New Achievement Earned!

You have earned the achievement [50 blog views in a single day]!

…Yeah, so yesterday I had 52 unique views, partially in thanks, I think, to the commenting I’ve been doing on sites with ComLuv, and largely in part to the readers over at The Lazy Sniper, who comprised a good quarter of my views yesterday.

This is small beans for many people, perhaps, but given that 52 unique views is twice my previous record and about ten times more than my daily average, I think I’m entitled to a little bit of squee. :)

The HoTs vs. Big Heelz post is still in the works, and I’ve been procrastinating by rolling a priest – also my only male levelling character (I have a couple for RP who probably will never be levelled again) – and levelling him up to 14. There is something distinctly satisfying about being a burly dwarf running around in a sissy robe.


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