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Apple in Azeroth

So, posting this at the same time I’m putting up a new page with the same title – same info, but this one is going to be much more ramble-licious. You know y’all love my rambles.

So despite the fact that I adore RP and am an avid RPer when I have the attention span (and brain capacity) for it, and loving the Horde more than is probably strictly healthy while thinking the Alliance is mainly run by a bunch of self-centred jerks, my level 80 (Áislinn), my main (Lisan), and two of my main alts (Kassína and Kíli) are on Ysera, a PvE server; are Alliance-side; and are in a raiding guild. (My fourth main alt, Sámhradh, is a Blood Elf hunter on an RP server who has never been in a guild and likes it that way.) I only really rolled on Ysera in order to play with the friend who got me into this game, and yet I’ve found that it’s the server I spend most my time on. I guess I just really love those toons

But even though they’re on a non-RP server, I have little bits of history and personality for all three girls, because… well, a) part of me will always think like an RPer – it’s why I actually enjoy the cutscenes in Culling of Stratholme – and b) I’m a writer, and that’s just what writers DO. These characters are not me, they’re not extensions of me into some fantasy world, they’re characters that aren’t me (which is, I’d argue, the whole point of this game – do be someone you’re not and do things you can’t do), which means that they have stories and personalities and quirks and all those little things that make a person, fictional or otherwise.

So, if you’ll follow the cut, let me introduce you to the leading ladies of Apple in Azeroth.

Aislinn, in mostly her 10s T9 gear, poses dramatically in front of Ulduar!
Áislinn (Blood DPS Death Knight)

Áislinn is probably the one who has the most backstory and personality out of the three, probably due to me compulsively creating an ImmersionRP profile when I created her, out of habit on my RP servers. Her full name is Áislinn Winterwind, and what follows is her ImmersionRP profile.

Standing at average height for a kaldorei, Aislinn is pale and has dark pink hair pulled back in looped braids. She is relatively gentle and even-tempered, but can fall into a bloodrage when fighting.

She carries her weapon (a large axe) at all times.
Daughter of a hunter and a Priestess of Elune, Aislinn grew up in Darnassus a happy and well-treated child. When she came of age, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a priestess in the temple.

During the third war, her mother was killed by the Burning Legion’s forces. Aislinn was understandably devastated, but she continued her devotion to Elune, and to her lover, and tried to heal.

When the Scourge began returning, Aislinn again followed her mother’s example and chose tho join the fight rather than remaining in the temple as a spiritual leader. She travelled with the Cenarion Expedition to Northrend. And there she fell, and was transported to Acherus, and raised as a Death Knight. She has broken free, as many others, and now seeks the downfall of the Scourge and the Lich King.

It was, at one point, much more detailed, but then I tried to actually paste it into IRP and it was too long, so you get the condensed version. ^_^ Ais is pretty even-keeled most of the time, and I tend to be the calmest and least likely to start ripping my hair out over PUGs when I’m playing her (though some stupidity defies reason and Ais’ signature cool). And yes, for the record, the personalities my toons get does tend to influence my play style slightly – but that’s a whole other post. But though she’s much less likely to get frustrated or angry, she’s also got this deep-seated bloodlust. It doesn’t send her into a berserk rage or anything, but deep down, below the calm exterior, Ais really enjoys killing things.

I used to say Ais was my “main” because she’s my only 80, and I’ve gone to remarkable effort to get her geared. Remarkable on my part, anyway. And she really is fun to play. I’m learning how to whack things effectively, and how to not die, and how to be aware of my surroundings on a scale that I’m not used to (I tend to stay zoomed in pretty close, and have only JUST started zooming out for raids).

I will sorely miss her Blood Deeps when Cataclysm hits, but once that happens, she will be Frost Deeps, and Frost probably suits her personality better, anyway.

She is currently “Áislinn the Explorer”, but if I ever manage to get my Loremaster title, she’ll likely sport that. Unless I get the Observed achieve, in which case she will be forever “Starcaller Áislinn”.

Lisan (Holy Paladin)

Lisan, in her healing gear.

