Brief thoughts on 25-man raids

Important thoughts? Not really – I’ve run one (count ’em) 25-man raid in my life, when a guildie got me into a PUG for ToC25. That’s where I got my oh-so-gorgeous Greaves of the 7th Legion, which replaced whatever wannabe Ugg boots I’d been wearing before.

I like to look good, what do you want from me?

Anyway, part of me is… nervous, at the thought of running 25-mans, and the realisation that come Cata, I’m going to be. My computer isn’t the worst out there, but sometimes my lag gets NUTS. Now, part of my problems tend to be that when I’m running randoms, people don’t actually wait for me to phase in fully before aggroing the nearest trash. Which doesn’t bother me much when I’m DPSing, but when I’m HEALING, it can mean a wipe before I’ve even had a chance to see what’s going on. Which I then get blamed for. I hate it.

Of course, if they wait, I zone in, start buffing, by the time I’m done, the lag tends to have evened out. And if I start lagging again, if I can warn the others in time and they LISTEN, it clears up pretty quick. It’s not a CONSTANT problem. Which, I suppose, is why I shouldn’t be worried – a random 5-man is not the same as a guild-run 25-man. There will most likely be vent. There will be ready checks. If I’m lagging, or not zoned in, I can say, “Man, it’s taking a long time to zone me in, hang tight,” and I can rest easy knowing that if they decide to start pulling trash anyway, they’re doing it consciously without my help. Which means if somehow we wipe, no one in their right minds will be blaming me.

Still. It makes me wring my hands and fret. What if my lag’s too bad? What if I just can’t get 25-man raids to work properly for me? What if I lag a bit and they get annoyed with me while I’m figuring out how to compensate for it? WHAT THEN?

I’ve got a plan, though. It’s a good plan. If, when I finally start raiding, I have bad lag, I will make sure my graphics are turned down and I will turn off ALL non-essential addons. Considering that, at the moment, anyway, the only essential addons out of the many I use are Vuhdo, Bartender, and Omen, I think that’ll probably help a lot. If I’m still lagging, I’ll just have to learn to compensate. And if I can’t do that, I’ll get a Ret offspec and just raid in that, dammit.

And now that I’m done freaking myself out over nothing… I’m going to go see if I can’t get Lis to level 45 tonight. Shouldn’t be too hard, if I can stomach Maraudon, Maraudon, and more Maraudon. Followed by Sunken Temple. Ugh. Can has BC 5-mans? Pls?


4 thoughts on “Brief thoughts on 25-man raids

    1. My friend Hano (who is a pretty competent raider from what I can tell) says the same thing about his. XD And having SEEN his framerate on an average 25-man raid, I would probably agree.

  1. Actually I start hand wringing when my latency climbs to 600 and then everybody is always “dude, that’s my latency ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, get a clue.” :)

    1. Yeah, I’m lucky, my latency tends to be between 60 and 150, it’s just my framerate that goes kerplooey most of the time – my average is… well, it used to be 6, but then I forwarded some ports and now my average is about 11.

      Except sometimes in instances, when it drops to, like, 0.

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