To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night)

Last night, I trolled RPers.

Yes, I realise I am an RPer, but I did it anyway. And I’m not saying I targeted someone and followed them around and harassed them – that’s griefing and I don’t do that. What I did was, with a friend, rolled a new character on a prominent RP server. Then, we both created the most ridiculous, horribly lore-breaking, god-moding-in-the-RSP character profiles we could come up with.

His was far better than mine. I’m still a newbie at this.

This was followed by placing ourselves near RPers and making it obvious we were available for RP, via flags and chatting confusedly about this strange place that we’d only just arrived in. Once we got some contact, we would be as ridiculous, over-the-top, OP, god-moding, and cliched-bad-RPer as possible without, y’know, basically screaming “WE ARE TROLLS” at the top of our lungs. If someone wanted to walk away, that was fine, we weren’t going to force people to RP with us or anything.

He’s used to doing this Horde-side on an RPPvP realm, so I took him to this realm and started off by dragging his newly Alliance ass to Goldshire. Which was, as Goldshire is wont to be, full of crazies.

“I… I don’t think I can troll them. I wouldn’t know where to begin!”

I laughed, and we ran back to Stormwind to begin in earnest. We settled into the Blue Recluse and waited. Eventually, a warrior (named, of all things, JIMBOB) asked if we wanted someplace to stay. We say yes, and follow, snickering and thinking he’s probably going to try to take advantage of our “nubile young bodies”, as we’d put it. Shockingly, he didn’t. He blamed us (two Draenei) for everything from bad crops to the Scourge, and possibly killing his gramma or something, and chained us to the wall so securely that there was hardly any supple nubile flesh to be seen.

We went “WTF?” but played along in all our dramatic, soap-opera-overdone glory. And then, when we wouldn’t answer, he INJECTED ME WITH SOMETHING, said “Welcome to the Scourge”, and signed off to bring in his DK. At this point, we’re dying, because all I can think is that I just got the Azerothian version of AIDS, and… just… WTF.

So the DK comes in, and we don’t really feel like keeping this up if he’s not going to try to ravage us or anything, so we “escape” and make a run for it.

Would you believe HE FOLLOWED US?

He didn’t just chase us out of the bowels of the Cathedral. He followed us all the way through to the Trade District, where we ran into a shop out of sight. HE FOUND US IN THERE. I was up in the rafters, Chris (my friend) hiding behind some boxes. We were emoting “[Apple] is invisible” “[Chris] is a box” and so forth. And we are DYING LAUGHING, because this guy is GOING with it, and saying how he’ll sniff us out, he can see the heat from our bodies, he can feel the power of our magic, etc, and we’re countering with things like “[Apple] is imbued with the ice-magic of the Netherstorm Sea and can suppress her body heat” and “[Chris] uses the power of the whispaura, which cannot be sensed by those without the Whisperthrone’s blessing” and other ridiculous lore-breaky BS things. Eventually it got boring, so we decided to just log out, but just before we did, this guy says something about being a hunter.

I say, “Funny, I thought you were a Death Knight!” and log out.

All in all, loads of fun. Overblown, horrific RP, but no one was being forced to interact with us, so I don’t feel guilty about it at all, and… just… DAMN that was fun. XD


Emblem Spending (and SM lag?)

So I earlier today, I had a dilemma.

I had 20 Emblems of Triumph and 53 Emblems of Frost on Aislinn, my only level 80. Aislinn, while only half-gemmed and un-enchanted, is geared in T9, and I’m quite pleased with that. Her DPS is generally under 2k (if I’m reading my DPS metres right), but only just, and I do my best with her. But I don’t think I’ll ever raid on her.

Lizzy is, on the other hand, slowly levelling up. She’s currently just shy of 34, and was wearing one piece of Heirloom gear – the Strengthened Stockade Pauldrons, PvP plate shoulders. They are not the best for a Healadin, but the 10% XP bonus is my favourite thing ever.

So my dilemma was this: I could convert my Frost and Triumph Emblems to get better shoulders and (after a few more randoms) an heirloom chest, or I could deal with what I have on Lizzy and wait until I had enough Triumph Emblems to leave my Frost alone. Sure, you can get 20ish Triumph with only a couple or four randoms, but I hate queueing for DPS and then sitting around for 20 minutes or more, EVERY TIME.

Thankfully, Hano was a dear and got on his Druid to tank, getting us through queues EXTREMELY quickly, and I got the emblems for the chest piece, anyway, if not the better shoulders. Cloth on a Paladin makes me laugh, but there’s no real good mail for a dedicated healer at this level. But it makes me wonder… if I HADN’T had Hano, what should I have done? What would you all have done?

In an unrelated note, I’m wondering if anyone else is having weird lag in certain instances? I have my normal 6-10 fps most of the time, and on all the Northrend heroics I’ve been running, but the minute I zone into any of the Scarlet Monastery wings, I drop to 1-2 fps, and it takes me a full 15-20 seconds to zone in. It’s weirding me out.


SM Graveyard, crappy tanks, and losing my groove

So I’ve hit that level range on Lizzy where the only instance that comes up in LFG is Scarlet Monastery Graveyard. On the one hand, it’s nice and short, easy to do a quick run-through before supper or in the half hour before my DnD group starts up (I play by chat). On the other hand, it doesn’t afford much in the way of loot. Worse still, it doesn’t afford much in the way of XP, which means I have to run it over and over and over and over again.

