Loremaster and Aiming for 80

So I have two goals before Cataclysm hits. See, I know a lot of people are trying to finish off a bunch of achievements before the expansion – some because they might be gone or changed forever (Loremaster, The Explorer), and some… so they can say that they had it before Cata, I guess.

Because she’s my only level 80 character at the moment, Aislinn has been the one I’ve tried for most of my achieves on. I’m probably going to finish my “do all the old-world 5-mans” at some point on her, but that’s not really what I’m trying to do. What I’m trying to do is get her Loremaster. The problem, of course, being that she’s a Death Knight, and never actually did more than about 70 quests total in old world. She needs 1400. Plus finishing Outland and Northrend, which will be no small feat, either. On the way I’m hoping to also finish Master of Arms and Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich, as well as getting some work done on <a href=http://www.wowwiki.com/Ambassador_of_the_AllianceAmbassador.

However, all of that has been put on the backburner, because my favourite holy pally is planning on starting up her old raiding guild in Cata. And, as we were discussing on twitter yesterday, I would really be down with putting an app in. Which requires me to get Lisan to 85 (and Heroic gear) as quickly as possible once Cata hits. And the best way to do that is to get her levelled and geared in Wrath, pre-Cata. A bonus is I’m finally levelling her fishing while she’s waiting in the queue. Step 2: level herbalism. Step 3: ??? Step 4: PROFIT!

She’s sittin’ pretty halfway through 42 right now. I am fucking sick of Mauradon. I miss Uldaman. Seriously. I never thought I’d say that. She’s levelling entirely through healing instances (which sucks when the queues are 15+ minutes, even for healers), and most of her levelling is being done with a friend of mine who rolled and levelled a shadow priest specifically to run things with me. :) As he has his own guild and his own raids already, I doubt he’ll be following me to Kurn’s guild (provided I’ve got the stuff to get in *crosses fingers*), but that’s okay. :) For the time being, it’s just nice to have someone to complain with over vent when the tank’s being a dumbass. Also someone that I trust to pop a bubble on the tank if something happens and I can’t heal briefly. Like being LoS’d (happens all the time) or the tank ignoring that I declare my intentions to drink and pulling while I’m filling up my mana bar (also happens all the time).

I’m pretty excited about working on both my goals, to be honest. It’s kind of nice to be working towards things a bit more concrete than “oh, I’d like to reach 80 eventually, I guess…” which is my normal course of action.

And now I go to work obscenely early. Have a good day, my darlings!

4 thoughts on “Loremaster and Aiming for 80

  1. More details when the release date is announced, but chances are good that if you want to join, you could easily transfer at the 4.0 patch or thereabouts and level with us to 85. That’s what I’m gonna try to get most of the folks to do, I think. :)

    1. Ooo, that sounds like a good plan. New friends! Slightly less-new friends! Drinks all ’round!

      …now I just have to, y’know, not forget to save up money to BUY Cata… I keep forgetting about that. /sheepish

      1. Haha, yeah, I KNOW we’ve lost a lot of people we had at the start of Wrath, just a lot of people have moved on, so we’re hoping to get organized around the 4.0 patch and start recruiting so we can hit the ground running.

        Assuming it all happens as planned, of course. ;) So it’s like, HEY! Party time on Eldre’Thalas for 4.0!

        1. Awesomesauce. I will definitely be looking forward to that. And hopefully will transfer Lis over a couple weeks before the patch hits (gives me time to make sure I have enough to actually pay for the expansion, heh), and then I’ll get settled, and then ???, and finally PROFIT!!

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