To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night)

Last night, I trolled RPers.

Yes, I realise I am an RPer, but I did it anyway. And I’m not saying I targeted someone and followed them around and harassed them – that’s griefing and I don’t do that. What I did was, with a friend, rolled a new character on a prominent RP server. Then, we both created the most ridiculous, horribly lore-breaking, god-moding-in-the-RSP character profiles we could come up with.

His was far better than mine. I’m still a newbie at this.

This was followed by placing ourselves near RPers and making it obvious we were available for RP, via flags and chatting confusedly about this strange place that we’d only just arrived in. Once we got some contact, we would be as ridiculous, over-the-top, OP, god-moding, and cliched-bad-RPer as possible without, y’know, basically screaming “WE ARE TROLLS” at the top of our lungs. If someone wanted to walk away, that was fine, we weren’t going to force people to RP with us or anything.

He’s used to doing this Horde-side on an RPPvP realm, so I took him to this realm and started off by dragging his newly Alliance ass to Goldshire. Which was, as Goldshire is wont to be, full of crazies.

“I… I don’t think I can troll them. I wouldn’t know where to begin!”

I laughed, and we ran back to Stormwind to begin in earnest. We settled into the Blue Recluse and waited. Eventually, a warrior (named, of all things, JIMBOB) asked if we wanted someplace to stay. We say yes, and follow, snickering and thinking he’s probably going to try to take advantage of our “nubile young bodies”, as we’d put it. Shockingly, he didn’t. He blamed us (two Draenei) for everything from bad crops to the Scourge, and possibly killing his gramma or something, and chained us to the wall so securely that there was hardly any supple nubile flesh to be seen.

We went “WTF?” but played along in all our dramatic, soap-opera-overdone glory. And then, when we wouldn’t answer, he INJECTED ME WITH SOMETHING, said “Welcome to the Scourge”, and signed off to bring in his DK. At this point, we’re dying, because all I can think is that I just got the Azerothian version of AIDS, and… just… WTF.

So the DK comes in, and we don’t really feel like keeping this up if he’s not going to try to ravage us or anything, so we “escape” and make a run for it.

Would you believe HE FOLLOWED US?

He didn’t just chase us out of the bowels of the Cathedral. He followed us all the way through to the Trade District, where we ran into a shop out of sight. HE FOUND US IN THERE. I was up in the rafters, Chris (my friend) hiding behind some boxes. We were emoting “[Apple] is invisible” “[Chris] is a box” and so forth. And we are DYING LAUGHING, because this guy is GOING with it, and saying how he’ll sniff us out, he can see the heat from our bodies, he can feel the power of our magic, etc, and we’re countering with things like “[Apple] is imbued with the ice-magic of the Netherstorm Sea and can suppress her body heat” and “[Chris] uses the power of the whispaura, which cannot be sensed by those without the Whisperthrone’s blessing” and other ridiculous lore-breaky BS things. Eventually it got boring, so we decided to just log out, but just before we did, this guy says something about being a hunter.

I say, “Funny, I thought you were a Death Knight!” and log out.

All in all, loads of fun. Overblown, horrific RP, but no one was being forced to interact with us, so I don’t feel guilty about it at all, and… just… DAMN that was fun. XD


5 thoughts on “To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night)

  1. I’ve never tried an RP server. Do most folks stay in character while they play or just a random few? I’ll have to check it out, you have my curiosity peeked:)

    1. It depends very much on the server, the faction, the area you’re in, the time… etc. XD Moonguard has lots of RP, mainly in Stormwind and Silvermoon City, no matter when you’re on. It’s the most well-known-to-have-RP of the RP servers, but the quality is often… not the greatest. Sisters of Elune has a relatively high amount of RP activity, but it seems like it’s dropped off lately, and the quality varies. Thorium Brotherhood has some amazing RP, but most of it is done in guilds and familiar groups, so it’s hard to break in. I’d have to say I favour Wyrmrest Accord as far as RP goes – it’s got a good amount of RP going on, if not as much as on MG, and it’s got good quality for the most part, if not quite as elite as on TB. If you just want someplace you can stand around and almost certainly get some interaction, though, I’d say go with MG – it’s a good place to start, if only because there are a lot of people who seem to be learning the ropes there. (Not always well, mind you…)

      As for staying in character all the time… most of the time people will RP separate from questing or anything else. I’m fond myself of questing and instancing IC, but I only do it when I’m running around with my girl Jaqui, for the most part. ^.^

  2. I don’t really role play in-game, but this sounds like a lot of fun (assuming concerned parties aren’t offended, or at least, if they are, given the opportunity to leave/be left alone). I’d probably not be able to pull it off alone, but with a friend, I suspect it would be hilarious — especially if, like the warrior/dk did, someone else took interest and played along. And I’d take running into an obvious troll over an oblivious one anyday ;)

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