Heh, only after Bastian proved he was intelligent enough to take half-suggested orders. ;) Now all we need is for Bastian and Drika to have a foal, yeah? XD

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