Thankfully, I think I’ve managed to get over the worst of the hump and will be getting some Library in there, too. Still hate it. Stupid Scarlet Monastery.

I’ve also got some truly awful tanks in SMG. I mean, I’ve had bad tanks before, but some of these gems… The guy who pulled the whole room of torturers at once and then LoS’d me after I asked him to wait a moment because I’d dropped temporarily to 1fps. Despite him, I actually managed to keep the rest of the group up while we hacked away at them – I died when there was one left at about 50% health, but everyone else lived, and the DPS shammy gave me a rez. The tank asked for one, too, and I told him to release his damn ghost and run. When he didn’t, the rest of us decided to clear up to the last boss, sit down, and wait until we were able to kick him. Amazingly, he actually never dropped group OR ran back. But given the distance, I don’t imagine he got much in the way of XP once we left the room behind, so I don’t really care. Plus he didn’t get his goodie bag, and the rest of us got to feel accomplished that a mage, a shaman, a hunter, and a holy paladin did a whole run by ourselves.

And then there was the lovely tank who put me on follow and did a grand total of NOTHING until he finally accidentally grabbed enough aggro to get killed (I didn’t heal him, since he wasn’t actually doing anything), at which point he declared that I was a crappy healer and dropped group. The rest of us had a nice lol about that.

My favourite had to be the warrior who queued as tank, and then within two seconds of getting aggro from even ONE MOB, his health would plummet. One mob dropped him immediately to about 80%, two would drop him to 60%… heaven forbid he get more than two mobs on him. Shockingly, I managed to keep him alive the whole time, but that was probably in part because he couldn’t keep aggro worth shit. Just… how do you even think you can tank when your health drops THAT dramatically in the first couple of hits?

Despite these shocking escapades, I haven’t been playing much since I got my account back up and running. I was in such a groove, as far as levelling and badge farming went, and then I couldn’t play for a couple of weeks and I’m having trouble getting back into it. This is horrifically frustrating for me, but I don’t know what I can do about it. I took a break the past few days to play Portal (since Steam is now available for Macs and Portal is being offered free until Monday), which was loads of fun, though I had rather horrific lag. Donna (my laptop – yes, I name my electronics) is very much not a gaming computer. She just doesn’t have the graphics quality or processing speed for it – WoW is about the most she can handle, and she doesn’t even handle that very well more often than not.

But I’ve destroyed GLaDOS (OR HAVE I??? *DRAMATIC MUSIC*), my DnD group got rescheduled to tomorrow, and I don’t have work in the morning, so maybe I’ll take tonight to try to find my mojo or my groove or whatever it is again. (incidentally, “How Apple Got Her Groove Back” just doesn’t sound right, and that makes me sad. …I have no life.)


PTR Patch Notes 3.3.5

So the PTR patch notes went up a couple days ago. I usually don’t pay much attention to patch notes until the patch arrives, to be perfectly honest – it’s very rare that something happens that I’m intensely interested in. But I ran across a blog post about the current patch notes and I got really excited at one specific part.

In addition to its current functionality, the Friends List will now allow players to add accounts (Real ID). Players will have to confirm that they are friends in order for a Real ID to be added. Once Real ID friends, players can communicate cross-game, cross-faction and cross-realm.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I mean, there’s only a couple of people I’d want to do that with, but… to be able to talk to a couple of my RL friends I dragged into the game when I’m playing on my main (as neither of them have rolled on Ysera)? To be able to talk to my two favourite guild boys (ilu Luther and Hano!) when I’m RPing or levelling on another server, so I know if they’re gonna do a raid I can actually attend and can log over? That’s amazing. My girl Jaqui and I have bemoaned many a time that it’s not fair we didn’t have a way to talk if she decided to level Horde and I was levelling Alliance, or so forth.

And on a completely different functionality, for RPers, if you have a solid RP partner that you like, and you use this, you can CROSS-FACTION ROLE PLAY. I mean, you can’t do anything big and sweeping with many people all at once, since it still wouldn’t let you talk directly, but if you kept the entire RP in whispers and pre-set emotes? I can’t tell you how much I’ve WANTED to be able to RP stuff like that. Or, hell, with the language barrier, you could just save whispers for proper descriptive emotes, and let them suss out what the other’s trying to say that way. So many possibilities!

The one downside that I can see is that, unless they create an “appear offline to friends” option so that only people who have your CHARACTER friended can see you online, you’ll never be able to HIDE from anyone who’s got this with you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a secret character or a server you can log into when you don’t feel like talking to people you know. I suppose that not feeling like talking can be mitigated somewhat with the new broadcast/status message feature (for your friends), where you could say “not feeling social, no tells please”, but that doesn’t feel the same, somehow.

Still, a minor drawback to a MAJORLY thrilling addition to the WoW functionality. And who knows, maybe they’ll have that drawback fixed by the time it hits the live realms!



Well, I didn’t want anyone to think this blog has died like I’m sure so many do early on – a combination of real life drama and stress, on top of my WoW subscription running out until I can get the money to renew it, has led to me having very little drive or content to post. Rest assured, though, dear readers (if you exist… you do exist, don’t you?), I will be back in business as soon as possible. :)