Blizzard actually BACKED DOWN?

Wow. Uh… to be honest, I didn’t think they’d do it.

There are still things I’m not really pleased with (like the apparent Facebook integration that’ll be happening), and I still disagree with a lot of how the in-game optional Real ID is currently working, but we don’t really know anything about the Facebook thing yet, and the in-game optional Real ID is just that– optional. I’m still gonna be opinionated, and I still want certain features implemented for my own peace of mind when using it, but it’s not the same sort of outrageously invasive thing that the forum change was going to be.

I still have that srs biznss post in the works – it’s a very hard topic for me to get my thoughts together on, it would seem. I apologise to the couple of you I know are waiting on it, but I’m sure you can appreciate the difficulties in getting a post like this done to my satisfaction. :)

Anyway, we got Blizzard to back down. This makes us Big Damn Heroes right now, in my opinion – every single person who spoke out against this change, anywhere. We should have an INTERNET DRAGONS party (as I saw someone suggest on twitter) and take a day to forget all the things that are still problematic – they’ll still be there tomorrow. Tonight, let’s just enjoy our world. :)

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