Emblem Spending (and SM lag?)

So I earlier today, I had a dilemma.

I had 20 Emblems of Triumph and 53 Emblems of Frost on Aislinn, my only level 80. Aislinn, while only half-gemmed and un-enchanted, is geared in T9, and I’m quite pleased with that. Her DPS is generally under 2k (if I’m reading my DPS metres right), but only just, and I do my best with her. But I don’t think I’ll ever raid on her.

Lizzy is, on the other hand, slowly levelling up. She’s currently just shy of 34, and was wearing one piece of Heirloom gear – the Strengthened Stockade Pauldrons, PvP plate shoulders. They are not the best for a Healadin, but the 10% XP bonus is my favourite thing ever.

So my dilemma was this: I could convert my Frost and Triumph Emblems to get better shoulders and (after a few more randoms) an heirloom chest, or I could deal with what I have on Lizzy and wait until I had enough Triumph Emblems to leave my Frost alone. Sure, you can get 20ish Triumph with only a couple or four randoms, but I hate queueing for DPS and then sitting around for 20 minutes or more, EVERY TIME.

Thankfully, Hano was a dear and got on his Druid to tank, getting us through queues EXTREMELY quickly, and I got the emblems for the chest piece, anyway, if not the better shoulders. Cloth on a Paladin makes me laugh, but there’s no real good mail for a dedicated healer at this level. But it makes me wonder… if I HADN’T had Hano, what should I have done? What would you all have done?

In an unrelated note, I’m wondering if anyone else is having weird lag in certain instances? I have my normal 6-10 fps most of the time, and on all the Northrend heroics I’ve been running, but the minute I zone into any of the Scarlet Monastery wings, I drop to 1-2 fps, and it takes me a full 15-20 seconds to zone in. It’s weirding me out.