Ah, Lisan. Lisan who I love to heal with. Lisan who has levelled from 15 to 46 almost exclusively in random dungeons. Lisan, who totally has a Draenei Shaman girlfriend named Lizbet (whom she misses terribly, Luther), and a Draenei Shadowpriest Partner in Crime named Spookygoat.

Lisan is a Paladin. She’s spiritual and good and righteous. That doesn’t mean she’s not a foul-mouthed, cranky little bitch, though. Lisan has little patience for ignorance, and even less for idiocy, and it’s a miracle I’ve brought her through as many instances as I have. When playing Lisan, I am much more likely to complain about the idiot people in my random group, and while I believe part of that is the role difference (DPS vs. Healing), I know some of it’s her.

She’s a bit young to be curmudgeony, it’s true, but it’s not really that she’s a cranky person so much as she takes pride in doing her job, and doing it well (part of which is being considerate of her comrades’ limitations and needs), and people who don’t pour themselves into their life path really make her mad. Why pursue it if you’re not going to pursue it with everything you’ve got, right?

Now, realistically, I know all these people she’s so frustrated with are just lazy players, not other characters, but sometimes it’s hard to remind her of that, especially when I’m frustrated with them as well. Playing Lisan is what makes me curse and grumble under my breath (to my girlfriend’s everlasting amusement), but even as I curse them, I’m healing them to the best of my ability. Yes, I have rules, and yes, I will refuse to rez someone if they’re idiots or if I had to run back as well, but that’s less Lisan and more gameplay mechanics, if that makes any sense. While the healing classes may be able to call a spirit back into the body, lore-wise, I highly doubt there are ghosts spontaneously appearing in graveyards and running back to their corpses so they can come back to life.

No, when I heal, I HEAL, dammit. Even if you are a little dick I will heal you. Of course, I drop groups more often with Lisan than with the others, at least when she’s not in a group with Lizbet or Spooky, but she is the sort to storm off if people ask for her help and then treat her like shit. (just maybe not in the middle of a pull, as I have been known to do…)

All in all, she’s a tempestuous little thing. Originally, she reminded me of a mix between Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates movies (who I jokingly named her after in a fit of late-night character rolling – her name before the name change was Lizzy) and a character named Tay from my novel-in-progress. Now, she’s really just my DnD character in WoW, though she’s still got a lot of elements of Elizabeth and Tay in her. I love her dearly. And I love healing. So it works out well.

Kassína (Feral Druid, with hopes of Restoration)

Kassína is the most recent addition to my little troupe. She was originally a Tauren named Ilaah on Blade’s Edge-US, where I’d rolled to play with/around a couple of Real Life friends, but they were rarely on (or weren’t on when I was), and I quickly lost interest in her. I’ve recently faction-swapped and server moved her, and now she’s sitting pretty as <Natural Order>’s tiniest druid.


Because she’s so new, as a character, I’m not quite sure what Kass is like, yet. She always uses cat or travel form, as opposed to her mount, and in randoms she’s always ready to pop into bear form to pull adds off the healer or to pop into caster to lay a HoT or two down on the tank while the healer’s OOM.

While I currently have her specced into Feral, I’m trying to put together a bit of Resto gear for her so I can get the feel for Druid healing vs. Paladin healing. She seems much more like the healer type (as opposed to Lizzy, who feels like she should be a tank, and yet is SO AMAZING at what she does) than DPS, but she’s not very confident in herself yet, and going kitty and clawing at things is pretty easy. This might be a bit of bleed-over from me being uncertain about healing as a Druid, with the slightly more involved and elegant healing style, so I’m not sure yet how much it actually IS part of Kass.

Still, I’m looking forward to getting to know her better over the next few weeks or so. She seems like she’s got a story to tell, and I want to know it.

So, yeah. In just over 1500 words, those are my girls, and what I think of them, and why I love them. There are lots of little details I could dig out, but I don’t want to bore you lot TOO badly. ^^

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    1. Oooo, maaaaybe! ^^ I actually play Summer (her toon name is Sámhradh, but that’s not actually her name, it’s Summer) in an RPG outside of WoW, and it’s loads of fun. But fanfiction is a good way to get to know my characters – I may start with Kass so that I can get to know her better!

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