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OMG TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? At the rate I’m going, I figure I might as well get content out there when I’ve got the attention span for it. >_> Don’t hold it against me?

So, Ecclesiastical Discipline went over to Blog Azeroth and asked “When should a healer let someone die?”

Now, I touched on this (among other things) when I was just a babyhealer, in my initial drafting of Apple’s Healer Rules. But having got a bit more experience since then, I thought I’d dedicate a post to this.

I will not stop healing you just because you’re a jerk, especially if you can actually do whatever you’re supposed to be doing. I have bit my tongue and gone through dungeons for the XP with some truly ass-tastic tanks, but I healed them all the same. With the exception of the tank who spent the first half of the run saying pally healers are crap, lol, they should just dps. Thank you, asswipe pally tank, you will be in charge of keeping your OWN damn self alive.

Most of the time, though, my “letting someone die” is reserved for people who put me or the tank on auto-follow, or who just stand around doing nothing. If you’re contributing, even poorly, to the group, I will heal you. Now, if you are continually stupid and I WARN you that if you do it again I’ll stop healing you, I probably will. But then I’ll also rez you, because I’m not cruel, and I like to think I’m not overly petty.

If people die on my watch, it’s much more likely to be because there was too much damage going around, or someone stood in the fire or pulled aggro, or I messed up my VuhDo settings and couldn’t figure out where I put my Lay on Hands button on my action bar.

Still… keep in mind that I could change my mind on a whim… if you ever find yourself in a group with a human holy paladin named Lizzy, best be nice to her. ;) It just might be me.

6 thoughts on “Blog Azeroth: Letting People Die

  1. Thanks for your response. My own ideas are fairly similar to yours with a few little differences. I’m thinking now that my topic is cumming up I’ll revisit the issue with my own list of “rules”.

  2. I have to admit, I tend to stop healing people if they’re a dick – but then I’m also likely to drop the group entirely, so it’s more aggressive than passive-aggressive.

    And the healing team once stopped healing the OT because he said he hated kittens. We were doing Ony or something fairly straightfoward and we juggled his health at 10% for the whole fight until we broke his spirit ;)

    1. Yeah, if someone’s bothering me enough that I don’t want to heal them anymore, I’m much more likely to drop group than anything else. If it’s just the one guy, I’ll try to drop between pulls, but if the whole group is being dicks, I’ll usually wait until they pull a group and then drop. >.> I’m kind of a bitch sometimes that way. On the other hand, I can’t bring myself to drop during a boss, so I must not be THAT much of a bitch. ^.^

      Also, that is the most amazing story ever, with the kittens. XD Sounds like something me and my friends would do.

  3. I mostly refuse to heal through stupid. I’m not there to be a babysitter and hold people’s hands through an instance. I will give them time to get out of the crap they are standing in, but if they don’t move… they will die. I always rez them and politely remind them that crap on the ground hurts.

    For jerks, it depends on the level of jerkitude and how competent a player they are. If it’s the tank… I reluctantly heal them. I don’t want the whole group to wipe because the tank is a jerk. I do try to vote kick them and if that doesn’t work, I will either drop group or suck it up and bite my tongue.

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