Level 80! Now what?

So I know what you’re supposed to do when you hit 80. You do dailies, run random Heroics until you have enough emblems for good gear (I’m working on T9), work the AH if you do that sort of thing, or maybe go Achievement hunting. Grind rep for various factions, of course, ’cause there’s that ONE item that you want/need that you need to be exalted with faction X to get.

I know what to do. Hell, I’m doing it – I run heroics when I don’t mind sitting around in a queue, I do dailies when I’m not sick to death of the repetitive grind, and I go after random achieves. I got my “Explorer” title already, and I’m slowly working on “Loremaster”, and even more slowly working towards my Argent Tournament titles. The thing is… I’m balls at the Tournament, to be quite frank, and I hate the grind of dailies. I don’t usually feel like sitting around in a queue, and when I’m working on “Loremaster”, I’m generally not in the mood to be interrupted by my random being ready.

I’ve happily and cheerfully played WoW for closing in on a year and a half, and I’ve never been so desperately bored as I am with Aislinn (my 80) right now. Now, I do love her. I’m trying to get through Loremaster before Cataclysm comes out (probably not going to happen, alas), and I love running stuff with my guildies because they’re pretty much awesome. But I played for over a year without getting any higher than 74, and after being persuaded to join this guild, I powered up to 80 on my DK in just shy of a month (which, for me, is impressive). I wanted to raid! I wanted to do heroics! I wanted to be level 80! That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Being 80 must be really fucking fun, right? Why else would it be such a big deal?

I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m not geared for the real endgame stuff, but I’m just not getting why 80 is such a big deal beyond being the level cap. Since hitting 80 a couple weeks ago, I’ve created six alts (a warrior, a hunter, a druid, a paladin, and two mages) who are all between 10 and 15, and I levelled an older alt from 14 to 20. This is in addition to RP. In TWO WEEKS. It’s like I’m avoiding playing Aislinn anymore, because I can’t bear facing the fact that playing her bores me now.

I’m going to muddle through to being able to start raiding a little, at least – I’m not going to ever fully abandon her, and I love my guildies madly – but I think I’m going to start lavishing some love on my many many alts – and maybe I’ll get that warrior (the first toon I ever had, the one who got me to 55 and being able to play my beloved DKs) up to 80 someday – she deserves it.


2 thoughts on “Level 80! Now what?

  1. I had the same awkward feeling when I hit 80. Once you get a good dosage of raiding (be it from the now outdated Ulduar/ToC or Naxx in T7) it becomes addictive. The problem I had was finding a regular group to go with each week since PUGs can be…well, PUGs. Try doing VoA or seeing if your guildies have a spot open for you in lower-tier raids if you’re curious.

    Druids have a lot of end-game flexibility, meaning that the more specs/gear you can play well, the more chances at getting a raid spot you have.

    1. Yeah – I’m 2 pieces short of having all my T9 gear, so I’m seriously considering getting enchants (that’s happening anyway) and posting on our guild forums asking if people would be willing to do some Ulduar runs, because… I WANT Ulduar. Ulduar is, to me, what I think ICC was/is to most raiders – it’s the goal post, the finish line. I’m not so much obsessed with progression (though don’t get me wrong, my guild being in the top five, maybe top three, on our server makes me preen), but I’ve seen clips from the Ulduar raid. That is what I want. That is my dream raid, not for the progression or the loot, but for the CONTENT.

      I guess in the end, I’m a huge lore nerd. XD I love the stories, and while the story of Arthas and the Lich King is amazing and tragic (and I nearly died of glee when my guild took me through FoS, PoS, and HoR because Jaina is my favourite character EVER), it’s a story that I KNOW. I know the players, I know the setting, I knew how it ended in a vague sense even before the Lich King was downed. Ulduar is this huge mystery to me, and that excites me.

      That and Storm Peaks was by far my all-time FAVOURITE zone in the entire world, so… yeah. XD

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