Healadins FTW

So I rolled a pally on Áislinn’s server a few days ago, because I was bored and ADD. I figured adding to my many alts-under-20 wasn’t going to hurt, because I can always delete the extraneous ones that I’ll never use again.

I initially specced Ret, because both times I’ve levelled a pally before, I’ve been Ret, and I didn’t really feel like tanking (I have a baby!warrior for that), so that seemed the best plan.

And then, today, I did two important things – I hit 15 and I followed links from BlogAzeroth. I don’t remember WHAT links, but I ended up on a blog for Holy Paladins and I thought “y’know, I’m sick of LFD queue times, why don’t I respec Holy?” So I did. And then Luther got on his lv 16ish shaman and we started running randoms.

It was on about the third or fourth that I realised that I REALLY LIKE HEALING. Granted, I had crap gear, so I was chugging milk and melon juice like nobody’s business, and the tanks didn’t seem to realise that they shouldn’t pull the whole room if the healer’s just called OOM, but even with all that, and all the bitching I did secretly in tells to Luther… it was the most fun I’ve had in low-level instances in a while. It was a refreshing change to not be focused on the mobs and doing the most damage. I mentioned to Luther that I was really digging the healing, and he decided to get me geared nicely, and got me a set of healing gear – I’ve got my better-DPS-and-health “Ret” gear for soloing stuff, but he got me some nice spellcaster stuff, and enchanted it.

I put it on, we queue for one more random for the night, to test it out. We get SFK, which was a relief after a long and tedious run through WC, a couple annoying runs through DM, and far more runs through RFC than I’d like to think about. The first thing I noticed was that I had TWICE THE MANA I’D HAD BEFORE. And it regened a lot quicker. And since I’d just dinged 20, I have Flash of Light, I started using that instead of Holy Light (which, while a heavier hit, is also a longer cast and uses more mana). The difference the gear and spells made was AMAZING and I had even more fun. AND I got a nice belt off Arugal. ^^

It’s late and I’m sleepy and need to go to bed so I can be rested for work tomorrow, but… Áislinn and Summer (my hunter) might have a competitor for “favourite class/spec combos to instance with”

And now I sleep. *falls over*

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